Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sitting around

We got home from Utah safe and sound. It was fun seeing Milk11 and Gumbi while we were there, though I need to apologize to one of them (I'm sorry!) for accidentally grabbing the wrong receipt at Leatherby's. I didn't realize it until a couple of days later. I owe you a couple bucks.

I really enjoyed seeing my family again. They're lots of fun to hang out with, and I have truly adorable nephews and nieces. And my brother's house and my sister's house are both really nice (I finally got to see them, yay!), and my grandma's looking great right now, she seems to be recovering fabulously, and I got the wonderful opportunity to go through a bunch of old photos, school stuff, church stuff, etc, that my mom has saved for me for years. While going through my box of stuff, I realized that a) I have always loved reading, b) I was absolutely obsessed with ponies for several years, c) my favorite name used to be Sally, d) math and procrastination and PE have always been my weak points in school, and e) I was a funny little girl. Seriously, I will have to quote some of my old school journal entries and stories I wrote from first, second, or third grade some time in here so you can all see the weird funny way my brain worked. Also, I wasn't very good at spelling as a young child. :)

I still need to finish up a couple of birthday presents and mail them off to people. I've been pretty sick since we got home from Utah though, so have been spending inordinately large amounts of time laying on the couch or sitting on the floor trying to be not sick. So, the presents are further delayed. Along with everything else, like dishes, and laundry. On the bright side, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and hopefully they will be able to tell me how to feel less sick. It's really not too bad, though.

Mike is back at his first day of work again after our lovely summer break. I hope it's going well for him. We've been researching GRE prep classes, and will hopefully decide on one soon, which will be good, even though I won't get to see him nearly as much once the class starts up.

We've been eating delicious lasagna. I loves it. I want to make rice pudding. Anybody have a good recipe?

I finally got to see the Japanese Shall We Dance? film. It's a very cute movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also watched Garden State, which was a little weirder than I was expecting, though also an overall cute story (though I do wish they swore a bit less in it). Great soundtrack. We watched Ever After while at my parents' house, which remains a cute little movie. We went and saw the Simpsons movie, which I thought was alright (it was the only thing showing at the time we went to the theater, the movie I REALLY wanted to see was Stardust, which will have to wait to be seen later), some quite funny parts but mostly just like a long episode of the show. We also went with my parents to see the latest Harry Potter movie, which I really liked. It scared me at the beginning though. I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books since book 3 (I know! I'm so behind!) so watching the movies now, I don't know what's going to happen beforehand, so they're more scary than they would be otherwise. We're finally more than halfway through listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, though, so maybe I'll manage to "read" the rest of them (yay for books on tape) before the last two movies come out. The mean female teacher in the latest movie just made me want to strangle her, she frustrates me so much! Aargh! Luna is pretty cool, I understand now why so many people like her so much.

The End.

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