Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alone and crazy, but doing okay

It is now week 14 and the morning sickness has not gone away yet. True, it's not very bad, but I am tired of feeling icky. And I am tired of being tired. Which I am pretty much all the time. However, I have had a bit more energy lately, and so have done miniscule amounts of cleaning and some cooking and present-making and things. And I've done lots of walking around on various and sundry shopping trips with various and sundry people, which I figure has been good exercise (though I need better shoes so my feet don't kill me after a couple hours of walking).

Veng has been at job training for his new part-time evening job at the Apple store all day yesterday and all day today. It is lonely at home without him here, but I think I am going to have to get used to it for awhile.

I finally have a few clothes that fit me. My tummy is getting noticeably bigger but I'm not gaining any weight really, which I figure must mean that the rest of me is getting smaller which I'm not going to complain about (though my bum hurts more often lately from sitting with not as much padding, I wouldn't mind getting some of that padding back). I still need something I can wear on Sundays as I've currently got, oh, two skirts that I can wear, and they're both funny colors and I only have one shirt each that matches them that fits at all (and those won't fit for long). I also need some wide-shouldered tank top things, as I've discovered a lot of pregnancy shirts have wide (and low!) necklines that don't cover up as much of me as they need to. So, those are the clothes that I am in search of currently. All of the stores I've been to so far have crappy maternity selections of skirts and undershirts. I suppose I could get a dress, but most of the dresses I've seen are too short.

I have been struggling with bouts of hormone-induced craziness lately of various sorts. Crying for absolutely no reason, being mad at Veng for absolutely no reason, having nightmares about people dying and throwing up and crying on the plane on the way to their funeral, or nightmares about my mom cooking the food I bought yesterday so I can't make the recipe I was planning on (that one was weird). I get paranoid much easier now that somebody's trying to break into our house, or that horrible things have happened to Veng when he gets home a few minutes late. And yet, despite all these bizarre hormone things, I'm overall much happier lately still. The hormonal bouts usually don't last more than an hour a day max, and most of the rest of the time I feel quite cheerful.

I've been trying hard since General Conference to start being a homemaker while I'm at home, instead of just sitting around on my bum being lazy. I've gotten lots of great advice from lots of wonderful women so far (endless thank-you's to MMW). If any of the rest of you who're parents have any advice though, I'd love to hear it. Getting advice from people who've been there already makes it all seem much more manageable, and is very reassuring that yeah, I can do all this cleaning and cooking and caring for my family. I have made progress so far on making sure Veng has lunches he can take with him, and on doing the dishes occasionally and the laundry occasionally, and on swishing my toilets more frequently even if only with the toilet brush to get some of the nasties out. I'm working on compiling a list of baby things we can start looking for to buy on the cheap (hopefully we can find some good garage sales) once I'm a bit further along.

Now for something non-pregnancy-related!

I carved a pumpkin for us on Friday night for FHE. I carved a vampire lemon into it, and tried the thing where you leave some of the pumpkin flesh there but thin it out so light shines through. It was quite hard to do, but the results turned out cool. Except one of the wings got a split in it, which widened after I put it outside into a gaping hole. Oh well. I still like my vampire lemon pumpkin.

Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat last night that was fun. I had some yummy chicken chili and sweet cornbread and homemade rootbeer, and I discovered that 2 bags of DumDums is not enough for all the kids in our ward who showed up (which was a significantly higher number than the number of kids who show up to church on Sundays, thus why I underestimated). I ended up being about 10 DumDums short, which was a little sad. I am glad though that I'm not handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters on Wednesday, because it would indubitably be quite expensive (we're not going to be home anyway most likely, but rather watching movies at a friends').

Today is the Primary Program. It will be interesting to see how it goes from the perspective of one of the teachers sitting on the stand rather than a not-teacher sitting in the audience. I was sick last Sunday and missed the rehearsal, so I'm hoping the boys in our class will behave themselves okay today. Also, I suppose I should prepare a lesson since I don't know what's going on after the program in terms of if the kids will be going to their classes like normal or not.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I want to learn how to make some pies before then. We won't be coming to Utah after all (unless something significant changes in the next month), but we might go to California. It depends on Mike's work schedule at the new job. I need to get a mini-cookbook of pie recipes from my mom, since she makes the best pies ever.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween on Wednesday!

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