Monday, December 10, 2007

Saving for a power up

Yesterday morning, shortly after waking up, I decided to be worried for the day about not having felt baby moving yet (I'm still not sure about calling him Fade online or not, so I'm not going to use it yet). I kept sticking my hand on my belly throughout the day in case he was moving and I just wasn't able to tell from my belly itself. No luck.

Other than my decision to be worried about that, it was a good day overall. I didn't feel very good when I woke up, but the day exceeded my expectations for it. We had Stake Conference, with Elder Uchtdorf (I don't know if I'm spelling that right), due to a change in the Stake Presidency. The talks yesterday were pretty standard, but I really enjoyed the ones in the Adult Session Friday night (first Adult Session of Stake Conference I've ever gone to). Then my DH made me some lunch, and we did the dishes, and I took a nice long nap. We had dinner with DH's parents, which was tasty as usual, then went to their Stake's annual Messiah sing-a-long with them, which was fun, even though I got quite lost during several parts. We stayed over at their house for several hours after that, and got home quite late, and went to bed.

I suspect that a very large percentage of married couples spend some time talking to each other once they're in bed and before they actually go to sleep. I like to talk to DH then, as there is nothing else to distract him. Though sometimes me talking puts him to sleep pretty fast. :) Last night, however, we were having a lovely conversation, and he was talking a lot, and all of the sudden I felt a bump in my tummy. And then another one. And I made a funny noise, and put my hands on my belly, and interrupted DH to tell him I thought I felt the baby move. And sure enough, a little bit later, I felt it both in my belly and in my hands on my belly. After I decided the movements were still going pretty regularly, DH put his hand on my belly and got to feel the bumps also. It was a neat experience to share together, and I'm really glad it happened while DH was home.

Little baby guy, I guess, decided to save up all his energy to unleash in one long furious frenzy of bumping around. He was moving a lot. And he kept it up for a long time. It made it kind of hard to sleep, so I'm quite tired today, but I'm glad he's doing okay enough in there to move around. Now I need to find something new to be worried about. :P Also, I suspect I'm going to need a lot more naps from now on, if he decides to keep up his nocturnal party habits. Luckily it doesn't really hurt at all yet, since he's still pretty little. It feels pretty weird though. But neat. It's really neat. I really do have a little person inside of me. I've started talking to him occasionally, just a little bit, and I've been trying to make a point of singing sometimes, because I like music and I want him to like music too, and what better way to be introduced to music than by your mom singing to you?

Also, my pregnancy is past the halfway mark. So hooray for that.


Ted Lee said...

Thanks for the advice on the garlic. We will be sure to do that next time we make sauce.

The pollution here can be bad, but there are definitely worse places. Seoul as well has very poor air quality. I guess I can count myself lucky in that respect, but sucking down five cigarettes' worth of pollution a day is never a great thing either. :/

When your baby is born, you totally need to put up pictures! Yeah yeah!

Th. said...


Dance, baby, dance!

That's a kick, all right (pun accidental but heartily welcomed). And just think! Nothing but moving bumps for four more months!