Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fill 'er up

So apparently my insurance is all weird and I can only have one doctor at a time, and since I'm currently pregnant and seeing the OBGYN, she becomes my primary care physician for right now and if I need to see any other doctor for anything at all it has to go through her first or something. Which is a little odd, and makes getting the still-there lump on my eyelid taken care of very complicated. Luckily, my OBGYN is nice and she is going to see if she can get me a referral to an eye doctor or something possibly. If her office can't get the whole shenanigans figured out, then I am going to call the insurance company to see what I ought to do about it, because I really don't want to have to wait until six weeks after the baby is born in order to get this crazy blocked duct or whatever taken care of (which is how long the OBGYN will remain my primary caregiver for on our current insurance plan).

The doctor's visit yesterday went well. My cervix is starting to soften which is good. They want me to get another ultrasound because she thinks the baby is a bit small, probably in the 6 pound range (I was 6 lbs, 7 oz when I was born), and I guess she wants to be able to check things out before he gets here to make sure everything's doing okay or something, I don't really know. Anyway, it will give me another chance to see my baby before he comes out, so I don't mind. I asked her about trying the unmedicated childbirth, and she seemed perfectly fine with it, so that was nice. I didn't ask her about the baby's position because she was running a bit late and the other discussions had taken a little while and I figured if she didn't mention anything about it, that I was just going to stop worrying about it (although, on my sister's advice, I am going to try drinking lots and lots of fluids, which I really ought to be doing anyway). So, I'm not worrying about it anymore. Which is also nice.

We started packing on Monday. I got almost all of our books packed up. I'm going to work on some more packing today (and hopefully do some tomorrow, and some more the next day, etc, etc, because if I don't do some every day I really don't know how it's all going to get done). It makes it seem a lot more like we're actually moving, to have stuff sitting on the floor in boxes. It's pretty exciting.

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