Monday, February 11, 2008

Can't move

I am so sore today. I knew it was coming, I caught glimpses of it yesterday, peeking around corners at me, and today it has caught up. I think I will definitely be taking a nice warm bath today to see if it will help my muscles remember that they are not supposed to ache and burn like this, but are supposed to happily support both me and baby guy without complaint. They've been complaining a lot lately about baby guy's extra weight, but they're just going to have to get used to him, because he's not going anywhere soon.

The reason for today's soreness stems from our choice of activities on Saturday. You see, we went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. It's supposedly the biggest ren faire in the West, and I believe it. 30 acres of land spread with stages and vendor booths and buildings and a jousting arena and some lovely little patches of shaded grass to sit on. It was opening day, rather crowded, and absolutely gorgeous weather (mid 70's, sunny, no cold wind). We put on sunscreen and used our opening weekend 2-for-1 coupon and had an absolutely wonderful day. I'd never been to a ren faire before, really (I don't think the tiny one in Orem really quite counts), and had lots of fun just looking at everything and seeing all the people in costume, and being called m'lady, and wandering around to see absolutely every last thing there was to see.

We arrived there at about 10:30 and left at 5:30 with a break in the middle on a bench in the parking area for lunch (we brought apples and pears and sourdough bread and strawberry jam and summer sausage and extra sharp cheddar cheese and water and it was delicious and perfect). I walked more in those seven hours than I have, I think, since before I got pregnant. Also, I carried my purse myself the entire time. It is a fact that I have too much stuff in my purse, and that generally I end up handing it off to Dusey to carry for me when we're out for several hours, but I decided I could carry it myself all day on Saturday, and I did. My shoulders may not be thanking me now, but it is good practice for once I start lugging around a baby all day every day.

We did lots of fun stuff while we were there. We browsed through many of the vendor shops. I tried on a very cute all-leather handmade red hat (which I'm sure was way out of any price range we may ever have for hat buying, but it fit! and it was adorable! so Dusey took a picture of me in it and we left the store without it). We watched a band made up of some bagpipes, a couple of drummers, and possibly another instrument, who made quite lovely music (not at all Scottish, they were calling themselves a rock band). We listened to a harpist, and to a group of three lively drummers, and to a bull-whip master (very briefly for that last one). We watched jesters and the jousting show. We ate giant roasted turkey legs, and shared an extremely overly salted pretzel. We listened to the master of spoonerisms tell the tales of Parunzel, as well as Rittle Led Hiding Rood. I purchased a canvas parasol (which can be used in the rain, though it was never specified if it would, in fact, keep one who used it in the rain from getting wet). There was one thing we did while there that trumps everything else by far. Something I never expected would happen in my life, something I never thought I'd be able to tell stories of.

We rode elephants.

Yes, elephants.

They had three African elephants there in a small pen. Rides were $4 for somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes on one of the elephants as it walked around its pen. Part of the proceeds supposedly went to helping elephants in Africa. Three people could ride at once, so Dusey and I split up, and I rode with a mom and her daughter while he took pictures of me, and then he rode with two teenage girls while I took pictures of him. It was our favorite thing of the whole day. The elephants had a tarp-ish looking thing with a rail that wrapped around three sides of the sitting area sticking out if it, thrown over their backs and strapped under their bellies. Both of us ended up sitting at the back. As the elephant walked, I could feel its back muscles moving beneath me. The whole thing made me positively giddy for ages afterward.

My other favorite thing about the day was that I got to spend the whole day, an entire Saturday, with Dusey. True, he had to rearrange his work schedule and will be working almost all day on Valentine's Day, but I think it was completely worth it. I had forgotten how much fun it is to get to spend an entire weekend with my husband without him having to work.

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Ted Lee said...

I envy your 70 degree weather.

And your elephant ride! That is so cool! I wish I could ride an elephant.