Sunday, October 21, 2007

Not much to say

Been sick again. I have been trying to do at least a little bit of stuff anyway, though. Yesterday my sister-in-law got baptized, which was exciting, so we went to that, then to a luncheon, and then, my friends, then I got to go to the Arizona State Fair. It was a lot more fun than I remember the Utah State Fair being. They had the cutest giraffe in the petting zoo. And soooo many food boths. And lots of rides, and stores, and Fun-Houses. We only stayed for a couple hours before I was too tired and needed to go home, but it was a lot of fun (and I got to try a funnel cake, which was tasty). And then, last night, we went and saw the movie Stardust, which I enjoyed (though I do wish they had made the three long-haired blondes look a little more different from each other).

Friday was not as exciting. I spent all day at home by myself. I did crochet two hats though, including my first ever beanie, which I think turned out great. Unlike knit beanies, my beanie is full of little holes and so is not a lot of good at keeping a head very warm. It is very stylin' and cute though and good for covering up hair on those days when you just don't want to have to show your hair to the world. I am hoping to make more of them soon.

I have been craving the delicious pies my mom makes. I'm thinking maybe we'll go up to Utah for Thanksgiving so I can have some (also, we can see snow maybe since there isn't any here). There's nothing quite as delicious as fresh fruit pies. Seriously, canned pie filling just can't compare. Strawberry pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, peach pie, apple pie, oh man, so delicious. I want them all. Also, I want some fruit juice. And some fresh fruit. Fruit is delicious.

The only other vaguely interesting thing that has happened to me lately is that my desk is slowly breaking and has been injuring me. Well, really, it's just the sliding keyboard shelf. It's got metal on the edges where it rolls in and out of the desk. It first became problematic about a month ago when it started leaving lines of black grease on my knees. Then this week, it scratched both my knees. And today, while I was trying to move my feet up onto my chair (which is a little harder lately as my tummy is starting to get a bit bigger), it stabbed my foot (the metal is really quite sharp) and I had to have Mike go get me a bandaid. I'm starting to want a new desk. One that won't injure me.

I'm making good (though slow) progress on finishing up people's very late birthday presents. Should be sending a couple of them out soon.


Th. said...


At least you've found your niche (being sick, I mean).

TftCarrie said...

Hey kadusey,

I saw your guest post on MMW and wanted to make sure you have seen this link over at tales:

For Moms to Be

It won't help with the cleaning and cooking, but it might with the baby stuff. Especially the baby registry post. Anyway, when you have some time to kill, you might want to peruse the posts.

Good luck with the pregnancy. I am at 17 weeks now and I'm still wishing I felt better. Yuck.