Monday, October 01, 2007

Alien Invasion!

Yes, it's time for my big announcement. Yes, I'm sure you probably have already guessed what it is. I'm quite excited to announce it anyways though:

I'm pregnant!


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to tell anybody until today, since today was my first obgyn appointment, and I wanted to go to that and make sure everything was okay before announcing it. And the results are that everything is great, the baby is growing fine, moving around, and it's little heart is beating away. My due date is April 28th. I'm almost over my morning sickness, and ate some cheese again for the first time today (dairy products were making me sick earlier, which of course made me crave them like nothing else). Cheese is delicious. We won't be able to tell the gender for another couple of months, and we're not going to even bother thinking about names until then. I really like my doctor, the hospital that she delivers at is brand-new and really nice, and Mike and I are both really excited about it.

And now it's picture time! We got three pictures from the ultrasound of our funny little alien baby.

Picture 1: Baby is laying on its back, we're seeing its side. The head is on the right, and its fat belly is on the left.

Picture 2: Baby has flipped around, so now we're looking at it face-to-face, so to speak. Above its face you can see some little light gray lines. Those are its fingers (its got its arm up next to its head).

Picture 3: Probably the best picture of the face. It looks very alien-ish, which I find entertaining. The two black hollows are where its eyes will be. You can vaguely see its mouth to the left of the eyes. Then its got its fat round belly, with two little arms sticking out. It has legs, you just can't see them.

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