Friday, February 01, 2008

somewhat coherent scramble

The sink is still in pieces.

The other sink (and the counters) are full of dishes.

My morning sickness seems to kick in again any time I'm ill in any other way. Like currently, with allergies. According to the allergist I saw a couple years ago, I shouldn't be suffering from horrible allergies right now, because the only plant I'm supposedly allergic to is mesquite. I don't believe him anymore. I am convinced I am secretly allergic to either juniper or cedar or both (highly suspicious that I'm allergic to juniper, have suspected it since I was a teenager). Head is all stuffy and thinking is kinda hard and my head is tired which makes the rest of me not do anything either. Lots of dreams lately. I need a haircut, I keep dreaming about my hair.

Poor Dusey. Our house is suffering from neglect 'cause I don't feel good at all, and he does not like it. I don't like it either, but...well, I really ought to just take care of it. Haven't yet though. Should if only for his sake though.

Going to watch Lost tonight. Should be good.

Finally listening to Book 7 of Harry Potter. Hopefully, within a few weeks, we will finally be done and not have to worry about spoilers anymore ever again. Glad there's finally some successful romance occurring in the story.

Time, I think, to take a bath. Need some relaxing, head clearing bath salts. Ran out of them awhile ago. Coconut bubble bath, while it smells great, does not have the same effect. Wish we had a bigger bathtub, with room to stretch out, and submerge my belly completely in water. Maybe it'll be warm enough to go swimming again soon. Would need a maternity swimsuit though, not sure if I want to invest in one or not. Not warm enough yet, the pool is undoubtedly still frigid.

Wish it was summer already so I could go to the beach with my baby. Really looking forward to that. Will probably need a new swimsuit for me, as well as needing to get one for him. Would like a nice Land's End suit or something, but they're pricey. Cute and durable though.

Might be moving in the next couple months. Slightly stressed about it. May not even happen, who knows, don't know where we'd move to. Wanted to get job situations figured out before thinking about moving. May have to do it the other way around. Wouldn't work as well.

Doctor's appointment again this next week, finally, haven't had one since Dec. 26th. Want to make sure everything's still going well. Prone to nervousness. And not using pronouns. Oh well.

Rennaisance Festival next weekend, will be my first ever time attending one, should be fun.

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