Monday, January 14, 2008

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I've come to the realization (again?) that my blog is horribly boring. This is due in part to the fact that my life lately has been rather boring, and that when it is not full of enforced boringness (due to being sick with a cold that manifested itself almost entirely through extreme fatigue), I am lazy and fill it with boring on my own. It's only partially due to that, though, and is mostly due to the fact that I cannot seem to make an interesting cohesive and coherent story out of anything that happens to me lately. My thought process is disjointed and rambling and has a tendency to just throw thoughts together helter-skelter and that comes out quite obviously in my writing. I don't tend to write any sort of set-up unless it's extremely long and rambly. There generally isn't a climax. And denouement and a nice little conclusion where everything gets all wrapped up in a pleasing yet thought-provoking way have been straight-out lately. I am not managing to write. I am only managing to summarize my thoughts and the happenings of my day, and its not much of an entertaining summary at that. And I have utterly sucked at responding to people's comments on my blog lately.

So, I'm sorry.

And now, back to your normal summarizing.

I have been "out sick" which made me go from doing very little to doing pretty much nothing for most of the week. Things I did despite being sick: some dishes, going out to eat (more so I wouldn't have to cook than anything), and a trip to watch the drag races. Yes, they have a drag-racing race track here. It costs money to participate, and less money if you just want to watch (which is certainly all we wanted to do, as our car is not pimped out and drag racing it doesn't entice me much even if it were). Dusey practiced taking pictures of the cars. I messed around with my point and shoot camera a bit. Overall, it wasn't very exciting. I did get to see a beautifully blue Skyline (right-side steering wheel and all). With apparently "hot" plates. We tried to come up with various theories as to why they had a very expensive imported sports car with illegal plates at the drag races, which made it a bit more exciting, but not much, as we ultimately decided it wasn't likely anything more interesting than that the plates did not belong to that car. So much for my grand entrance into a life of mystery and intrigue.

I also read Howl's Moving Castle (and its sequel, whatever its name is) yesterday and today and a bit of Saturday as well. Highly enjoyable. And I'm feeling much more recovered today than on previous days so maybe I'll actually accomplish something (like the laundry or the dishes or that trip to the post office that I still haven't gotten around to yet or sewing hats for the online craft store thingy (nothing so interesting as selling crafts in an actual craft store), or the quilt that I started on last March and haven't finished yet, or picking a baby name, or getting any baby stuff, or who knows what else). Or maybe I'll only succeed in making dinner and being pleased at having done something at all today in my boring and lazy life.

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