Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's about time for another update, eh?

I can't think of any interesting titles. My pregnant brain turned off Tuesday evening while I was eating dinner and hasn't turned back on yet. As an example of just how turned off my brain has been, we went grocery shopping yesterday, and poor Mike was running all over the store because almost every single aisle that I went down, I forgot to grab at least one item from my list while on that aisle. So he was going here and there and then would come back and find me in a new aisle, staring at the cans in front of me, trying to think about which one to get, at which point he would grab the right one and we'd move on.

Obviously I got over being sick. I didn't keep any food down for an entire day, and then proceeded to throw up anything I ate for dinner for the next three days after that. It was like being morning sick all over again, except morning sickness for me feels totally different than being normal-sick. Anyway, on Saturday I took tender loving care of my tummy and it seems to have gotten over its aversion to foodstuffs. I am convinced that I had one of the noroviruses (norovirus gastroenteritis was my official self-diagnosis, though that's not any more specific). I had to reschedule my doctors appointment that was supposed to be last week to this week due to being sick. Luckily they fit me in for an appointment this week just fine, where I was reassured once again that my baby is still alive in there (I love hearing his heart beat, I will probably stop worrying about it once I feel him moving around for sure, which should be sometime in the next couple of weeks). They also drew my blood to do their Quad Test thingy (only one vial of blood this time, yay). This will determine whether or not our baby has spina bifida, or Down Syndrome, or two other things that I can't ever remember. I'm assuming they'll tell me the results at my next appointment, the day after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we got a tree. We decided to go for one of the cheap artificial ones from Costco, 6.5' tall, and probably chock full of lead. I have been very careful about thoroughly washing my hands after I touch the tree, as I don't want to give our baby lead-poisoning (I am probably overly concerned about it, but I'm a paranoid first-time soon-to-be-mommy, and washing my hands is never a bad thing anyway). It has about eight ornaments on it right now. Several that I had from before, and some new ones that I've made this year. I've crocheted three ornaments: a jellyfish, a starfish, and a seahorse. The seahorse isn't on the tree yet because he really needs some eyes first. I also made an origami goldfish and an origami sea-turtle which will go on the tree as soon as I fix the paper-clip hooks I made for them so that I won't poke myself on them anymore. If we had enough money, or I had enough energy to make ALL the decorations for the tree, then we would have an underwater-themed tree this year.

We have a small short list of names we like currently for baby. I think I may start calling him Fade on here, because I am pretty certain that I do not want to name him Fade, but it's kind of a cool name, so it will make a good blog nickname, I think. Most of the names on the list originate from the British Isles. Apparently, when it comes to boys' names, I like gaelic and welsh and irish and scottish names. There's a few other non-British-isles ones on the list too, though.

We had really yummy ham and pineapple melts for dinner last night. They taste kind of like Hawaiian-style pizza, and kind of like chicken cordon bleu. Very easy to make, too. You just take your bread, spread it with cream cheese, stick some sliced ham on it, stick some cheddar cheese on top of that, broil it until the cheese is melty, stick a pineapple slice on top of the cheese, and broil it again until the pineapple is hot. I made some variations for Mike to take with him for lunch today that had spaghetti sauce on top of the cream cheese, to make them more Hawaiian-pizza-like. He's going to microwave them for lunch probably, so not quite the same as broiling. Also, I added another piece of bread on top to make them into sandwiches to make them portable for him. On the ones that I didn't put spaghetti sauce on, I decided to spread mayonnaise and spicy mustard on the top piece of bread (a mix of which Mike was dipping his sandwiches into last night, like cordon bleu). Unfortunately, making him his sandwiches used up all the ham, so I will have to find something else to make for myself for lunch.

Chicken is Expensive*. The End.**

*Unless you buy it on sale, but there wasn't any on sale at the store yesterday. Also, I know it's cheaper if you don't buy boneless skinless chicken breasts, but it takes too long for me to deal with other types of chicken and peeling off the skin and deboning, in addition to the normal fat trimming, not only takes longer but also raw chicken skin is kind of gross and slimy. This is why I never make fried chicken. Strangely, I don't have any issues with the skin when its a whole bird. But I am never willing to take the time to deal with an entire chicken at once. So we spend a little more and get the boneless skinless breasts (usually the cheap stuff that's full of injected liquids with rib meat on it, too).

**I mention the expensivity of chicken, because it upped our grocery bill a lot yesterday, because I for some reason felt like making a lot of chicken dishes this week. I don't know, I feel like some protein in the form of chicken. Not really a craving, just chicken dishes sound good. Someday maybe I will have one of those pregnancy cravings that I've heard so much about, where no other food will suffice other than what I am craving. Maybe someday.

All this talk of food reminds me that I woke up late (after going back to sleep after getting up early to make Mike's lunch) and haven't eaten yet today and need to go take care of that.

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Marci said...

O.k., so we were wrong about naming your baby an Anime based name! Your "Fade" name reminds me of Cesi's old boyfriend "Fog." Oh, and "Merit." What's up with names these days?!