Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I ended up driving over to the LAN on Saturday for a couple hours after Conference was over. It was pretty fun. Conference on both Saturday and Sunday was really good, I quite enjoyed it. It motivated me to do the dishes and clean the table, counters, and stovetop in my kitchen on Monday. And then yesterday came, when I had been planning on cleaning the kitchen floor, and doing some laundry, but woke up to discover I had a cold. Somebody or other at the LAN was sick, as I'm the fourth person who was there to come down with the symptoms (sore throat, headache, normal cold stuff). The cold wiped out all my energy for doing anything, so I sat around all day and worked on crafts a tiny bit, and tried to take naps (unsuccessfully) and made myself eat breakfast and lunch. Then, right before Mike was going to come home with our dinner, I started coughing. And the coughing triggered some barfing. And since I hadn't eaten anything since my small bowl of oatmeal I'd had for lunch, I got to see for the first time in my life what yellow bile looks like. It was actually quite a pretty color. I never knew my body had something so vividly bright happy yellow inside of it. Being really sick almost always makes me cry (as does getting hurt, even if its not really that bad, I am a wuss), so Mike got to come home right on cue to find me crouching on the floor in front of the toilet, coughing and sobbing and generally a bit incoherent. After I regained some of my composure, he took me to the kitchen where he'd brought home a lovely roasted chicken and real mashed potatoes from the deli at the store, which made for an utterly delicious dinner and made me feel a bit better emotionally (chicken and mashed potatoes are quite the comforting foods, you know).

My goal for today is to not cough or throw up. Crying is okay as long as its hormonal pregnant crying (which occurs whenever I see anything cute or touching or sad lately). And now, it's time to watch and see if the two spiders that are in the same web outside my window are going to battle it out to the death or not (which is in no way sad, as I don't like spiders at all, and I found one crawling across my shirt a few days ago, *while* I was wearing it).

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