Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ho-ho-ho...wait...wrong holiday...

My appointment with the doctor this morning went great. I got the results back from all the tests they did last month (blood type: still A+, rubella vaccine: still in effect from childhood (thanks mom!), Hepatitis B: negative, HIV: negative, pap test: normal, infections anywhere down there: none, so in short, I'm healthy, yay!). New results from today: to quote the nurse my blood pressure is "very nice, very, very nice", and to quote the doctor, "That's a nice healthy baby heartbeat we're hearing there." So, baby and I are both healthy. And I get to schedule my ultrasound for next month so we can hopefully find out what gender the little funny thing is, and I will probably start to feel it move around then too, and all my appointments are all made all the way to the day past my due date. Hopefully I won't need to have that last one. Oh, and I got permission to paint with acrylics, as long as the room is well-ventilated, so maybe I will start painting again soon.

I made delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins today. They were darn tasty, and relatively healthy (they could undoubtedly be healthier, say, if I substituted whole wheat for the white flour, and if I substituted apple sauce for the oil, and if I cut down on the sugar (but I couldn't do that, because sugar is darn tasty), etc). Healthier than cupcakes at least. :)

Also, it's Free Taco afternoon this afternoon between 2 and 5pm (base was stolen during the World Series), so maybe I will go get one in a few hours.

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