Thursday, August 02, 2007

Staying up too late lately

I have nothing to say about staying up too late lately, other than that I have been doing so, and I always dislike it the next morning when I feel like crap, no matter how much sleep I actually got. It's fun to hang out with people, though, especially considering that they're going to be starting school again soon and we won't be able to hang out with them as much.

I made some darn tasty lasagna today. Irish style, with bechamel (thick white sauce?) instead of ricotta. I got the recipe from The Humble Housewife. Very delicious. I think I want to cut down on the amount of meat in the tomato sauce (so it will be healthier), and only make half as much tomato sauce, because I ended up with a lot of extra. Also, lean meat is good (I didn't use lean meat, and didn't take the time to drain the fat...going to skim the leftover tomato sauce in the morning). Anyway, it was very tasty, and I think if you're wiser with your meat choices than I, it would be healthier than normal meaty American lasagna (you could undoubtedly make a Vegetarian version of this fairly easily).

I started trying to teach myself how to weave, using a piece of cardboard and some yarn from my stash. It's pretty fun, but I really wish I had a real loom, as my cardboard is bending and causing weird tension problems.

We go to Hawaii in one week. I am excited, but nervous simultaneously (not because of flying or anything, but because I have a lot to do before we go, we have no money, and I'm really hoping things go smoothly being with Veng's family for another week; I am going to try hard to be very patient and have a good attitude no matter what so that we can have a good trip).

I harvested most of my tomatoes a few days ago, and ripped out my dying plants. I need to plan out my garden better next year so all my plants get sufficient light. Some of them got hidden by others this year and died as a result. The spider mites on my tomatoes disappeared, but they were replaced by weird ashy looking trilobite-ish gray crumbly things that are obviously the remains of some insect or other that I doubt is good for my tomatoes. I also have one green pepper growing again, which will give us a grand total of two from that plant. The herbs are still growing great, though I neglected to pinch off the blooms on my basil a month or so ago so parts of it are getting woody and not-so-tasty anymore. Actually, not all my herbs are doing well, the ones from seeds are all dead now. Not enough established root structure to survive the crazy heat, I don't think.

I got to run outside in my first real Arizona monsoon a couple days ago. It was POURING. Lots and lots of rain. Huge huge puddles. I was slightly worried for a bit that it might flood our basement if it kept up, but the rain only lasted for an hour or two, really. We took advantage of it raining and made gingersnaps and vegetable soup, which was very satisfactory. Having it rain so much was really fun. It happens so rarely here. It is monsoon season though, so we've been getting lots of little sprinkly showers lately. Not that the water sticks around long, but the additional humidity is great. I may never understand people who dislike humidity and much prefer dry heat. I am the opposite and despise dry heat and quite enjoy more humid places.

We finished watching Full Metal Alchemist today (and the movie as well). It was quite good, but I was disappointed with the ending. Of both the series and the movie. Not nearly girly enough for me. Winry! Winry, dang it! Feeling sorely deprived of girliness and romance, I grabbed Volume 8 of Marmalde Boy and read it to make up for it a bit.

Our Primary class has been a bit difficult the past few weeks. I think things are going to get better soon though, especially with school starting again, maybe the girls will come, and maybe the boys will remember their good school behavior. Or maybe they'll be antsy and wanting an outlet since they have to behave all the time at school. :) We'll see, I guess.

Lots of discussions lately about plans for the future and what we want to do with our lives. Small progressions.

I've been trying hard lately to the whole depression thing. I am reminded of how useful doing stuff is for feeling better about life. Also, sunshine. Also, having clean clothes I can put on in the morning makes me more likely to do things during the day than wearing my jammies all day. ;)

Speaking of clean clothes, I made my own laundry detergent the other day. I just used a bar of soap I had laying around, and some borax and washing soda. I don't think the soap I used works very well, but my clothes are coming out okay, and if I get some decent soap, this will be a good cheaper alternative to normal detergents.

Made a deal with the hubby that I will do all the dishes if he puts them away so I have places to put the rinsed dishes (or washed dishes, we've been handwashing things a lot lately).

I need to eat fewer sweets so that I stop craving them all the time. I also ought to exercise probably. And sleep. And stop starting new craft projects before I finish all my old ones. And earn some money.

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