Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fill 'er up

So apparently my insurance is all weird and I can only have one doctor at a time, and since I'm currently pregnant and seeing the OBGYN, she becomes my primary care physician for right now and if I need to see any other doctor for anything at all it has to go through her first or something. Which is a little odd, and makes getting the still-there lump on my eyelid taken care of very complicated. Luckily, my OBGYN is nice and she is going to see if she can get me a referral to an eye doctor or something possibly. If her office can't get the whole shenanigans figured out, then I am going to call the insurance company to see what I ought to do about it, because I really don't want to have to wait until six weeks after the baby is born in order to get this crazy blocked duct or whatever taken care of (which is how long the OBGYN will remain my primary caregiver for on our current insurance plan).

The doctor's visit yesterday went well. My cervix is starting to soften which is good. They want me to get another ultrasound because she thinks the baby is a bit small, probably in the 6 pound range (I was 6 lbs, 7 oz when I was born), and I guess she wants to be able to check things out before he gets here to make sure everything's doing okay or something, I don't really know. Anyway, it will give me another chance to see my baby before he comes out, so I don't mind. I asked her about trying the unmedicated childbirth, and she seemed perfectly fine with it, so that was nice. I didn't ask her about the baby's position because she was running a bit late and the other discussions had taken a little while and I figured if she didn't mention anything about it, that I was just going to stop worrying about it (although, on my sister's advice, I am going to try drinking lots and lots of fluids, which I really ought to be doing anyway). So, I'm not worrying about it anymore. Which is also nice.

We started packing on Monday. I got almost all of our books packed up. I'm going to work on some more packing today (and hopefully do some tomorrow, and some more the next day, etc, etc, because if I don't do some every day I really don't know how it's all going to get done). It makes it seem a lot more like we're actually moving, to have stuff sitting on the floor in boxes. It's pretty exciting.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Epic Quests

So, a year and a half ago or so, Mike lent out his bag of many dice, and his D&D minis, and his D&D mappy thing to some friends who were doing a campaign of some sort that he ended up not being able to participate in for some reason or other. Then, over a year ago, he graduated and we moved. We remembered the map, and got it back just barely before we came to Arizona. But it was many months before we remembered the dice and the minis. And then started my quest to get them back.

The preliminary attempts at getting them back thus far have resulted in no results, other than me being slightly annoying, I'm sure. So I've decided to up my level of annoyingness, and am actively questing for their return now. It's a lot of money's worth of dice that we can't really afford to replace, and without dice, it's very hard for us to participate in any tabletop gaming we might be interested in starting up here. I'm willing to pay for them to be shipped to us, or arrange for somebody in my family to pick them up from wherever they might be if they're still in either the Utah or Salt Lake valleys, and then they can mail them to us (or my mom could bring them down with her or something).

So! If you're aware of the whereabouts of a bag full of mismatched dice, including some really tiny glittery ones, and some really big oversized black ones, that might be living in a small cardboard box along with some random D&D minis of various sorts, please let me know. Even better, if you are willing to assist in the return of them in some way, then that would be fabulous. I no longer have the phone numbers of the people that I know who last had them, so am currently unable to coordinate their return via phone (though that would be a good way of coordinating it, I'm sure). Email is good, messages via blogging systems are good, writing on my wall over at Facebook would be good too.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring!

So, I finally gave in and made a FaceBook account. I haven't added very many people as friends yet because, I dunno, I'm shy, or I get bored easily, or I'm taking it slow, or something like that.

After stressing out all day yesterday and getting nothing done, today I made Mike take the truck to work instead of the car, so now I have absolutely no excuse to not go do some errands. Like, buy some food. And finish the baby registry. Oh, I need to renew a library book too, but I can do that online. I'm going to do a load of laundry today too. I feel so productive, and I haven't even started on any of it yet!

I'm still stressing about sideways baby though. And I will probably continue to do so until I can talk to the doctor about it, and possibly will continue to do so after that, too. My next appointment isn't until Tuesday so I have several days in which I can stress about it and try methods of getting him to turn around at home (taking brisk walks, lying with my feet and hips elevated, kneeling with my butt in the air, making Mike talk to the base of my belly, eating lots of potassium...oh wait...that one's for the edema, gotta remember the bananas when I go shopping). I am hoping the slight swelling in my hands will go away in the next several days but it will probably just stay there until baby's born, based on what I remember of my sisters' pregnancies.

I'm going to buy some Easter stuff at the store today. I do not know when we will have time to dye Easter eggs, but we are going to do it, because it's fun, and I want to. And I am going to buy Peeps. And jelly beans. And I'm going to fantasize about the Easter dress that has lived only in my imagination for years now. Maybe I'll go to the mall and look at the maternity clothes store just for fun. And then tomorrow, if I complete all my errands today, I can start packing! Whoo! Or at least finish the top of my t-shirt quilt, which is kind of like packing, since I can stuff it away in a bin to store again once it's done. Or something. Maybe I'll take a trip to the dump tomorrow and get rid of some stuff. That can be pretty fun.

Oh, we went to the Easter Pageant at the temple a couple of nights ago. It was nice, although a little more road-show-ish than I expected (random music and dance numbers throughout the show, which I found a bit distracting honestly). But it was nice. And yesterday night, we started watching Escaflowne with some friends who haven't ever seen it before, and I got to be quite amazed by how much of it I didn't remember from the one other time I've watched it. And we're watching some Cowboy Bebop tonight with another friend who hasn't seen it ever, so that should be fun. And then maybe we'll do the Easter eggs on Friday night or Saturday night or something. Mike started his new schedule today so he'll be getting home an hour earlier every night (though he leaves an hour earlier in the mornings), so that'll be really nice for allowing for dinner time and then time to do stuff together.

Okay, time to go get started on the whole being productive thing! Gotta do it now while I can still move without massive amounts of pain and difficulty (only minor amounts right now, I expect it will only get worse as baby guy keeps growing).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stresses today

Sideways baby
Forgetting to take my vitamins
Slight edema and not being able to wear my wedding ring for the first time since we got married
Intense pain upon waking up in that space where I used to be able to see the fronts of my hipbones (round ligament pain?)
Random leg cramps in my calves
Lack of maternity shirts that still fit over my belly
Not having packed anything yet in preparation for our move
Not having finished registering for baby stuff yet
Not wanting to cook dinner

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm not wearing any green today, but that is because I am still in my grungy comfy clothes that I wore to bed last night. If I get around to actually getting dressed today, I will put on a green shirt.

I think I have the bestest husband ever. He was getting ready for work this morning, and I told him that I wanted doughnuts (I often mention wanting random foodstuffs that we don't have, not really cravings, just this or that sounds good). He kissed me goodbye and left, and after a bit I wandered to the kitchen, resigned to eating cereal, only to remember that we didn't have any milk. So I pulled out the cottage cheese and an apple to start munching away at something, when the doorbell rang. There, on the doorstep, was a bag of doughnuts and a gallon of milk, that my most darling husband had run to the store and picked up and dropped off before actually leaving for work. And this is after he took care of me all day yesterday because I was feeling really icky all day and stayed home from church. He is adorable.

The Ides of March went well. I went to my first ever NBA game with Dusey's family. The Suns played very well, they won by about 30 points or so, and I got to see Shaquille O'Neal make several dunks, and Steve Nash make several 3-pointers, and I got to see The Gorilla do lots of cool stuff 'cause it was his birthday game. I ate pizza and breadsticks and a red Icee which is probably why I ended up feeling sick all day yesterday. And I managed to not get horribly uncomfortable during the game because I thought ahead and stuffed one of our throw pillows into my big purse and put it behind my back for most of the game (the pillow, not the purse).

Pi Day was lots of fun too. I played the Cowboy Bebop song for Dusey when he got home, and we had homemade pizza pie for dinner (tomato and green pepper), with cherry and blueberry cup pies for dessert. The cup pies were very tasty, though they looked funny and ended up way liquidy. I think the recipes for the fillings I used would work better in a full-sized pie, cooked for a long time.

I have been looking at paint colors for the new house. We are thinking of painting the kitchen and attached room (is it the living room or the family room? I don't know) a nice blue color, probably kind of cornflower-ish. And the front room (it's whichever the other one isn't) I think we'll paint a nice soft green color, with maybe a little bit an of orange accent wall. A soft, light orange. I figure if we paint the walls nice soft colors we'll be able to achieve more punch with our decorations. Have the walls compliment everything else, rather than being the center of attention themselves. Also, soft colors will match the floor better. The travertine's got a whole lot of beigy brown in it that would look rather odd next to really bright paint colors. I think it will end up being nice and cheerful yet peaceful at the same time. I haven't contemplated colors for the bedrooms or what to do about the hallway yet at all. I think I'm only going to worry about getting the main rooms painted before baby gets here.

Speaking of baby, there's only six weeks left until my due date. I am excited. I really ought to start worrying about having everything ready for him, and about getting all packed up before I get even bigger and more uncomfortable (my belly is starting to balloon out, and quite a few of my maternity shirts no longer fit over it). He still hasn't turned around yet, he seems quite comfortable lying sideways in my tummy. I guess I'll ask at my appointment next week when I ought to start worrying about him turning head down. I'm also planning on letting the doctor know that I want to try the no epidural thing. I've finally read all the really highly recommended books about it, and am feeling pretty confident (though my favorite book is still the random one I found that nobody recommended to me, The Big Book of Birth, all the other three I read did not provide nearly as balanced of perspectives). As long as baby cooperates, I think I can handle it.

I've been having lots of bizarre dreams lately. At least I'm still sleeping through the night, which I know is pretty rare, and I'm grateful for it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!


best celebrated at 1:59 with the consumption of what else but pie? I also recommend listening to 3.14 from Cowboy Bebop if you've got the soundtrack. Good song for Pi Day. It might also be a good day for watching the movie Pi, but I haven't seen it and therefore can't recommend it (and it's rated R for some stuff that I think might freak me out a little bit).

I think I'm going to make some cup pies today. I have just enough of several different kinds of fruit for it to work well, I think. We'll have to see how they turn out. I'm excited about it. If I hadn't already seen all the episodes that are out, I think I'd watch one of the more pie-centric episodes of Pushing Daisies today.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Moving, jobs, libraries, natural birth, circumcision, Easter, hikes, and power blinks

I've gotten used to my haircut now. I am going to get it cut again to a different cut after baby comes, though. New baby, new haircut, I think they'll go well together.

Speaking of new things, I think we are going to be moving next month. We found a lovely house in a lovely neighborhood in Gilbert, with a commute that won't be much longer for Dusey, that I think is financially feasible. There's some more paperwork to be signed and such before it's 100% for sure, but I think we've got the house, with a closing date of April 10th, which means hopefully baby will not come extremely early. If we plan it right we should be able to get all moved in and have some semblance of organization before he gets here. Once the paperwork is all done and it's 100% for sure I will post more information about what a lovely house it is. I am already planning on painting the inside different colors, and re-doing a little bit of the landscaping so I can have a few veggies and herbs around the backyard, and I am full of ideas of wanting to upgrade this or that eventually and it's such a pretty little house in such a great location. I'm really excited.

Also new, Dusey's job stuff finally got all sorted out, so now he's only working one job, full-time. Yay! We are both super-excited about that (no more substituting, regular hours every day, a set dependable income that doesn't change because he's always working the same number of days, less driving overall, etc). We're hoping to get the insurance information soon so we can get that all figured out, as well as whether he'll get time off for when baby comes, etc.

Another new thing is that I finally went and got myself a library card. I even checked out several books with it. I've been interested in trying out natural birth (though I'm willing to change my mind depending on circumstances once I'm in the thick of it). So, I decided (helped a lot by the advice of my oldest sister) that I better start reading up on it and getting all informed so I know what to expect. The library branch I went to didn't have the three books I really wanted to read (Birthing From Within, the Bradley method book, and Ina May Gaskin's book), so I checked out a book called "The Big Book of Birth" instead, along with some cookbooks to look through for fun. I absolutely loved the book. It was very informative about what happens during a birth, as well as what all the options are and pros and cons of all of them, without being horribly biased toward any single birthing option. Plus, it was entertaining. I'm going to make Dusey read it before I take it back, I think. I've got the other books on hold, so as soon as they're available, I'm going to read them as well. And with the news about the house, I looked up online and discovered my new library card will still be valid and useable even after we move to a different city, plus there's a library branch not too far away from the house.

I am having a baby shower in a couple weeks. I am suddenly a bit conflicted as to who to invite from the ward, now that we'll probably be moving so soon after. There's less than 8 weeks left, and I am excited to meet my baby guy. People keep telling me lately that my belly is little and that I don't look like I'm 7 months pregnant, so that's been a nice little boost to my self-confidence. Baby guy is still definitely sideways in my belly. I'm hoping he decides to turn around head-down soon. The doctor hasn't said anything about it yet, and there's still plenty of time for him to turn, but now is supposedly the normal time for baby to turn, and being a first-time pregnant lady, I am of course worried that he won't turn in time and they'll have to do the supposedly uncomfortable manual turn attempt or something. Regarding circumcision, I don't think I want to have him circumcised, because I don't see any reason to do so. The likelihood of infection is quite small, and easily preventable through cleaning. I don't much care about the "like father like son" thing (and neither does Dusey), so that's not an issue. Nobody has given me any other reasons for doing it, other than those two, so I don't really want to.

Now that things are finally happening and I'm no longer stuck in a constant state of limbo, I am no longer waking up longing for Easter every single morning like I was a few weeks ago. I would wake up, and see the dim light coming through the tree and blinds through my window, and hear the birds chirping, and it reminded me of an Easter morning when I was younger. And I got this urge to put on a pretty Easter dress, and go to the kitchen to discover an Easter basket (with peeps, and jelly beans, and some little chocolate malt eggs, and maybe a Cadbury egg, and gumdrops, and possibly some other little candies varying each year), not necessarily in a basket (it was often an Easter cereal bowl), but always with Easter grass. And I wanted to eat a peep and some jelly beans, and then eat breakfast, and then go to church and have a lovely quiet meeting, and then come home and dye eggs, and go on an Easter Egg hunt (with lots of plastic eggs full of jelly beans and m&m's cleverly hidden by either parents or older siblings), and eat more candy, and then have a nice dinner with a honey-baked ham (with Dijon mustard) and some potatoes of some sort, and peas, and juice, and other foods varying each year. So, for about two weeks, I had this longing to have an Easter just like the ones I had growing up, to have that sense of happiness and security and that joy upon waking up and seeing that light and hearing the birds and knowing that it was going to be a lovely day full of lovely happy activities and family time and good food. And I was wanting to not be in charge of any of it, just have it all be taken care of and there, ready for me to enjoy. Now that we're not in a state of supreme limbo though, I'm not waking up longing for it anymore, and I probably won't do anything special for Easter with just me and Dusey (though I'm sure we'll have a nice dinner with his family). I was going to write a big long pretty post all about Easter and those longings, but I'm not having them anymore, because I'm happy and excited about all these other things, so all you're getting is this rather longish paragraph.

I think that about covers everything I've been wanting to talk about lately. Ooh, I've also been on several hikes lately, out to the desert to see the gorgeous wildflowers and the pretty sunsets and have a picnic, and then another trip to A Mountain (the mountain that the ASU stadium is built into the side of, that sticks up out of nowhere in the middle of the valley, that has the letter A on the side). A Mountain is really little, the whole thing is barely taller than the Y that's on the mountain in Provo (yes, the whole mountain is barely bigger than the letter Y), so we hiked all the way up to the top. Short hike, but very steep, so we took it nice and slow. I've been feeling a bit better and more energetic with all the hiking and walks I've been going on even though I was extremely sore in some weird spots for a couple of days after. It's been fun though, and the energy boost and added optimism and excitement about life has been great, so I need to keep up the exercising. It's beautiful spring weather here, in the 70's or 80's most every day, often with a nice cool breeze. By April it will probably be solidly summer-time and hot. So I'm enjoying the weather now, and all the sunshine.

The power blinked twice last night for absolutely no apparent reason. That was exciting. I lit a candle, and was contemplating how I could cook dinner on the grill outside if the power went out completely, but it didn't.

And that definitely covers everything I've been wanting to blog about lately. :)