Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been so incredibly horribly lazy lately. It's been really bad. I've been doing nothing. Well, I've been doing a couple things, a little laundry here, finishing the dishes there, making a bit of food, going grocery shopping, figuring out things for the baby registery, etc. But most of my time I spend sitting doing nothing (reading stuff, actually, I can't stand sitting actually doing nothing). I should get off my bum and become a normally functioning member of adult human society again.

It is, however, getting increasingly hard to get up off my bum. I never realized before being pregnant how much I relied on my stomach muscles to help my body do simple tasks like sitting up, standing up, and rolling over in bed. They don't work in the same ways anymore now that they're all stretched out over the baby belly, and other parts of my body are having to compensate (mainly my legs and arms) and they aren't too happy about it. Dusey has been nice and has been helping me heft myself out of chairs, and up the stairs, and doesn't complain when I accidentally steal all the sheet in the middle of the night as I attempt to roll over with all my pillows still in place. Rolling over in the middle of the night now requires being awake, I cannot do it in my sleep anymore. It also often requires me to sit up a bit. I'm amazed Dusey sleeps through as much of it as he does.

All of this might make you think that I ought to exercise more, and goodness gracious, but you would be right! We've been going on walks as often as we remember and/or aren't too tired to, so I've been getting little brief bouts of exercise here and there, but I need to start using my Pregnant Pilates DVD from Christmas, or else I'm afraid my muscles might atrophy and I will be completely unable to carry the little baby guy once he gets here.

My difficulties in getting up might also make you think that perhaps I should start cutting down on the sugar. Once again, amazingly, you would be right! If there is anything I have been craving lately it has been sugar, and I have been indulging the craving to no end, which has undoubtedly not been terribly beneficial to my health. But cake! Pudding! Ice-cream! These things are delicious! So, okay, maybe I just need to hold back a bit and eat them in a bit more moderation, rather than eating seven orange rolls in one sitting like I did last week (in my defense, there was not really any other food in the house and I needed to eat *something* for lunch...)

Somehow, despite my lack of exercise and recent poor decisions in regards to diet, I am still right on track for gaining the proper amount of weight. I won't deny that I might have an extra pound or so hanging around my butt and thighs now, but overall I think almost all the weight I've gained is from the little baby guy and the things he needs to support himself. He's been gaining quite a bit of weight recently and has been making my belly grow quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. And he's been kicking me a lot yesterday and today. It's weird to both feel and see my entire belly spasm and wiggle as he moves about. I keep lifting up my shirt (in the privacy of my living room with the blinds down, of course) so I can watch it. As far as I can tell, he seems pretty healthy. Sometimes he won't move much at all for a week or two and I start to get worried that something is wrong, but then he'll have a day or two of moving like crazy, and my fears are allayed. I've decided to attribute his long stretches of quiet resting to large growth spurts. He's using up all his energy growing and growing and growing, and then, when he's finally done growing for a little bit, he spends a couple days trying out his newly improved muscles and making sure they're all working right before he hunkers back down to the business of getting bigger.

All of his growing has led to an event that I knew somewhere, in the back of my head, was bound to eventually happen. My cute little innie belly button is now an outie. I'm not particularly disturbed by this, as I'm hoping it will revert back to its original state post-birth, and in the meantime it's interesting to look at a part of myself that I couldn't ever see before. It does make a funny bump sometimes though through some of my shirts, and I'm still not too keen on the idea of the rest of the general populace noticing my belly button one way or the other. I've been relying on camisoles to keep it hidden, but I might have to invest in a belly band soon, as the camisoles are getting to be too small to stay around my middle.

I've also developed "the waddle." I've been working on perfecting this for several months now, and I think I've finally got it down. For those times when I am feeling supremely lethargic and limp, it is much easier to shift my weight from side to side as I move slowly forward than it is to maintain a brisk forward momentum while lifting my legs normally. I don't particularly mind waddling, it reminds me of penguins, and Mary Poppins, and tiny fat fuzzy yellow baby birds, all of which are cute and adorable things, which makes me think that my waddling must be cute and adorable too. It certainly makes my husband laugh.

He also laughs almost every time he actually notices my belly. "Look! You have a pregnant belly!", he'll chortle, to which I generally respond, "Yep." He occasionally takes great care in pointing out that, look at that, I'm pregnant. I find his amazement in the increasing size of my belly rather funny. As long as we continue to amuse each other, I can't help but think that we're doing pretty well.

Dusey, dearest husband that he is, has been substituting lately. Yes, he's been doing his normal substitute teaching, but he's also been doing some substituting for me. He substitutes the use of his muscles for mine as he helps heft me out of chairs at least once a day. Today, he had a substitute craving for me, as he helped himself to a packet of Taco Bell hot sauce as a snack. By itself. Because hot wings sounded really good. Now, hot wings sound really good to me too right now, nevertheless, I have yet to find the urge to eat them strong enough to make me want to guzzle Taco Bell sauce. If it ever does get to that point though, I suppose I at least have a quick fix available to me now without making him go buy me hot wings. Well, as long as the hot sauce packets we picked up on our last Taco Bell trip last for.

I actually haven't found most of the side effects of the third trimester thus far to be very frustrating. Waking up repeatedly during the night just to roll over makes me tired, sure, but I can always take a nap. It may be hard to get out of my chair, but I have a darling husband who's generally willing to help me with it anytime he's home. There is one thing, though, that is starting to get bothersome. I can't bend over anymore. This is mainly only problematic when it comes to putting on shoes. Real shoes, of the sort I can't just slip my feet into while standing up. If I am attempting to put my shoes on while standing up, I have to have something to hold on to and lean on while I try to move my leg up and sideways to the side of my belly until I can finally reach my foot and pull that last bit of shoe over my heel. Sitting down while putting my shoes on is much easier, though I have to do the side bend now more often than not. I can almost always wear my flip-flops (or my slides if it's a Sunday), so even shoe-putting-on is not too big a deal yet. I am afraid, however, that shaving my own legs will soon be completely impossible as Le Belly gets more and more in the way.

I've been thinking a lot about what I want to have for little baby guy once he gets here, and what I actually need to have for him, and so on. I think I would've started buying quite a lot of it by now, except people keep telling me to wait to buy things, since I'll undoubtedly get a lot of it when I have a baby shower. The one difficulty with that is, nobody has offered to throw me a baby shower yet, and I'm certainly not going to throw one for myself. I'm not terribly worried about it, there's still three months left of pregnancy which I'm well aware is quite a long time. I am considering starting to buy a few things myself now though, as I think it would be easier on the budget to get one or two little things I know I'll need every couple weeks for the next few months rather than having to go buy it all at once after the baby's here (assuming a shower doesn't happen). That reminds me, I still need to fill out the paperwork for the hospital and sent it to them, as well as go and take a tour of their maternity ward, so that we'll be all prepared (and they'll be expecting us) once Baby Guy decides to make his grand entrance a few months from now.

In closing, I would like to request the opinions of anybody who might have an opinion on the following issue. Drop-side cribs: yes or no? (I would prefer a more-than-one-word response, but if you don't feel like it, I'll satisfy myself with just a yes or no.)

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FoxyJ said...

Our kids' crib supposedly has a side that slides down, but it sticks terribly so I've never used it. We had babies sleep in the pack-n-play bassinet in our room until two months or so then switched them to the crib. Then we had the mattress on the highest setting for the next few months so it really didn't matter that the side came down or not. So, I don't think it's an essential feature. It might be nice, but you can live without it.