Friday, November 16, 2007

Not as Dramatic, but with More Explosions!

It turns out I didn't rip my toenail off, I just split my toe open (through the middle of my toenail, thus why I thought it was ripped off before). I stubbed it (and re-split it) a day or two after the original incident, but since then it seems to have been healing up alright.

My ultrasound appointment is on the 26th, which is getting pretty close. I am very hopeful that the baby will cooperate and let us know whether it is female or male. I am also a bit apprehensive, because I have to drink 20 oz. of water in the half an hour before I'm supposed to be there (and my actual appointment isn't for another half an hour after that). This wouldn't be too bad, except I also have to hold all that water in, and the baby has decided to take up residence on my bladder this week. I have also finally gained a couple pounds (or the baby and surrounding tissue have gained a couple pounds, I don't know), so that's good. Hopefully I'll be able to feel it moving around soon. As long as it doesn't decide to kick my bladder, that is. :)

The morning sickness is finally all gone, which is great. I have been very busy and productive cleaning up our house lately. Which has worn me out. So now I feel like taking a couple days off again. I think I need to find a nice medium. On the plus side, our bedding is all clean, and our bedroom floor is free of laundry, and the carpet contains about half a pound less dust than it did before. Seriously, I am amazed that so much dust could be contained in a single room of carpet. Gross. No wonder my allergies are always going. This is why I want a Dyson for Christmas. The nice lightweight model with the telescoping wand thing. So I can haul it upstairs and downstairs and clean more than a single room in one go and stop feeling so sneezy all the time (also, the joys of non-dusty room edges and corners and stairs and under-the-bed and right next to furniture and all the places that my stick vacuum can't reach with its complete lack of any attachments...these things have been calling to me). A non-Dyson would probably work as well, but everybody I know that has a Dyson loves it and hasn't had problems with it and they haven't needed any repairs at all, and they have convinced me that a Dyson is the way to go.

I have also been getting back to cooking more lately, and this is where the explosions come in. Well, only one explosion really. I was making a beef and rice casserole the other day. The recipe sounded really delicious, and I was very excited to try it. However, the instructions said to cook everything in an oven-proof skillet. I do not have an ovenproof skillet. The one skillet that I do have is not big enough to mix an entire casserole into to bring it all to a boiling before baking it anyway. So, I cooked the stuff that needed to be cooked in my small skillet, transferred it to the casserole dish, added all the other ingredients, and thought, hey, maybe I can just bring it to a boiling on the stove top in the casserole dish before putting it in the oven! A brilliantly stupid idea, I assure you. I got it to a boil without incident, and transferred it to the counter to get the aluminum foil out to cover it with before sticking it in the oven. In the few seconds between putting it down and when I was just about to start bending over to get the foil out, the glass dish exploded, taking my beautiful casserole with it. The expensive Pyrex part-of-a-set glass dish. The one with the incredibly useful lid that fit on for perfectly storing leftovers. With the casserole I have still never tasted. Woe is me.

There were a lot of positives about the explosion over all though. First off, I have another glass 9x13" pan, so I can still make casseroles (and indeed, made a lovely tetrazzini last night) as well as delicious other foodstuffs that just look prettier in a glass casserole dish as opposed to a metal cake pan. Secondly, the casserole dish exploded outward rather than upward, so I did not get any glass shards in my face. Thirdly, it exploded into very large chunks for the most part, so the pieces that hit my belly just bounced onto the floor rather than embedding themselves into my flesh. Fourthly, my darling husband cleaned up the entire mess for me after guiding me across the floor pointing out glass shards I shouldn't step on in my bare feet and sitting me down and hugging me for a good adrenaline-filled cry. And he didn't get hurt either while cleaning up, other than a tiny glass-prick in his finger which was so minor as to not be much to worry about at all, allowing me to proclaim the entire incident injury free (other than the broken dish and ruined food). Fifthly, because my dinner exploded, my husbands' parents were very nice and took us out to eat at Serrano's Mexican Grill, which was tasty. Sixthly, I now have my requisite exploding food story as part of my married-life story aresenal, and therefore can rest assured that I will not have to deal with any more explosions involving culinary stuff for the rest of my life (at least, none caused by me).

Overall, it was very scary, but somewhat hilarious at the same time, and I learned an important lesson. Glass does not go on the stove, not even my beloved Pyrex (I read other stories of exploding 9x13 Pyrex dishes online! I'm not alone in my explosion story! Yippee!) I still haven't acquired the *setting something on fire in the kitchen* married-life story, so I have that to look forward to still.

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