Monday, February 04, 2008

Drizzly, gray, and happy day

I'm feeling much better today. Dusey figured out when he got home from work on Saturday that I had, in fact, managed to take the parking brake off in the truck (the light just hadn't gone off), but it still felt funny to drive because it was in 4-wheel drive (I knew there was something else turned on, but didn't know what or how to turn it off). I didn't end up going shopping, and am still debating whether or not to go shopping today, as it is very rainy outside and I rather like the idea of staying in all day, wrapped up in my bathrobe, and reading a book.

Primary yesterday went pretty well. It was my turn to teach again, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that several of our 7-year-olds do in fact know the song "I Am Like a Star" which was my absolutely favorite Primary song when I was in Primary (I was skeptical whether they'd know it, as none of them knew "Give Said the Little Stream"). After church, we listened to more Harry Potter (we're finally about a third of the way through Book 7, in case I haven't already mentioned that). And then we went and ate a yummy dinner with Dusey's parents (not having to cook on Sundays is quite nice sometimes), and then we went to an anti-SuperBowl party at a friend's house where we got to play RockBand and Taboo, all of which was quite fun, although little baby guy decided to make it absolutely impossible for me to get comfortable all day yesterday. He's finally rolled over or something today so I can sit without him pushing my tummy muscles out all weird on my left side.

I'm quite excited today, because there was another Bloggy Giveaways carnival, and I won a copy of Aladdin from Footprints On the Moon. I haven't gotten to watch Aladdin in years, so I'm looking forward to seeing it again (and getting to sing along with all the songs). I'm also excited because it will be the first Disney movie I actually own (not counting Miyazaki movies). And I'm excited because Dusey will watch it with me, because it's one of the few Disney movies he likes. And I'm going to make popcorn in our popcorn popper when we watch it, which I haven't done in ages. And I should stop starting my sentences with and.

Other happy things today--

I used my shea butter lotion after my bath, which I adore the scent of.

It is raining. Any precipitation here is pretty exciting. If only I could plant a garden again this year and take advantage of it, my hypothetical plants would be so happy today.

Dusey finds out this evening if he will be getting a promotion at work or not. His chances are pretty good.

If he does get the promotion, we might be able to move into an actual real house, if we can find one that's for sale by a bank (and therefore selling for much less than it might otherwise, which might make the mortgage payments within our extremely limited financial reach). If we moved into a house, I could paint the walls, and plant things in the yard...I'm full of daydreams about home-ownership today.

I am craving chicken today instead of a dessert. This is a definite step forward, which my bottom will thank me for if I can keep managing to not crave (and cave into the cravings for) desserts.

I have decided to clean out my craft room and get rid of all the "supplies" (read: scraps of fabric and yarn that other people didn't want and gave to me and honestly are not worth the trouble of trying to figure out anything to do with because they're low-quality and in small amounts and are taking up valuable space) that I have been hoarding for the last couple of years that I am not likely to ever do anything with. I think this will make it much more likely for me to be motivated to work on the remaining craft projects, as well as opening up space for baby stuff (or in the event we move to someplace smaller which is very likely, I will be able to fit the remaining craft stuff in our home without putting it all in storage).

On the pregnancy front (which I'm sure you're all just fabulously interested in, especially after all my recent complainings), I realized this morning that human babies really take quite awhile to incubate. People didn't ever seem to be pregnant for very long to me, before I got pregnant myself. Now I'm realizing that it takes 3/4 of a year, which is really quite a long while. I've only got 12 weeks left, which doesn't sound too long, unless I think of it as having 84 days left in which case it sounds like forever. At least the end is in sight though. One of our friends last night asked me when my due date was, so I told him April 28. One of our other friends, who was quite out of it and not really paying attention, then asked, "Of what year?" Thank goodness it's this one, and that I don't have the gestation length of an elephant! People ask me if I'm getting really excited yet, and usually I don't feel like I'm nearly as excited about the whole thing as the people asking me are. But today, thinking about it, I am definitely looking forward to having a baby, and going on walks with him, and showing him all sorts of stuff that I think is neat, and taking him to the beach and carrying him into the water (I love the ocean). I know there will be a lot of hard stuff too about being a mom, and lots of "oh, gross!" moments, and lots of "hooray for just surviving the day" days, but I am excited to get to know and play with and take care of my little baby guy. If I can just stop pining for it to be May already and suck it up and deal with the next 12 weeks. :)

/me has "A Whole New World" with accompaniments by Chewbacca stuck in her head

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Ted Lee said...

Dude, I love A Whole New World with the Chewbacca accompanyment. I sang it to Dantzel when she didn't believe me.

Yay for babies! Your due date is two days after me and Dantzel get married, so we have the same amount of days; different things at the end of the countdown though. You get to have a baby and we get to make babies, haha.