Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Today I had the unusual pleasure of stubbing my pinky toe on a smooth plastic trash can and having it rip my toenail off. This was, of course, shortly after Mike went to work for the morning. I winced and moaned and yelped and got out the first-aid kit and went to work bandaging it up. While bandaging, of course, I noticed the large amounts of blood, which started me up on the sobbing, which I managed to continue doing for at least the next half an hour. After that it didn't hurt so bad anymore, and I watched some Hana Yori Dango to cheer myself up. Which lasted until Mike got home from work, at which point I told him about my toe and started sobbing again (though only for a couple minutes). It was kind of funny, really, my toe didn't hurt hardly at all anymore, and yet there I was crying just like I had been earlier from the pain, simply because suddenly there was somebody to give me sympathy and comfort and a get-better kiss.

The same thing happens whenever I've gotten hurt or sick during the day if I was by myself when it happened. Mike comes home, and I tell him about it, and start crying. Then he makes me feel better and I get over the massively dramatic trauma, whatever it may have been. :)

I'm glad my husband is so nice and puts up with my silliness. He's a cutie-pie.

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Ted Lee said...

That is pretty gross (the whole ripping your toenail off thing).

I find Dantzel does the same thing. She's having a ridiculously stressful day and will hold up pretty well until she comes home and falls apart and I have to hold her for a while.

I don't mind at all; I'm sure it's in the daily duties in the handbook for boyfriends or something. It's just kinda funny how it's pretty similar from girl to girl. :P