Sunday, December 14, 2008

one week

In a week's time from right now, we will hopefully be almost to my parents' house. Yep. We get to go to Utah for Christmas afterall (which means we won't be coming in January). We'll be there for a week. If you will be around Christmas week and won't be insanely busy with family stuff and want to hang out for a bit, let me know, so I can plan to sneak away for a bit to see you.

In case some of you are interested, Waterford is finally going to be beta testing their new product, a web-based educational game for pre-schoolers. I think they're aiming it at the 2-4 crowd. If you're interested in signing yourself (and your child) up for it, go to It should be good, just based on the tiny bit of it that I've seen, but you may run into some bugs which you would need to report I believe (as part of participating for free in the beta test). Anyway, go check it out.

I went to the dentist this past week. No cavities, but I do need one sealant to fill a hole. The dentist said my teeth look great, and the reason for the occasional oain I get in my jaw is that I clench my teeth hard fairly often, and possibly some other stuff, and he recommended that I get a jaw splint (aka bite splint, which sounds extremely similar to the bite plate I had when I had braces) as soon as possible before I cause any permanent damage to my teeth or jaw joint. He's willing to work something out in regards to financing, but the possible cost of it still stressed me out a bit (which causes me to clench my jaw more!).

I also discovered on Friday when I put in my contacts before our ward Christmas party (please note: I almost always wear my glasses), that I'd developed another large lump (probable: chalazion) in an eyelid just in time for the holidays. Last winter it was in my upper eyelid, this year it's in the lower eyelid of that same eye. I am being VERY diligent about putting warm compresses on it 3-4 times a day in hopes that it will go away. If it is still there in a couple days, I will have to go see an opthamologist again, who might have to perform a minor surgery to get it out (last year's lump, as a side note, never Completely went away).

So, to sum up: random health problems, a neat beta test opportunity, and a super-exciting Christmas trip to Utah! Hooray!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It's been awhile

Thanksgiving was really good. I made four pies (pumpkin, pecan, berry ribbon, and strawberry rhubarb) which all turned out great other than the crust on the pecan which got burned (it was also the only store bought crust). I also made Mother's Rolls, and cranberry jello salad. And I ate way too much food, but that's pretty normal for Thanksgiving.

Potato Bug has four teeth now. The second bout of teething (for the two top teeth) lasted a really long time and was really annoying, because he was extra cranky for a couple of weeks. After that, he got a cold, which I of course also caught. Dusey and I both got a little 24-hour mild stomach virus a couple of days ago (no way to tell if Potato Bug got it too), following which my cold returned. I'm ready to be done with the cranky baby / cranky mommy scenario for awhile.

I've been doing lots of crafting to get ready for Christmas. I will hopefully be sending out presents to a few people soon. It hasn't been going as quickly as I would like due to the aforementioned cranky baby.

It's finally nice outside.

Due to feeling quite ill today, my mother-in-law came and picked up Potato Bug and took him with her to her house. I have had several hours to myself, which has been nice. I've gotten several things done, and the house is a little cleaner, and I did some reading. I just finished reading The Prydain Chronicles, which I still thoroughly enjoy. A couple weeks ago I read the Twilight series to see what all the fuss was about. I thought it was alright. I can see why people enjoy it so much. I would probably describe it as a mix of Harry Potter and Titanic. Next up on my reading list is the first Discworld book. I think it will probably be awhile before I get around to it though, as I need to finish up Christmas presents, and who knows how long le bebe will continue his "Hold me NOW mommy" phase that he's in right now.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot. He is standing up now. He pulls himself up to a stand frequently throughout the day, and has finally figured out how to get back down to crawling without injuring himself (usually) by falling. He maintains his unearthly ability to figure out precisely what things we do not want him to play with, and goes straight for them whenever I'm not looking. I really need to find a good way to keep him from pulling on the cords plugged into the outlets. Currently, I tell him No, and explain we don't play with cords so we don't get hurt, and move him away to something else he CAN play with, but he is not getting the message. That could have something to do with the fact that he's still not quite 8 months old.

I think I'm the only child in my family now who does not have a guitar. I took a guitar class during college. I remember absolutely none of it. I didn't ever practice. This is probably why I do not have a guitar currently.

I'm busily playing Pirates on Facebook. I'm also quite fond of Scramble. If anybody ever wants to play against me, you'll probably win. :) I manage to get easily distracted in the middle of the games I try to play by the child who is in need of almost constant attention lately. Oh, the woes of mobility.

Also, he bites really hard now. Well, he bit hard before, but now he has incredibly sharp teeth to use also, which leave lovely indentations whenever he manages to bite me, which he luckily doesn't do terribly frequently, but still, it's highly unpleasant when it happens.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

7 months

Potato Bug is 7 months old now, therefore it is time for an update!

He has 2 teeth now (he got the second one the day after he got his first one, and each tooth was discovered by one of his grandmas). They are very, very, very sharp, and he likes to bite things with them. He's eating baby food (Stage 2 now) at least twice a day, and has started eating Cheerios also occasionally, which he really likes. And every once in a while he gets a teething biscuit. He doesn't particularlylike green beans or peas, but likes all the other foods we've tried pretty well, and loves applesauce, bananas, and pears.

We got things organized finally so that he's in his own room, which I think we all like better. He's only waking up once a night now, which means both he and I are generally a bit happier and more energetic during the day. He likes to play with the toys in his crib when he wakes up in the mornings for a while, which I love as it gets me an extra half an hour of sleep. In his crib right now, he has Bearkie (half teddy bear, half blankie), the dragon his Aunt Jeanna made for him, a tiger stuffie, and a zebra that has magnets in it's hooves so we clip it on the side of the railing every night and he has fun pulling it off every morning.

His most very favorite toys are plastic spoons and bendy straws. He loves chewing on them, and sticking them in his mouth like a dog with a bone as he crawls around, and banging them on the floor when he's sitting up. He's finally really crawling properly, and is getting very good at transitioning from crawling to sitting and back, and sometimes kneeling when he wants to look inside his toybox. He's beginning to try and pull himself up sometimes, so we are going to have to move his crib mattress down to its lower setting really soon. He also really likes looking in mirrors, playing with boxes, and trying to eat cords and cables he finds on the floor (I haven't figured out how to babyproof them yet, so I just watch him very carefully while he's playing and when he gets close to them I go move him away again).

Potato Bug has decided that I am his most very favoritest person ever. He loves and adores playing with his daddy, and has lots of fun with his grandparents, but when he gets tired, cranky, fussy, or sad, he wants me and only me to hold him. In some ways it's really nice (I'm needed! He likes me!) and in other ways it's not (he's heavy! I'm tired!). He hates waking up anywhere that's not his room and not being able to see me.

I'm really enjoying him being able to entertain himself for longer periods of time now that he's mobile, as it lets me get a bit more done during the day. I'm cooking a little more often now, and the dishes are getting done more regularly, and I have my sights set on the laundry (one day I will get it ALL done and put away and there will be no laundry anywhere and it will be miraculous, even if it only lasts for a few hours). With the little bit of extra sleep and energy, my desire to craft has returned, though it's been extremely hampered by the fact that all my craft stuff is in PB's room, so I can't work on it while he's napping until I get it moved into our bedroom.

His favorite books at the moment are Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb, and My Many Colored Days, both of which are absolutely awesome books that I do not mind at all reading over and over and over. He still likes most of his board books too, and I think he will really enjoy the ones he's getting for Christmas. He always loves storytime unless he's really ridiculously over-tired.

He still has the little red mark on his forehead (which I am assured by many different people will eventually disappear), and now he has a little hard lump/bump on his leg from one of his vaccination shots, which I am hoping will eventually go away (it's been over a month). I have not been a good mommy at giving him his medicine every day to prevent UTI's, but we've been blessed and he hasn't gotten any despite the lack of medicine. I am going to try a different flavor next time I get a refill and maybe he won't spit it out immediately and then I will be much more likely to give it to him (it stains everything highlighter yellow so it gets really frustrating when he just spits it out everywhere).

Potato Bug talks a lot while he's playing, and particularly enjoys squealing with delight (which sometimes sounds like screaming), and blowing bubbles with his tongue. He's very, very good at curling his tongue, and will curl the tip of it up against his top lip to make an "m" sound and say "mamamamama" when he's tired. He likes watching people clap their hands and say "Yay!", and he likes The Itsy Bitsy Spider song with its actions, so I think he would really like learning some baby signs and am thinking of asking for some Signing Time DVDs for Christmas.

Halloween food

So, I know Halloween is long past, but I made some cool food for it in the week before Halloween and wanted to show it off. I know, I'm amazing. You can shower me with praises now. (Just kidding. Really.)

Rats on top of Mash O' Nine Sorts (you can't see it, but the rat has a spaghetti tail):

Eyeball Soup:

Bloody Punch:

Spiderweb Eggs:

And a whole lot of mini cupcakes:

There were monsters:

A ghost:



A tentacle thing:

And worms:

The cupcakes were all Red Velvet cake, so they were nice and bloody red when you bit into them. If you bit into them. I discovered it was really hard to not just pop a whole one into your mouth at once. I tell you what, mini cupcakes are awesome.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween (photo heavy)

Here's some pictures from our Halloween activities (one ward party, one trip to Disneyland, both with us dressed as 2 Waldos and a Wenda from the Where's Waldo books):

I crocheted the hats, painted the red stripes on the shirts, and hemmed my skirt to the right length.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Chipotle hummus is delicious

I voted today. For the first time. I know, I know, I'm 25, I should have voted before now. But I didn't. Until today. Go me.

Enough short sentences now.

I packed Potato Bug into his stroller, handed him a straw to play with (he adores straws), and we stepped outside into the beautifully still cool morning air. I decided to walk along the canal trail, since it ends right at the community Activity Center that was my polling location. It's a funny thing, the canal...there's never ever any water in it. Perhaps they haven't filled it yet, perhaps they drained it years ago, I do not know why it's empty. It's a decently nice trail (sidewalk) alongside it either way, nicely landscaped. As we walked, I could hear the big power lines on the other side of the canal buzzing. It was a soothing sound.

Potato Bug loves walks in his stroller. There is a constant stream of new things to see. He looks and looks and looks, while chewing on whatever toy I've given him, and drinks up the world. He studies and observes, and I'm sure in his head he's putting together pieces of information and learning things, constantly, unconsciously. Or maybe he's just zoning out, watching everything move past too quickly for understanding. Still, he loves it, and so when we've had enough of each other and of being cooped up inside, we go for walks. Yesterday we went to the new market half a mile away and bought thin pork chops for a dollar, chipotle hummus, pita bread, tortillas, and some cold medicine for Dusey who has a miserable cough right now. The pork chops got rolled around some apple stuffing I made, and were browned, then baked, then eaten atop mashed potatoes. They turned out really well for being a mish-mash of recipes and imagination. I'd never made pork chops before yesterday. The hummus will probably be gone by lunchtime, as I replenish the energy spent on our walk today.

The Activity Center is really nice. It's surrounded by tennis courts, volleyball courts, playgrounds, and an elementary school where a couple of classes were enjoying gym outside. We walked around to the far entrance, walked in, got the ballot (filed under D for Dusen because the man at the DMV listed the first half of my last name as a middle name so the space would show up), and voted. I realized after a minute that I'd forgotten to research the candidates for county positions. Other than that, everything went smoothly. The voting stations were set up in a dance room, along the wall of mirrors and the ballet bar. Potato Bug loves mirrors, and seeing that adorable baby that's always there in them. I parked him facing the mirror while I connected the arrows for my candidates of choice, and he admired that baby in the mirror, and smiled at that baby in the mirror, until I was done. We walked over to the machine that sucked up my ballot, and both got our first "I voted today" stickers.

On our way out, I stopped by the front desk of the Activity Center and picked up a pamphlet about their winter classes, to read on our walk home. Potato Bug happily chewed his straw and sat observing things as I pushed the stroller and read. I'm contemplating a baby signing class, but it's fairly expensive. I'm also contemplating a Pilates class, an infant massage class, and a CPR class. I think I'll pick one to take by the end of the week.

Potato Bug gasped when I opened our front door to go inside. I smiled, and in we went, one successful voting experience under my belt, with hopefully many more to come.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

4th photo meme

Ok, so, as promised, here's the 4th photo in the 4th folder of my pictures folder that I was tagged for. It's from when we went out photographing wildflowers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

She'll just have another perfect day

Okay, so it wasn't entirely perfect whilst we were in Utah, but it was a lovely, lovely trip, and I was sad to leave, though I am quite happy to be seeing my lovely husband again in about an hour or so now. And I like my house. I'm happy to be home. But I miss my other home, where my parents live. It is difficult having two homes. You will always be missing one of them. I am excited that I get to go back in January.

First, the not-entirely-perfect (but still possibly quite exciting in the long run) things that happened/were in Utah:

It was cold. Very, very cold. Well, not all the time. Sometimes it was warm. Sometimes I didn't even need to wear my sweatshirt! But for the most part, it was cold, and it was always more cold than it is and has been here in Arizona (90's). It was a nice change of pace from hot. It would have been better if my husband had been there to snuggle with at night and keep me warm. My mother was nice and turned up the heat for me instead, keeping me and The Potato Bug from freezing in the downstairs bedroom even though it meant they were all a little overly warm upstairs.

The Potato Bug did not sleep well mostly while we were there. He had one night where he only woke up twice (and I only saved him from his despair one of those times). The other nights were not as nice. He missed lots of his naps also. He was a bit grumpy all week, and a bit shy at first, and got nervous when I wasn't holding him (or after he had warmed up to everyone, he got nervous when he couldn't see me). He got more congenial as the week went on, despite the lack of sleep. Last night, he got a runny nose. It was worse this morning. I was despairing that he had caught a cold just as we were coming home, when my mother informed me that he had a tooth.

Let me reiterate.

My little Potato Bug baby boy who is so cute and snuggly and wiggly and smart (and I could go on) got his first tooth this morning.

A tooth.


Just the very tip of it is poking through his gums right now, and he will likely continue in his grumpiness as it pops the rest of the way out, but it is there, and oh-so-cutely-tiny, and now I know how he acts when he is getting a tooth and there will be no more confusion hopefully. Plus, I suspect his smile will quickly become even more adorable (should that be humanely possible).

My mother taught me how to make pies. And cranberry jello salad. And scones (the fried kind, not the English tea-time treat kind). "But!", you may exclaim, "that is wonderful! What could possibly be not-perfect about learning to make such delicious foodstuffs as pies?!" Other than my highly imperfectly shaped crust, and the jello that didn't quite set up all the way, and the slightly overly-cooked scones, the imperfectness of it comes not from its deliciousness (and delicious they were in all their imperfectness) but in the fact that now that I know how to make them, it will be hard to not make them frequently which would result in eating them frequently which I'm afraid would make us very fat.

I made passable pie crusts. I'm very happy.

I have now made three from-scratch pies this month: pumpkin (except for the crust, because that was prior to my highly educational trip home to my parents' home), banana cream, and strawberry ribbon (which is just like raspberry ribbon but with strawberries instead which in my humble anti-raspberry opinion, makes it even more delicious).

Scones are good with honey.

And cranberry jello salad is really easy! And delicious! And it has a lot of fruit in it, so there could be some argument for its nutritive values. Even when it's not entirely set up properly.

I think I'm completely into wonderfulness now (why dwell on the imperfect when the dwelling just decays into musings on how wonderful it actually was?). So, to continue:

We went shopping. I am all prepared now to set up our keyboard on a table where it can live, along with a set of speakers, and my little easel/bookstand. This will make it very easy to plug the laptop up, and play the piano. I have books I can play out of (our nice spiral-bound hymnbook, my new spiral-bound Primary Childrens' Songbook, some easy piano books, some vocal pieces that have accompaniment). I will need something to keep my music in, so that it will stay organized and accessible, yet out of Potato Bug's hands (and more importantly, out of his mouth).

I also now have a brown skirt which will be fabulous and lovely as soon as I seam it up so it is a little smaller. It was very cheap and just what I wanted, other than being three sizes too big. It will be an easy fix, as soon as I can get to my sewing machine again (it is buried at the back of the craft room that is supposed to be the baby's room and will be his as soon as we get rid of some junk and figure out how to store and organize all the junk we're keeping).

My rolly-polly boy also has some Christmas presents from his grandparents, ready and waiting (and wrapped even!) for Christmas.

I also closed two old bank accounts that I never ever use anymore. Not only will this result in less mail that I never look at arriving not only at my home but at my parents' home as well, but I also have $50 more in my wallet! For a grand total of $50 in my wallet! It will get deposited soon into the bank account that I use all the time.

My 403B continues to earn me money while I do nothing with it. I really ought to call them up and have them send me the forms I need to change my address they have on file as well as my name.

I won a game of Scrabble against my mother and brother, which is positively amazing. They are Scrabble geniuses, compared to how I normally do. I got lucky and got lots of high-point letters in combination with good vowels and spots to play. Also, they let me cheat and look up words in the Scrabble Players' Dictionary repeatedly throughout the game (even when it was my turn to go) to see if the word I was hoping existed did in fact exist. I confess to browsing around some of the letter sections to see if other words existed that I could play upon discovering that the word I had invented in my head was not there in the codified definitive 3rd Edition list.

I got to watch my dad play World of Warcraft, and help my mom make a blog.

I got to take a shower almost every single day! (I opted for just pulling my hair back on one morning when I was very very tired and we wanted to be out and about quickly.) Unless you are a mother of a small child who wants you to play with him/her approximatley every five minutes and wakes up from naps when he/she hears the water running through the pipes, then you may not appreciate this nearly as much as I appreciated it. Daily bathing is a luxury, I tell you, a luxury! I look forward to when Potato Bug can crawl around our room and entertain himself by getting into everything long enough for me to bathe uninterrupted on a daily basis.

Have I mentioned the pies yet? That was really exciting. And delicious.

I got to see all of my wonderful siblings save for my oldest sister who is far away on the East Coast. I have now gotten to see all of my neices and nephews and know what they look like. Next time I see them, they will probably all look different and grown up and incredibly smart, but for the next couple months at least, I know what they all look like. They are all cute. My extended family is full of adorable babies and children.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I will post the fourth picture in the fourth folder of our Pictures folder! I am waiting for the return of the laptop, since that is where pretty much all our pictures live.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Woo-hoo! Vacation week!

So, we found out today that Dusey is going to California next week (leaving on Sunday) for training for work all week. I was sad at this prospect, because I did not want to spend all week alone. And then my in-laws said, "Why don't you go visit your family in Utah for the week? Wouldn't that be fun?" And I said, "Why, yes! I love and miss my family, and it would be fabulous to spend a week with them!" So we took some of our little bit of savings in our bank account and I now have a plane ticket to go visit my family next week from Monday to Friday and it will be fabulous and Potato Bug will get to see his grandparents and show off his crawling for them and I am sooooo excited.

Also, this may be the most spontaneous thing I have ever done.

We will be spending all week with my family. All of you lovely friends of mine that are in Utah will have to wait until January for hanging out and seeing our adorable kiddo. Sorry.

The next couple of days are going to be very hectic getting everything ready for us to all be gone for a week (plus I'm still not done with our Halloween costumes, and the ward Halloween party is next Saturday...dum dum dum...) It will be busy. But then I won't have to cook for a week! Hooray!

I will still be lonely without my husband, though.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first foray into YouTube

As a little distraction from all the crankiness in our house yesterday (which continued through the night and into today...maybe there's a tooth coming?), I decided to record a video of my Potato Bug and enter it into the Sandisk Youtube contest. I've never uploaded a video to YouTube before, so it was kind of adventuresome.

So! Here it is for all of your enjoyment!

I hope that works!

Oh, there's also this related contest:

Monday, October 13, 2008


Today is one of those days.

It got very suddenly quite cool here. Fall has finally arrived. Our thermostat is still set to the air-conditioner, though, so our home was freezing last night and all morning. PB doesn't really have warm pajamas so his hands and feet were little icicles this morning. I'm staying in my pajamas until Dusey gets home.

Whether due to the cold or his lack of naps yesterday, the Potato Bug woke up four times last night. We are both tired and cranky today as a result.

My backyard is full of weeds, biting ants, spiders, and the birds who eat it all. The birds are kind of fun to watch through the sliding glass door, but the yard is pretty unuseable. The gravel that is our front yard is full of jumping spiders (gyeah), more biting ants, seed pods from the increasingly droopy tree (I think it's an acacia), thorny bushes that love growing as well as poking me when I trim them, prickly sticklers from a giant creeping weed I pulled out last week, and sticks from our other tree which has decided to die.

I have been drooling over cakes and cupcakes and pies and cake plates and all the autumn decor for sale at Target. I am also trying to decide between a KitchenAid or a CuisinArt for the food processor listing on my Christmas list. This list in my head is full of hopes and daydreams and signs of the sort of woman I want to be.

Friday, October 10, 2008

6 months

Potato Bug is six months old today. He had his check-up this morning. He's 27" long now (75th%) and weighs 16lb 7oz (50th%). The doctor said he looks great (I agree). He had to have all his vaccinations again (4 shots and an oral) plus a flu shot, but he stopped crying as soon as I picked him up afterward and has been fairly happy (though sleepy...the appointment was during naptime) since (he just fell asleep finally).

He still loves rolling over. He's starting to be able to get his tummy and head off the ground at the same time for a second or two now, so crawling is on the horizon (I need to babyproof!) He likes storytime, but not his ABC bedtime routine book when he's really sleepy (he sees it and starts screaming). He's waking up twice a night still. His hair is turning blond, and his eyes are still very blue. His thighs are very chubby, which I think helps him sit up, which he can do for a couple of minutes at a time now assuming he doesn't decide to fold himself in half and eat his toes. He adores eating his toes.

He sticks everything he can grab in his mouth to chew on. I found a fairly long string in his diaper this morning and am still not sure whether or not he'd eaten it. It's a mystery. He likes baby food much better than he liked rice cereal. He's tried sweet potatoes and pears so far (we just started foods this week). He likes his pacifiers and sippy cups, but only as chew toys, and doesn't ever suck on them. It's lots of fun to play games with him. He squeals and screams when he's very happy and excited, rather than laughing. He's fairly shy around strangers and just stares at them until he gets used to them. Other children tend to scare him a lot when they're being loud (which his cousins here are most of the time). He doesn't like going to bed usually and almost always screams when I put him in his crib.

To sum up, he's doing perfectly normally and we love him lots and we're looking forward to the next six months.

Also, I made a pumpkin pie yesterday completely from scratch using pumpkin I pureed myself and it turned out delicious (except for the crust which was the only thing I didn't make...slightly too salty).

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

The week (+) of disasters continues...


We survived last Saturday (9 days ago) and the thumb slicing and the long urgent care visit. We survived my Potato Bug and I both having colds (look! new nickname!). We survived several days of Dusey/The Daddy being gone at work all day. Then came Wednesday.

Wednesday was Dusey's birthday. I wanted to get some stuff (presents, treats, food, etc) from the store that day, so I asked him if I could use the car the night before. He forgot (no big deal) and took it to work like normal. I cut down on my shopping plans and limited them to two stores, and was Very Brave and called and made a doctor's appointment to get my thumb checked out. I loaded the Potato Bug into the truck after his morning nap and we took off to the Asian market (rather far from our house) so that I could get candied ginger and some Japanese candies.

I found (after much searching) everything I was looking for right as PB started getting fussy and hungry again. No problem, I thought, We'll just hop back in the truck and drive home and eat/nap and then go out shopping for The Birthday Present before going to the doctor's. Once again all loaded into the truck, I got in, buckled up, and tried to turn it on.


Needless to say, I tried a bunch more times. Then, I panicked. I called Dusey's phone over and over, because his parents and brother were all out of town and I didn't know who to call or what to do and I get scared asking strangers for help, etc. Finally I wised up (he can't answer his phone at work) and sent him a text. I tried calling some other people, none of whom picked up their phones. Then I fed the screaming Potato Bug while sitting in the driver's seat and trying not to cry. And then I was Very Brave again and asked a stranger to help me try to jump the truck with his car.

He hooked everything up and we gave it a shot. Nothing. He was Very Nice and asked if I had any soda (I had, in fact, just bought the Best Rootbeer Ever (Weinhard's) as a birthday treat for Dusey). We sacrificed a bottle of The Best Rootbeer Ever, and he poured it over the highly corroded positive battery terminal, then wiped it off with some napkins that were in the car. We tried again. Nothing. He was Very Nice and kept trying, until we both decided it was useless and I thanked him and let him go home. I called a couple of people again, and finally got ahold of one of our friends who had some time and could come and take the Potato Bug and I home.

Then we got to sit outside for about an hour waiting for him to show up.

I'm glad I hadn't bought any perishables.

Arizona is still very, very hot outside during the day.

Anyway, lots of people were nice and saw us and offered to try and help but it was all useless. Finally, the friend showed up and was very nice and drove us home. I let Dusey know what had happened, and then sat at home trying not to cry for most of the rest of the afternoon.

Dusey managed to get off work an hour early. He hopped in the car and started rushing home, focused on going and trying to save the truck from its lonely spot in the parking lot Far Away. He was on the freeway. The people in front of him stopped fast. He stopped fast. The person behind him didn't stop quite fast enough, and he got rear-ended. On his birthday. On his way home early to try to save the Abandoned Truck. His mind was elsewhere (I think he knew I was still highly emotionally distraught at home) and he forgot to get The Rear-Ender's phone number or liscense plate number, though he did write down everything off her insurance card (the pertinent information was acquired after much searching to find a phone number for the address yesterday and a somewhat lengthy phonecall). Luckily, the car was only slightly damaged, a few scratches and a loose bit of decorative molding below the bumper.

So he came home. And we packed up the Potato Bug yet again, and drove back to the Asian Market that was Very Far Away to try and save the Abandoned Truck from its loneliness. Dusey tried cleaning the battery contacts. We tried jumping it with our car. We went to a nearby Walmart and bought a new battery and tried that. Nothing. There was not even enough power getting from the battery to be able to pop the truck into neutral. He called his dad (on vacation) who called around and got a tow service to come and get the truck and take it back to our home for us. It was going to be awhile before the tow man could get there, so we went over to the McDonalds in the parking lot and ate dinner there (on my husband's birthday) and then just sat and waited and waited until the Tow Man came. The Tow Man was Very Nice and tried to see if HE could get the truck to start so we wouldn't have to pay the tow fees to get it home. It was no good. So, towing it was. He discovered that the truck could not go into neutral, so the job was rather more complicated for him and more expensive for us (I got to see plastic tire skis, and got to watch how the tow truck can not only move the back part up and down and slanty and back and forth, but how it can also pull its own cab backwards as everything is getting into place, which was actually pretty cool to watch). Finally, the truck was loaded, and we got to go home.

We got home at 8pm, and the Potato Bug was very sleepy (his bedtime is 7pm) so we put him to bed, and then we talked for a little while, and then we went to bed.

It was a crappy birthday for Dusey.

Also, I was left without a vehicle for the rest of the week. Just in time for us to run out of laundry soap and food. Also, I had to call and cancel my doctor's appointment for Wednesday because there was no way for me to get there that afternoon, and then they couldn't fit me back in until Saturday.

So, Saturday rolls around. It's the day of the rescheduled doctor's appointment, one week after the thumb slicing has occurred. I am, by this point, completely sick of the giant wad of gauze that is on my thumb (though it kept falling off), and am highly frustrated by not being able to get it wet. Anyway. I decide to walk to the doctor's office because I don't want to impose on anybody and make them drive me and wait for us to be all done and then drive us back home (it was my first visit to that office so there was lots of paperwork to fill out). I got the Potato Bug loaded into the stroller, along with the diaper bag, and a bottle of water, and I was smart enough to wear a big sunhat so I wouldn't get burned. My only mistake was that I wore flipflops. That was highly stupid of me. Other than that, everything was fine. I gave myself lots of time so I could walk slowly and be able to find it without stressing out. It took an hour to get there, which ended up with me there half an hour early. Luckily the doctor was able to see me early (right after all the paperwork was done). He looked at it for a few minutes, and told me to soak it in warm soapy water and then let it air dry and it would be fine. So we got all loaded up back in the stroller and walked the hour back home.

The walk honestly wasn't too bad. Potato Bug slept the whole way there and back. My feet survived with only a few minor blisters. And I walked five miles total in two hours time, which for me, with the stroller and in the heat, is quite good. I'm still really tired from it though.

So we survived Sunday and the Primary Program Practice (with ALL the kids in my class overly full of energy and one breakdown when one particular shy child didn't want to get up and practice her part). Last night, PB slept for a fairly long time before waking up at 2am to eat. He went right back to sleep afterward. I did not. For some reason, I couldn't fall back asleep, but was too tired to get up and do anything, so I just stayed in bed trying to sleep. PB woke up again at 4:30am (sooner than he normally does) and I fed him and he went right back to sleep again. A couple minutes later, as I was trying to fall asleep hopefully finally, I heard an odd popping noise. I wanted to dismiss it as nothing and roll over and sleep, but I decided to wake Dusey up and have him check it out. He very kindly got up and out of bed and opened our bedroom door and went out to see what it was. At this point, I thought I heard water running, as if he'd started a load of laundry or dishes (which would have been ridiculous for 5 in the morning). Eventually, he came back in our room and informed me that the fridge had malfunctioned somehow and there was water all over the kitchen floor.

So I got out of bed, and we got almost all of our towels (we luckily have quite a few) and Dusey turned off the water hose that leads to the fridge (and the filter for the door water, and the ice-maker, which are my two favorite things about our fridge, other than that it otherwise keeps our food cold okay), and we mopped up the floor. We were very lucky, and it hadn't gotten to my computer yet (though it was very close), or to another power strip that was lying turned on on the floor on the other side of the room. There was about an inch of water puddled on the side of the kitchen opposite the fridge. It made me very glad we have tile. Also, we were lucky that our rug that we have in front of our couch in the family room (which is really one giant room with the kitchen) soaked up a lot of water, which kept it I think from flowing to either of the two power strips, which would have caused a lot of damage had they gotten wet. And we're very lucky that Potato Bug woke up again so soon in the middle of the night, and that I hadn't been able to sleep, and that there was a strange noise, and that I made Dusey go check it out, or else we would have awoken later to much worse conditions. Also, I was very glad that we didn't have a large bag of flour on the floor of the pantry like we often do. And the problem ended up being the water filter in the fridge, which we replaced for under $100 which isn't too horribly horrible, and now everything's all fixed.

So we went to the Waffle House for breakfast this morning (not very impressed, never going back), and we're going to go start a savings account today, and go swimming, and pay our tithing when we see the Bishop on Wednesday, and hopefully our efforts will make the continued small disasters cease and desist.

I think I will lighten things up a bit in my next post by just posting loads of pictures of my Potato Bug. You have been forewarned.

Friday, September 19, 2008


It be Talk Like A Pirate Day once again, mateys!

So here's my wee pirate lad sportin' his Piratey attire.

Monday, September 15, 2008

5 months

2 posts in a day!

At 5 months old, my son whom I need a new nickname for, has made some significant developmental progress.

Size-wise: 16.4lbs, 25" long, 16" head circumference, by my measurements.

Mobility: He can roll everywhichway and scoot about in circles and futilely kick his legs above the ground while on his tummy in a hilariously unsuccessful attempt at moving anywhere at all.

Socially: He's kinda shy. If you amuse him, he'll smile and squeal for you, but if you do too much, he'll present you with the biggest frown of babyland, followed a minute later by large amounts of crying until he's back in a safety zone (i.e. mommy or daddy holding him against our shoulders while walking around). Most likely he'll just stare at you though.

Vocally: No talking yet (ha ha ha), lots of noises, and his favorite word to listen to is Banana so his mommy sings it to him to various tunes throughout the day. You should try it sometime. "Banana banana baaanaaanaaaa."

He still loves standing up (with us helping hold him up). He can sit up for several seconds unassisted (he made it to 20 seconds the other day!). He loves it when people applaud his efforts. He likes to sleep with his bum in the air occasionally. He caught his first serious cold and is very snuffly right now. He's back down to usually only waking up twice a night. He's getting quite good at eating rice cereal, though it still gets EVERYWHERE because he wants to feed himself and is constantly trying to grab the spoon. He's discovered that if he kicks in the bathtub it splashes, which has made bathtime more exciting (am I a bad mom for not bathing him daily? He doesn't honestly seem to need it every day, a couple times a week keeps him smelling nice and looking clean and healthy).

Next up on the milestone list: Sitting for several minutes unassisted. Holding himself up in a standing position. Eating baby food (I want a food processor). Crawling. Sleeping through the night?

True confessions

1. I like BIG towels (and I cannot lie). I am also having a love affair with long socks which I never get to wear because I do not have the right clothes or shoes with which to wear them (and nobody here wears long socks which may have something to do with the fact that it's still consistently 95 degrees outside every single day and who knew it would happen but I'm missing fall and cool weather).

2. We tried making brownies last night substituting a mix of mayo and flaxseed and water for the eggs. It was a disaster. May you never witness a pan of brownies in the oven with a quarter inch of oil bubbling on top of them.

3. I often wish my personality was not my own. I become envious of other peoples' personalities. Especially those of my favorite bloggers. I read their blogs, wishing I could be them. And then I realize that it's not so much that their personalities are any better than mine, or their lives, as it is that they have a talent for writing about their lives in ways that make me laugh and cry and wish I were them. But really, I'm happy I'm me.

4. I hate fingernail polish. It chips! It always, always chips. Which looks horrible. And then I pick it all off the finger which got chipped. And then I have to make the other fingers match. Of course, I never have fingernail polish remover, so it becomes a long tedious process of chipping off the polish with my other nails. A-hah, you say, there is a solution! Simply buy fingernail polish remover and remove the polish before it chips! However, my friends, the manner in which I live my life creates a mysterious physical phenomenon wherein my fingernail polish, on the rare occasions I try it, chips within 10 minutes of it drying. So my nails are constantly a lovely au naturale color.

5. I bought an electric toothbrush. It recharges itself wirelessly (by which I mean there are no contact points between the toothbrush bottom and the charging base). This is a pretty cool thing which Tessla (played by David Bowie in The Prestige, which I honestly thought was a better movie than The Illusionist even though it disturbed me) experimented with.

6. Seeing my husband clean the house is not a turn-on for me. However, spying on him via the baby monitor and listening as he reads our son stories makes me feel incredibly romantic and tender-hearted. This is usually disrupted by the child's screaming as soon as he is put in his crib to sleep, which is a crying shame.

7. I adore kissing my baby's cheeks. They are round and pudgy and it makes him smile when I kiss them. Also, he has entered the realm of tubby baby thighs, which are incredibly cute, and don't touch the floor when he's lying on his back. I probably kiss the kid at least 100x every day. This is why I've caught his cold from him. That, and he likes to sneeze and cough on my face while I'm holding him.

8. I don't really like taking showers. Baths, on the other hand, are lovely. I sometimes sit and daydream about the perfect bathtub which I will someday have in my perfect house which will be located somewhere with moisture in the air. I'll take 80% humidity over this dry heat any day, as long as there's a mild winter.

9. I can survive hard days. This has been hard to convince myself of, but I'm going to prove it to myself once and for all today, as husband is at work, baby and I both have colds, Mother Nature is visiting in all her wrathful hormonal glory, the helpful in-laws are out of town for the week, and the thumb on my prominent hand is incapacitated and can't get wet (try explaining that to the drooly 5-month old who's favorite thing currently seems to be biting down hard on my thumbs whenever they're anywhere close to his mouth).

10. I now can brag of two somewhat deformed thumbs, due to the fact that both hammers and eggplants can be slippery. My left thumb has a nice linear scar and is slightly flatter than it used to be due to my whacking it hard with a hammer a few years ago during sculpture class. My right thumb is currently sporting the nickname "Mummy thumb" (which has less to do with my status as a mother and more to do with the 1/2" of gauze wrapped around it). You see, the eggplant for the ratatouille on Saturday night had a thick slippery skin, and it was too fat for the mandoline, which was a cheap slicing instrument of death purchased from Walmart a couple years ago. Things got ugly when the eggplant slipped and my thumb got a chunk sliced off. Then we got acquainted with our local Urgent Care clinic for three hours sans diaper bag (thank goodness the husband was home and could take care of both me and the child) for a 5 minute treatment involving a gel thing to stop the bleeding and a piece of foam and endless amounts of gauze and an injunction to not get it wet and follow up with your nonexistent primary care practitioner in three days and how can you not remember when your last tetanus shot was and please take these antibiotics twice a day. According to the doctor, I might have a slight divet in my thumb there once it's healed over, but who knows, perhaps it will eventually all fill back in, and nobody would ever notice the difference anyway. I am slightly proud of my dual deformed thumbs though, despite the fact that neither of them are as awesome as my spoon-shaped scar on my pinkie finger.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A now sleeps solely on his tummy. He rolls over as soon as I put him down on his back, if he's already asleep. Otherwise, he cries until he manages to calm down enough to roll over and get his arm out from underneath himself and fall asleep. He's been doing better at falling asleep on his own at night (partially I think because we started putting him to bed at 7:30, which is when he starts getting quite fussy at night and I figured it was because he was tired). Naps are still a struggle. He gets tired every morning at about 9 so I try to put him down, but on the mornings when he does fall asleep, he only stays asleep for around 30 minutes and then wakes back up. He usually takes a longer afternoon nap, and a couple really short naps after nursing throughout the day. Slow progress is still progress though.

Unfortunately, I think he's got a tooth coming in now. He woke up 4 times last night, refused to nap this morning, and has been wanting to chew hard on everything and anything. And he's got a lump in his gums on the top which I figure is the tooth. And he's been rather fussy and demanding of my attention and has refused to entertain himself by rolling over or kicking or sitting in his bouncy chair or chewing on his keys or anything at all for more than 5 minutes at a time.

In short, I am tired. Very, very, very tired.

I am also feeling today like I am not doing such a great job. I have not been exercising because I'm constantly exhausted and sore just from holding the kiddo all day long. We don't go on long walks together because it's too hot outside all the time. I don't take him to any playgroups. When I do manage to get him to nap, I'm usually so tired myself that I don't do laundry, or dishes, or cook, or craft, or anything.

I am very much looking forward to the day when I am finally successful at getting him on a regular, scheduled routine, with good long naps, and not waking me up at least three times every single night. I suspect I will be much more cheerful and productive once I'm getting vaguely close to enough sleep again. He was doing really well and only waking up once or twice a night, but then we went on vacation, in a different time zone, and then I started trying to sleep train him, and he learned to roll over, and he's trying so hard to learn to sit by himself, and is getting pretty good at scooting himself forward with his face planted in his blanket, and he's teething, and learning to eat from a spoon. I guess there's just simply entirely too much going on in his little life for him to be a really good sleeper right now.

It has been a long, long day. I almost cried earlier when I looked at the clock and it was only 12:30. It's 2:30 now, though it feels more like 6pm to me.

I really don't do well when I don't get enough sleep. I fall apart. Can somebody else just take care of the rest of life for me for awhile, please? I need a nap.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Last night went much better than the night before. A fell asleep after only a couple hours of crying, without me picking him up (though I did have to go over and rub his belly and make shushing noises to get him from the low moan phase into the asleep phase). He woke up once at about midnight to eat, then woke up again at 3:30 due to an extremely loud thunderstorm that was very close by. I understand the phrase "roll of thunder" now, as I could hear the waves of crashing sound move over my house, from north to south, roaring over and over after each brilliant flash of light through the windows. I think A didn't quite know what to do with all the noise, as when I got up to get him, I discovered he'd wiggled and rolled himself into the corner/side of his crib where he was kicking and grabbing the bars. I calmed him back down and put him back in his crib, laying him down on his back as always, when he promptly surprised me by rolling immediately onto his side. He wiggled around a bit until he got comfy, with his arms and head to the side, and his tummy against his crib, bum facing up, a half-twist position. And then he was asleep.

I guess he figured out during the night that he doesn't like sleeping on his back, but sleeping on his side and/or tummy is fine (much like me). And he figured out how to get himself there. He's been rolling onto his side for weeks now without help, but now has finally figured out how to make it all the way onto his tummy by himself on a regular basis. Way to go, A! Now you just need to figure out how to untrap your arm from under your torso after you've rolled, and then how to roll back onto your back, and you'll have it made, little guy.

Naps yesterday went fairly well also. Here's hoping today will go even better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On sleep and the lack thereof

Just about a week and a half ago, I'd had enough. I'd read several books about it, and I felt the time was right. A seemed in desperate need of it, and I knew I was in desperate need of it. I wanted to start "sleep training." But I didn't, because we were about to leave on vacation. So I started last night instead.

Vacation was great. First we had the ward campout. It was fun, there were a lot of people there, and A slept fabulously, going to bed early and only waking up once. We didn't sleep so well, since I was paranoid about A being too cold (and then after sticking a blanket on top of him in his carseat, I was paranoid about him suffocating himself with it). M had a slowly deflating air mattress that kept him from sleeping well. The next day we went to Hawaii, which with the long flight, 3-hour time difference, resort guests I didn't want to offend, and in-laws that hate listening to babies cry (not that I blame them), A's sleep schedule got all messed up and I resorted to feeding him to sleep for every single nap and bedtime and middle of the night waking. The first night we were there, A woke up at 3:30 in the morning and decided it was morning time and he ought to be awake and playing with me. I laid him down in our bed between us so he could kick a bunch and get some energy out. He surprised me by rolling over onto his tummy, for the first time, all by himself. He hasn't done it since, but it was exciting. He's doing really well at rolling onto his side, though.

Back to the main story: we got home late, late, late, and A was extremely over-tired after a series of short interrupted naps on the plane and being unable to fall asleep in the car and having the time change back and getting home at 1:30 in the morning. So we slept in the next day after a distressing night of him waking up three times. And getting him to sleep that night sucked. And things haven't yet improved.

So now we're to last night. I decide it's finally time that A learned how to fall asleep on his own, and how to sleep in his crib, and maybe after all that, how to stay asleep (a.k.a. put himself back to sleep after waking) all night long. We did the bedtime routine. We put him down drowsy, in his crib. He cried for about 40 minutes, then slept for 15, then cried with intermittent nodding off for another two hours. So I picked him up, and he was out like a light the instant I had him in my arms. I'd had enough, so I put him in his carseat so he could actually get some solid sleep. He woke up twice more during the night.

I do not know what to do. Should I focus on him learning to fall asleep on his own in his carseat, then move him to the crib once he's mastered that? He's got some reflux, and I've got a little crib wedge in the crib so he can be on an angle, but he slides around a lot (even with rolled up towels around him under the sheet). But he's been doing okay sleeping on his back on my lap during a couple of naps lately, so maybe he'll be fine laying down? Should I just do everything all at once? What about naptime? Should I just let him cry himself to sleep? Should I try the reassure him every 15 minutes approach? I refuse to pick him up until he's calm and then put him back down over and over and over, my arms can't take that. Should we move his crib into a separate room rather than being in ours?


Monday, August 11, 2008

4 months

A is four months old as of yesterday. Today he had his 4-month checkup and immunizations. The appointment unfortunately occurred right during his normal morning nap-time (on the schedule he started himself oh, say, last week), so he was a little grumpy (which isn't really too bad, the pediatrician kept talking about how mellow he is). He screamed and screamed during the shots though, stopping as soon as I picked him up again afterwards, and then starting again as soon as he was in his car seat until I managed to distract him by bouncing it up and down (the carseat screaming was because he was very, very sleepy though, not because of the shots). He fell asleep on the way home and is still asleep now.

He's 25" long, and weighs 15lbs. and 4oz. Solidly in the 75th percentile for everything. The pediatrician said there's pretty much nothing we can do about his throwing up or his stuffy nose, and that he'll probably grow out of them as he gets bigger. We're going to start trying rice cereal, and after he gets used to the taste of it, then we can start mixing it with different kinds of juice and stuff, and once he gets used to eating from a spoon and isn't spitting everything out, we can start giving him baby food, which I suspect will be very fun (and messy).

During the last several days, A has discovered not only that he can grab his own toes, but that he can, if he tries really hard, sometimes get them into his mouth. They never stay there for more than a split-second, but it's really funny to watch him trying so hard to put his foot in his mouth. He still strongly favors his left hand and foot. He likes being really loud when he talks now and has begun that little baby energetic yelling/cooing noise. It's pretty cute normally, but sometimes gets a little loud for me. He still blows bubbles occasionally, and constantly drools over everything.

He loves grabbing things and trying to put them in his mouth. If I try to put the same things in his mouth, he gets this disgusted look on his face as if he's trying to inform me that the object is disgusting and please never do that again. And then I put it in his hand, and he puts it in his mouth and gnaws on it. He particularly likes chewing on fabric, and doesn't like plastic very much. His tongue is long and pointy (he got that from me) and he sticks it out a lot.

When he's in his Bumbo seat, sometimes he will lean forward or to the side and try to eat the seat. He likes going for walks with me carrying him in the baby sling, and usually falls asleep during them. He likes being held when we're standing more than when we're sitting. He loves trying to stand up, with a little weight on his legs as we hold him under his arms.

His favorite board books right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and A Color Of His Own. I sing him Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and the ABC song when it's bedtime. He's fairly good at entertaining himself for 30 minute stretches of time in his bouncy seat. He loves kicking, and has very strong legs (something the nurses always comment on).

We're excited to watch him learn new things this upcoming month which I will indubitably post about. He's a cute, cute boy. I'll add a picture here later as a nice closing note to the post.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I. Am. Exhausted. The periods there of course do not indicate complete sentences, but rather the length of the pause you should take between each word in order to see how, if I were saying that out loud to you, it would be very slowly and with great effort due to my extreme fatigue.


Last night was not a sleep-all-night night for A. After it taking a very long time to get him asleep in the first place (M was very nice and paced our room with him), I had a huge headache and had a hard time falling asleep. He woke up, of course. a few hours later, and after taking care of him and getting him back to sleep, it took me at least another hour to fall back asleep. And then, the magical morning hour of 6:30 rolled around and he woke up for the day. I ignored him until 7, when I got up, headache still intact.

Since then he has thrown up on two outfits and his little lovey bear-blankie that I decided to try giving him yesterday. I normally just feel sorry for him when he throws up, but this morning I am frustrated, because he gagged himself by cramming his hand in his mouth. Twice. I don't know why he insists on gnawing on his hands instead of sucking his thumb.

I really hope any and all future children of mine do not end up with such sensitive gag reflexes. Me and my washing machine need a break.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rollin' rollin' rollin', keep those wagons rollin'...Rawhide!

Based on the massive amounts of drool my son has started to produce, and the fact that he's constantly trying to chew on any handy bit of fabric, I have come to the conclusion that he's begun the long slow process of teething. My mom said the teeth have probably slowly started to move, but they probably won't pop out for another few months yet. He's trying really hard to learn to roll over and to stay sitting up by himself. So far he can make it onto his side from his back, but then he rolls back after a few seconds. He can also sit for a couple seconds unassisted by overbalancing forwards. We got him a Bumbo seat, and let him sit in it on the table while we eat, which he loves. I also got him a bunch of cute (on sale) clothes for our trip to Hawaii in a couple of weeks. He's got a hat for almost every day and he is insanely adorable in them.

I ordered a swimsuit online for Hawaii. I really hope it fits.

I'm loving PaperBack Swap, though nobody seems to want my Shakespeare plays. I have a couple more books to list. It's so much fun trading books I don't really want for ones I do want. I recommend checking it out if you have books you'd like to trade (you just pay postage to send your books). If you sign up, list kadusey as your referrer, and I'll get a credit (which would be lovely).

I think A is sleeping through the night. Now we just need to teach him to sleep in his crib, and to fall asleep without nursing. And to fall asleep earlier. He's not falling asleep (despite my best efforts) until 10pm or so every night, but he does sleep until 6:30 without waking me up after that. And he's taking better naps during the day, which is nice. Slow and steady progress.

M and I have decided that we don't really like Bulgur (Bulgher?). I bought a bag, and I keep trying to use it in different recipes, but I don't really like the texture (I'm not sure if it's the texture or taste that M dislikes). I'd much rather use, say, barley. Healthy it may be, but if we don't like it, then there's no point in cooking with it. And despite what my chili recipe said, the texture is NOT a nice substitute for ground meat. There is no comparison between the two. Totally different textures.

A really likes being able to see everything when we're out and about. I think I need to get an umbrella stroller for cheaps so we can take little walks and he can look at everything (our stroller is amazingly beautifully nice, but he's a bit little for just the stroller part, and the carseat when in it makes him sit backwards which he doesn't mind but he doesn't like staring at just me nearly as much as being able to see everything whiz by). I also need to make the other Mei Tai that I've got a pattern for (possibly modifying it a bit) so that I can wear him facing outwards. And sometime or other I need to learn to do back carries in the mei tais. I need to learn some different carries for the sling too, he's not nearly as big a fan of the cradle carry any more.

I'm so excited for our vacation. Humidity! Oh, how I've missed thee. And any weather that's not over 100 every day. It will be lovely.

I bought a basil plant for my windowsill. It's looking a little droopy and not too perky. Perhaps it needs a bigger pot. I've also decided I want a dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree. And a food processor. And we may not eat much meat, but I don't think we will ever be vegetarians. Or horror movie fans. Not that any of that is at all related.

I need to research what kills crickets. All the cockroaches I find in our house (they seem to come in waves, and we're in an off phase right now) are dead for the most part. Not so with the crickets (which do not come in waves, but are always just constantly there, chirping and humming and buzzing all out of synch with each other outside our bedroom window. I find them, one at a time, hopping around my house. I don't like them. They've got strangely long antennae and they jump in unexpected direction, and they're not as cute as grasshoppers. Though I do occasionally find them dead in the house, too, like the one I found in the biggest mixing bowl in a stack of mixing bowls in an upper cupboard last week. Gyah. Disgusting little dead buggies should not be anywhere near my mixing bowls.

I bought a set of mini loaf pans and a mini muffin tin (and a microplane grater, but that's beside the point). I'm so excited to make little tiny food! I already made some small loaves of zucchini bread. They were cute, but the tiny cupcakes I'm planning on making at some point will be much cuter.

I reached my first weight goal for Wii Fit, though I've been pretty lax about doing it every day lately. I need to start doing it consistently again or I will gain it all back, I'm sure. It wants me to lose a few more pounds, but I kind of want to keep them on, because, after all, I'm a nursing mother, and I need to have a little bitty bit of fat on me for good milk production. All the weight I've lost has been mostly from my tummy and bottom. There's still some tummy fat left, and quite a bit of hip fat left. But I've stopped eating desserts mostly (other than fresh fruit) and haven't been eating nearly as much processed sugar (just a bit of honey). Other than the zucchini bread, that had a lot of sugar in it. I only had a few slices though. The cupcakes will also have lots of sugar in them, but they will be tiny, which makes it all okay, right? Tiny food has fewer calories! No matter that I will probably eat a dozen of them. I am trying overall to reduce my sugar consumption though. And I've cut out dairy, which due to not eating cheese anymore, has greatly reduced my consumption of fats and oils. I miss it. I also need to start taking my vitamins so I'm still getting calcium. But holy cow, I miss cheese. It doesn't help that I've discovered several stores that sell all sorts of fancy cheeses for relatively affordable prices, close to my house. Once I stop nursing, I am going to go on a giant cheese binge (and all other sorts of dairy, and I will probably get fat for awhile, but who cares, it will be a delicious, delicious process...and I can lose the weight again).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

3 months +

I am tired of calling my son Spider. I think I'll just refer to him as A.

A is about 3.5 months old now. He remains generally delightful, though taking care of him is still a lot of work for me. He's gotten very good at basic head control and lifting his head up during tummy time. He likes to look around while we're holding him. He's started trying to roll over and enjoys playing the game where he'll shift his weight to one side and then we help him get the rest of the way over. He likes grabbing things for a few seconds when they contact his palms, and has started reaching his left arm up and out repeatedly throughout the day while opening and closing his hand as if he's trying to grab the air. He's gotten quite good at grabbing his clothes and blankets. He likes his bouncy seat and storytime and is showing a growing interest in the mirror on his baby gym toy. He dislikes being alone in a room or being ignored (like when we're trying to eat dinner).

He's sleeping all night much more often now, which is nice. He still hates his medicine (for his kidney reflux) and tries (and often succeeds in) spitting it out every day. Sometimes it makes him throw up. He throws up rather easily anyway, sometimes quite forcefully. We generally end up changing both our clothes at least once a day due to throw up. I'm unsure if it's due to reflux, a milk protein problem (I've been eating dairy again), or an over-active milk supply. There's a couple things I'm going to try in the next few weeks to see if it improves.

A loves trying to talk to us. He's started drooling a lot. He often sounds like his sinuses are stuffed up. He smiles when he sees me when he wakes up and starts talking to me. He still likes to kick a lot, and has very strong legs. He weighs about 15 pounds now and is a bit over 24 inches long. He coughs and sneezes often during the day.

So, there's a few things we need to ask the doctor about at his next appointment, but overall, I think he's growing and developing great, right on track with everything, and we love him lots.

On a non-baby note, we got Wii Fit a couple weeks ago, and I've been doing it almost every day, and have lost a couple pounds (as has M (aka Mike)), and am below the weight that I was when I got pregnant (which admittedly was a couple pounds heavier than it should have been). So. That's exciting. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy pants now (some are still quite tight and won't zip though). It's lots of fun, too. Great way of getting our daily exercise.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Well, yeah, hmmm, I've been a bit AWOL lately, eh? Let's see if I can recap the past few weeks. The trip to California was quite good. Aiden was fabulous and slept the entire plane ride both to and from. He got a little overwhelmed while we were there a few times, everything seemed to happen right during his normal naptimes, so he was a bit grumpy, but overall he was a very good baby during the trip. My grandpa's funeral was really nice, I'm so glad I got to go and see so many family members, etc. We went to the beach on both Friday and Saturday, since it was my grandpa's favorite place. Aiden got his feet dipped in the Pacific, which I think was a little too cold for him to enjoy much, but he liked the noise of the waves a lot. If we go to a California beach again with a small child, I am going to have to remember that the ocean spray gets clothes damp after several hours, which leads to very cold little bodies if you don't have a dry change of clothes tucked away somewhere that they'll stay dry.

The next Sunday, Mike and I both gave talks in church, which went pretty well. I talked about my grandpa, mostly. I managed to get Aiden to go to sleep during our talks. He woke up just as Mike was finishing his. Once again, he was a very good baby the whole time he was on the stand (a couple people didn't even realize he was up there with us).

Then, last Sunday, Aiden got his baby blessing. My parents and brother came down for it, and it was really nice to have them here, and they indulged me and went wherever I wanted to go on Saturday. Mike did a really nice job with the blessing. I need to type it up and print it out and put it in a scrapbook or something (really ought to start a scrapbook for the kiddo sometime soon). Aiden wore a cute little outfit that was a white polo shirt onesie and some khaki shorts and the absolutely cutest little shoes over some white socks. He was adorable. He screamed during the entire blessing (with good reason, he was incredibly hungry).

Mike and I got callings in church too. Once again, I get to teach the CTR8 class. This will be my third time with this calling. I guess I need more practice at it. :) I'm teaching tomorrow so I'll get to meet all the kids. Mike's on the Activities Committee, which should work out great, since he'll get to take lots of photos of stuff for it, I'm sure.

Aiden is three months old now, which I'll sum up in my next post. Oh, and we finally painted our front room orange and green. I love the green, it's a nice apple green, but I'm still not sure about the orange. I also organized and rearranged and unpacked some more stuff, so now there's only a few things left to do (most of which are in our bedroom) before we'll be completely moved into this house.

Ok, got to go, Aiden needs a diaper change. Adios.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My grandpa died this morning. I found out he was dying on Sunday morning. It made for a somewhat difficult Father's Day, and I'm afraid I didn't manage to do anything nice for Mike for his first Father's Day. We're going to drive to California for the funeral this weekend. I'm glad I get to go to it. Today has been a bit of a hard day too, not helped by the fact that my son woke up last night every hour or two, so I got almost no sleep, and then today he's been spitting up all over the both of us every time he eats, a couple of times almost everything he ate, making a lot of laundry that I don't feel like washing today. I'll have to write a nice post about my grandpa sometime--he was a wonderful man and a fabulous grandfather--I just can't do it right now, typing one-handed with a fussy baby when both of us reek of milk despite our baths this morning. Hopefully we will all survive the six-hour car ride on Friday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

2 Months Old

This is for Spider's journal, so is full of lots of details that most people probably won't find interesting. You might like the photos though.

Spider had his 2-month checkup today (2 months old as of yesterday). He's 23" long now, and weighs 12lbs. 8oz, so he's gained exactly five pounds since he was born. He's in the 75th% now for both height and weight. The doctor said he looks healthy, though he has a little patch of cradle cap that she said ought to go away sometime between 6 and 9 months (longer than I was expecting). They gave him 5 shots for vaccinations (it should've been 4 but supplies were low on one so they didn't have the normal combination shot), and one oral vaccine. He screamed during the shots, and then cried for a couple minutes while I held him, but he calmed down pretty quick. He has 5 little bandaids on his thighs, and is sleeping peacefully now (snoring a bit again though, he's been quite stuffy the last couple of days).

After his appointment with the pediatrician, we went next door to the hospital, and picked up the film from his VCUG to take to the urologist on Friday. It's really quite a nice hospital, they have a free valet service at every entrance, and there's a medical center right next to it in the same complex which is where our pediatrician's office is (and where the pediatric urologist's office is), so everything is quite convenient.

At 2 months old, Spider is doing a great job with holding his head up and tracking things by turning his eyes and head. He's started to notice bright colors, and will turn his head to look at sounds more now. He's making lots of noises during play time, and likes trying to talk back to me. He imitated his grandma making pirate noises (Arrr!) a few days ago, which was absolutely hilarious. We, of course, have not been able to get him to do it for us. He smiles a lot, which is absolutely adorable. He doesn't cry very often, just fusses mostly, which consists of grunting and displeased noises, whenever his diaper's dirty or he's hungry or gassy or just wants to be held. He's a very calm baby overall, though he sometimes is very gassy which makes him quite uncomfortable. He still makes lots of different facial expressions all the time, which I love watching.

Spider won't sleep on his back right now. We think he has a little bit of reflux that makes him uncomfortable on his back. He spits up occasionally, but usually not very forcefully or very much (though once I swear he spit up absolutely everything that he'd just eaten--maybe he ate too much). So he sleeps every night for now in his carseat, and alternates between his carseat and my arms for naps during the day. He's started sleeping for slightly longer stretches occasionally, and got to 5 hours of sleeping the other day, and is hitting the 4 hour mark more frequently. Sometimes he has quite a hard time falling asleep, and fusses and fusses while we walk with him, and rock him, and bounce him, and sing to him, and play his noisemaker for him (thunder or the loud running water are his favorites), and take him under lights, and spin around, and swing him about in his carseat, and try putting him in the swing that his grandparents are letting us borrow. Eventually he ends up distracted and calms down and falls asleep. He cries most often when he's either very hungry or very tired. He also cries a lot when I try to suck the snot out of his nose (he absolutely hates that).

His fingernails grow quickly, and I have to trim them every couple of days to keep him from scratching himself. I have to keep my nails trimmed quite short as well so that I don't accidentally scratch him when he moves suddenly while I'm holding him. He's still not very interested in toys, so play time every day is mostly me talking or singing to him and making faces and funny noises for him. Sometimes we play while I hold him, and sometimes we play while he lays on a blanket on the floor. We've started trying to do some tummy time every day. He's very good at pushing off the ground with his legs while on his tummy, and lifts his head a tiny bit for very short spurts, but hasn't yet figured out how to push his chest up with his arms. His legs are very strong, and he moves them a lot, so we think he's going to be a very good crawler, once he figures out how to hoist his chest up with his arms. I think he's finally to the point where he might be interested by some of the baby books we have, so we're going to start having storytime every day. His favorite song to listen to is a folk song, John O'Dreams, sung by Jim Albertson. He often falls asleep while listening to it. I'm including the lyrics at the bottom of the post.

Spider gets a bath every couple of days. He doesn't seem quite sure what to make of the water yet, other than that it makes him cold quickly. He poops in the tub every single time he gets a bath, even if just a little bit, so we have an interesting time with changing the water out frequently. He gets lotion on his forehead every day to help with his dry skin that he always gets there. He eats at least 8 times a day, I think, and gets his diaper changed slightly more often than that. He really enjoys diaper changes, cooing and talking and wiggling and smiling during them. I think his other favorite thing right now is sitting up. He always likes it when we hold him so he's sitting upright.

We took him to the zoo on Monday. He was quite fussy at first until we figured out that he was hungry, so he ate and then slept in his carseat in the stroller the rest of the time we were there. It was over a hundred degrees outside, so we concocted a shade contraption over him with a parasol and a solarveil nursing cover. I think he still got a bit overheated though, thus why he slept for such a very long time (5 hours before I made him wake up and eat). He wore his monkey shirt in honor of being at the zoo. He's also been to the butterfly exhibit at the Botanical Gardens, and swimming at his granparents', so he's been pretty busy the past two months. We go on walks sometimes in his stroller which he likes, and I carry him with me to get the mail every couple of days. The bright sunlight usually makes him sneeze. He usually sleeps during car rides, unless he's hungry.

John O'Dreams

When midnight comes, the people homeward tread,
Seek out your blankets and your feather beds,
Home is the rover, his journey's over,
Yield up the darkness to Old John of Dreams,
Yield up the darkness to Old John of Dreams.

Across the hills, the sun has gone astray,
Tomorrow's cares are many dreams away.
Home is the rover, his journey's over.
Yield up the nighttime to Old John of Dreams,
Yield up the nighttime to Old John of Dreams.

Both man and master in the night are one.
All things are equal when the day is done.
The prince and plowman, the slave and freeman,
All find their comfort in Old John of Dreams,
All find their comfort in Old John of Dreams.

Now as you sleep, the dreams come winging clear,
The hawks of morning cannot harm you here.
Sleep is a river, it flows on forever,
And for your boatman, choose old John of Dreams,
And for your boatman, choose old John of Dreams.