Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This entry is copyrighted. If anybody copies it, I'm going to tell the president.

When we were up in Utah, my mom gave me a huge box full of things she had been saving for me for years: photos, certificates, drawings, letters, things from school and church and my (very few) sporting activities. It is obvious, looking back on these remnants of my childhood, that I was, if nothing else, an interestingly adorable child. Well, at least, I think I was. For your benefit, now, I shall quote myself as a child from my remaining writings. Have fun figuring out my intriguing spellings along the way! Most of these are from school journals and assignments.

1st Grade:
"I want to be a bala dansr."
"Today it was riany then it stoped and it was sunny it was windy."
"I have a new baby sister. Wendy celebrated European custm and got her stocking today. My sister has small feet. She sceict herfdors. She is small. She Dos not drink very mush."
"I like scool. I like evryting and everyone."
"I got a baby taht gos in the bath"
"My weekend was great. I did play games. I did trul. I did do lots of other stuf to."
"Today it is istreamly hot."
"I like ponyes. I like rocks. I like barbies."
"Mrs. Richol gave us a book on Drugs."
"I like the name sally."
"The asembly yesterday was abot water. I learnd taht we are posining osalves. I also learnd that we are ploting are water."
"Yesterday I got to go to New yowkk."
"To nite I am going to the Curus. I am going to the Curcus with my Mommy and Daddy and with my Sister and brotohers."
"I hope my Mom has remembered to tack her medecin. have a good day."
"Today is groundhog's day. It is also Andy's Biirthday. We are going to eat all his cupcacack's up. I like ground hog's day becas we get to wite in are jurnle."
"I like cupcak's. Espashaly caclilt [ed. note: chocolate?]. I like birthdays becus peapal bring in trets."
"Aberham Lioncoln was a bave man. he had alredy leand to read and wite when he was six. We made penny's and put him on them."
"Today is Tuesday. We are having a birthday party for Aaron. It is a graet party. The cupcacks were delishis and we sang happy Birthday too you happy Birthday too you happy Birthday dear aaron happy Birthday too you. it was the best Birtday Party ever."
"Tomorew i my bothers birthday. He is very happy. In fact he is so happy that he did send out the cards not yesterday not the day before yesterday but tuday!"
"We started our California Achievement tests today. Today on the blacktop a forth grader made me fall down and cut my arm and bruse my side."
"Today is May first. I mhiet not have speech today. My BirthDay is coming very very very very very very very soon. I hop my mom's allrhitt and all the other kids."
"I can't wait intill this coming Saterday and Sunday becase on Saterday I'm having a party and on Sunday my mom is teaching my Sunday school class."
"Today was Field Day. I was on the gold team. My favorite race was sharp shooter. I liked it. It was totley great. Here is a picture of my thumb." [following this is a pencil smudge of a thumbprint]
"My first grade year is finished. My favorite part of the year was spring. This summer I will go to the pagent. I will read every day. One of the books I will read is Mean May."
"Today we are having Koolaid for dinner. Today we are having Ham and cheese omelets and waffles for dinner."

2nd Grade:
"Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth. The easiest way to loose a tooth is to eat an apple. But you can do it another way if you want to. You can also do tug-o-war, parachute pull, chew a branch, use a weight or blow it out with a fan."
"The Giant tulip
The Giant Giant Giant tulip. Once upon a time there was a giant tulip. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger until it was so big that it was the biggest tulip you ever saw. It was a giant giant giant tulip. That was a problem to the folk. Sometimes it rained little seeds. And those seeds grew and grew and grew intil there was a forest of flowers. The houses broke down the fowers were so big. Soon when you climed a mountain all you could see was a world of flowers. One day all the flowers came to life and sang songs to the folk. And were nice to the folk. and the flowers and the folk lived happily ever after. The End."
"I wish I had my own pony. I would ride on it in my backyard. I wish I was the best pony rider so I could ride my pony all around. I wish that my Grandma in Rumania will be able to find good homes for the orphans."
"Christmas List
Baby Bubbles
Pretty cut and grow
Ice-cream maker
Stuffed Animals
barbie clothes
My little pony bride
My little pony ballerina
dolls that move
pretty cut and grow
pogo stick
carmel apples
dress up clothes
A basket
A pet
A doll that has clothes you can take off
Little miss magic hair
go-go dog
patch up kids
secret play set"
"The Poodle Named Babs
Dedicated to [my mom's name] My favorite mom. Copy Right I don't want anybody coping my book. If they do I'll tell the president.
Once there was a poodle named Babs. Sometimes Babs didn't wear clothes.
Sometimes Babs did.
Babs liked Animals like birds.
Babs never chased cats. She was nice to them.
Bab's owner would take her for a walk sometimes.
Bab's owner fed Babs a plate of spaggtie, a glass of orange juice, chips + for desert whatever she wanted every day.
Babs was inside sometimes.
Babs liked to play."

3rd Grade:
"I like Third Grade. It's fun. We went hiking on Monday. It was boring. On Friday after school I went to the dentist. I liked it."
"Today is Friday the 13th. I'm happy. I'm not superstitios. I Don't belive in fairy tails."
"I'm thinking about why Rebecca cut her hair. I'm thinking about why cat's say meow. I'm thinking about why dogs bark. I'm thinking why they call Autumn Autumn. I'm thinking about why dinosaurs dissapeard."
"There are two more days intill my brother's 4th birthday. I made a banner for him. I'm going to give him a pack of gum and a little bear I made out of cotton balls and paper."
"There are three more days untill my little sister's birthday. She is going to be two."
"Christmas is coming up. If I get a stuffed animal for Christmas I'm going to name it Shana or Sara or Samantha or Sue. Those are my favorite S names."
"Yesterday & Saturday I was sick. I threw up 5 times yesterday. For breakfast I had Tapeoka. Starting on Saturday we're going to have Christmas vacation. Today I'm going to share a cat that I got yesterday from someone who went to a Christmas party."
"For Christmas I got a big wooden box (that I use as a treasure box) from my sister, I got a blue purse, a little wooden mailbox without a bottem, a note holder and a dollar bill from my other sister, oragomi paper from my brother, a nidee from mom and dad, more oragamie paper, lip gloss, stick-on earinngs, two colors of glitter nail polish, a snow white puzzle and Guess Who? from Santa."
"I would like it if it snowed. If it does snow I hope it snows deep unuf to make snowballs. I hope it snows deep unof to make a snowman. I hope it deep unof to make a fort. If it doesn't snow I hope there's ice. I hope I learn how to icescate. I can roller skate better. I can't wait till spring."
"Yesterday I played princess. On Saturday my sister put curllers in my hair. On Friday my dad got back from Switzerland. He brought me some Swiss choclate, a Swiss pen and some Swiss money. I like Swiss choclate! The pen writes in blue ink. Now I have two pens. Swiss money looks a lot different from ours."
"I had a good weekend becuuse Mary came over. During winter break my Grandma is coming. I saw some of the Olimpicks. I liked it. I like reading a lot! Right now I'm reading The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn by John Bellairs. It's scary."
"A time I tried to make someone feel special. On fathers day in 1990 I showed my father that he was special by giving him a ringpop. I don't know when he ate it but he said thank you."

4th Grade:
"My personal heros are my Mom and Dad. They're my heros because they pay and make my food and help me with my homework and do other things like that."
"I would want some of the green things to be half purple, and the ones that were half purple would be poisonous and I would bake them in a cake and give the cake to Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker and they would eat it and they would eat a pan of pie, a can of lye, a bottle of juice, a container of worms, a raw mouse, a box of tissues, 3 erasers, 2 pencils, 1 box of paper, 4 folders, 6 dividers, and a box of money. Then they would die. After that James would go and live on the seashore with one of his little friends. They would play all day in the sand and James could find hermit crabs and be famous because of the hermit crabs. I would eat the rest of the green things and become rich and pretty and I could be a movie star."
"My most valuable possesions are my books, because I love reading books. I've read alot of books, and I have alot of books, and if my books were taken away from me I'd be bored. I read alot. I sometimes read when I'm not supposed to. I love reading."
"Someday I will be a scientist I hope."
"Sometimes I wish that I were an only child. I wish that because my brothers and sisters always tease me. Sometimes they even break the things I make. Then I either get mad or sad. I really don't like that. That's when I wish I were an only child. But if I were I sure would be lonely sometimes."
"Most boys tease you before your in your teens. Then it gets easyer because they start to like you. I know this because my sisters are both in there teens. Nobody teases them except my family (of course). I can't wait until I become 13. Then boys won't tease me. I'll be happier then. I'll also really like it then."
"Most girls like animals. I know I do. I like horses alot. They're smart, and pretty. I would like to ride one again. I like other animals too. But mainly I like horses."
"The Forbidden Door
One dark, stormy night Sally went to have her first babysitting job. She was going to babysit for the Johnsons. When she finally got there, soaking wet, even though she only had to walk two blocks, she noticed that the house looked like a mansion. She knocked on the door.
Someone said "I'm coming." Sally wasn't suprised when she saw a beautiful lady holding a poodle. Sally was dogsitting.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson started showing her the house. One room had a marble blue water fountain. All around the room were very expensive plants, and green comfy chairs to match. Another room was painted like Halloween with a black wall painted over with spooks and jack-o-lanterns. This house had every thing! That is every thing except a mystery.
Finally Sally saw that there was only one more door to explore. When she went to open it Mr. Johnson stopped her. "Don't you ever open that door!" he said, and he ment it.
Sally started dogsitting regularly for the Johnsons. Each time she went she was full of curiosity, and each time she went she heard strange noises coming from the door.
One day when she was watching Poodles she heard a bang upstairs. She rushed to the forbidden door. It was open. Sally screamed. Then she fainted. When the Johnsons got home, the door was closed, and Sally lay dead next to it. The Johnsons fled. To this day nobody knows what killed Sally, or what was behind the door."
"Dear Mr. Clinton,
My name is Kirsa. I live in N.J. but I'm going to move on the 27th of February. My new address is going to be in Utah. I am 9 years old.
I think that the most important issue right now is the enviroment, because if we destroy our earth then human beings won't have a suitable place to live, Then the human race and all the animals on earth will become extinct.
To stop ruining the ozone layer would be a great thing. To do that we should stop using pesticides that kill bugs because they could be poisenes to animals that eat the bugs. Next we should make cars that run on solar energy. Even if it was dark they would work because some solar energy would store up in a solar energy battery.
I think that you should make a law to stop cutting down rain forests, because almost half of the worlds animals live in the rain forests. Also if people keep on cutting down the rainforests it could cause global warming, and nobody would like that, because trees take air in and use the carbondioxide. Then they let oxygen out.
Also if the rainforests were destroyed, then 100's of animals would become extinct.
If you also made magazines tell about the rainforests it would help a lot because a lot of people don't know about the rainforests. Here are some facts that I learned in class: Brazil nuts cannot be commercially grown. Rosy periwinkles, found in Madagascan rain forests, are the source of two anti-tumor alkaloids used to treat lymphorytic leukemia and Hodgkins disease. In 65 years the rain forests could be gone. Many animals that haven't been discovered yet live in the rain forests. About 3,000 acres of rain forest are cut down every hour. Scientists estimate that fifty percent of earth's animals live in the rain forests. Please help.
"Miss D.W.T.
Hi. I'm Miss D.W.T. (which stands for Miss Dark Wing Turkey.) It's a week before Thanksgiving and I'm on a diet. I give all the food with fat in it to the other animals. I eat all the fruit.
I live on a farm. One day I couldn't see my toes. I decided to weigh myself. I found a scale and got on it. I couldn't believe it! I weighed ten tons. It was the day before Thanksgiving so I decided to run away. I packed my stuff. When I was at the half way point between the barn and the gate when I saw the farmer coming. I decided to run. I ran untill I got to the gate. I squeezed through it, which was very hard. Then I headed for the woods.
When I got there I thought I was safe but I heard a gun and saw an arrow. I was surrounded! On one side there were Indians and on the other side there were pilgrims. A pilgrim shot at me and hit a deer that was behind the Indians. No one noticed it untill I saw a bear behind the pilgrims and pointed to it. The Indians picked up the deer and ran. The pilgrims picked up me and ran. The pilgrims dropped me off at the butchers. The butchers was about to kill me when the bear came in and picked me up and took me to his house. He gave me to his kids as a pet. I lived with the bears the rest of my life."

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Ted Lee said...

That is adorable! The story about the forbidden door was probably the best one. It was just plain awesome. They should make a movie about it.