Saturday, March 22, 2008

Epic Quests

So, a year and a half ago or so, Mike lent out his bag of many dice, and his D&D minis, and his D&D mappy thing to some friends who were doing a campaign of some sort that he ended up not being able to participate in for some reason or other. Then, over a year ago, he graduated and we moved. We remembered the map, and got it back just barely before we came to Arizona. But it was many months before we remembered the dice and the minis. And then started my quest to get them back.

The preliminary attempts at getting them back thus far have resulted in no results, other than me being slightly annoying, I'm sure. So I've decided to up my level of annoyingness, and am actively questing for their return now. It's a lot of money's worth of dice that we can't really afford to replace, and without dice, it's very hard for us to participate in any tabletop gaming we might be interested in starting up here. I'm willing to pay for them to be shipped to us, or arrange for somebody in my family to pick them up from wherever they might be if they're still in either the Utah or Salt Lake valleys, and then they can mail them to us (or my mom could bring them down with her or something).

So! If you're aware of the whereabouts of a bag full of mismatched dice, including some really tiny glittery ones, and some really big oversized black ones, that might be living in a small cardboard box along with some random D&D minis of various sorts, please let me know. Even better, if you are willing to assist in the return of them in some way, then that would be fabulous. I no longer have the phone numbers of the people that I know who last had them, so am currently unable to coordinate their return via phone (though that would be a good way of coordinating it, I'm sure). Email is good, messages via blogging systems are good, writing on my wall over at Facebook would be good too.

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Marci said...

If I had any idea where your dice were I would certainly return them to you! I don't think you need to worry about the baby being sideways. My recollection is that they often turn at the very last moment. (Watch your ob tell you I'm totally wrong!) But I really don't think it's something you need to be worried about.