Wednesday, December 19, 2007

stuff, stuff, and stuff

It's been a little bit since my last post, I suppose. I have been worrying and then not worrying about all sorts of silly baby-related things (a message from the doctor that I couldn't access for an entire evening about the results of the Quad test, for instance (all normal, btw), or not feeling baby move at all for the majority of an evening after slipping down the last six steps to our basement (I landed on my kidney and forearm, luckily, and baby still moves about a bit, so I suppose he's alright), or the fact that the little guy in there has not once kicked me as much again as he did that first night, etc, etc.)

I have also been busy trying to get ready for Christmas. I bought DH (who is using the nick Dusey now, rather than Vengance, so if you see a reference to Dusey in my blog, it's my hubby) a couple little presents, and wrapped them, and got him a stocking (I'm afraid I will never find a stocking kit as cute as the ones you made for us, mom, and I don't feel up to making up my own stocking pattern this year). And I got a bunch of stuff to put in our stockings. And I got a grapefruit, because Christmas morning isn't Christmas morning without a grapefruit for breakfast (with a maraschino cherry in the middle of the half, and a liberal coating of sugar on top of the fruit). And I practiced making orange rolls so I can make them for Christmas. And I got some presents for some other family members that I haven't mailed off yet so they will undoubtedly get them late. And I learned how to make Danish almond circle cookies (Spritzs? S's and O's? No idea what to call them. I learned my cookie press won't make them very well, also). And Almond Cake which is delicious. And I hung more ornaments on the tree. And I made two tiny little crocheted things for a white elephant Christmas party we went to with our friends here (a tiny white elephant, appropriately enough, and a Boo (from the Mario games), and they were both adorable, and Dusey ended up getting the Boo so we get to keep him, yay).

And I have been attempting to keep my husband fed and happy, and I started knitting myself a hat because I got tired of crocheting and I had one skein of beautiful wool yarn and wanted to use it for something for me, darn it, and I have been failing at keeping up with the dishes, and we have both been putting up with toilets with issues and a dishwasher that doesn't work, and etc, etc, etc.

We've been looking at lots of baby stuff lately. I am very much liking green things and jungley things for him. I think I would go with the same theme for a girl at this point in time. Giraffes are just too cute to not adore. And green is still my favorite color. Dusey came up with a great idea for a bassinet attachment for a crib (they have cribs that turn into twin beds, why can't they have cribs that can be used as bassinets too?). We'll be borrowing Dusey's brother's bassinet, I think. Still looking round and about at cribs. We looked at a lot of strollers too, and I am in love with the Chicco travel system stroller at Babies'R'Us. It is, of course, the most expensive of the travel system strollers there. But it is easy to use. It has so many deliciously nice features. It looks nice, it handles nicely, the infant car seat is super-easy to get in and out, and it folds up (and locks itself!) very nicely too. And the base for the car seat for in the car is super-nice and easy to use, too. I'm still not sure how much I'll be using a stroller, but I think it is the one big thing we will register for for the inevitable baby shower (registering for baby shower gifts seems weird to me, but my MIL insists it ought to be done).

I just heard through our sliding glass door some of the neighbor's teenagers having fun outside. The only words I was able to understand? "I'm a level seven warrior." Awesome.

Something about baby or uncomfortable belly or twinging hip or it being impossible to roll over in bed now without waking myself up in the attempt has made me wake up repeatedly throughout the night the last several nights. I guess it is early preparation for when the actual kiddo is here and keeps me from sleeping at all.

Christmas is soon! I'm so excited!

Even more exciting: my family might be coming to visit us between Christmas and New Year's! Yay! I miss them. I hope they are able to get out of any obligations they might have so they can come down.

I think the chiclet has hiccups. Or doesn't like me laying on my back partially propped up by pillows typing on the laptop. Time for me to go eat a cookie.

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