Sunday, August 05, 2007

*Reload* *Reload* *Reload*

So, I made my first "sale" of one of my cat hats a few days ago. I place the word "sale" in quotes, because I haven't actually gotten paid for it yet. As such, I have been hitting Refresh on my PayPal account incessantly the past several days. Yesterday I mailed off the hat, and emailed off an invoice to the person who ordered it, so we'll see if she ends up paying me or not. I really hope she does. If not, well, somebody got a free hat. I need to change my stated policy in my store so that it tells possible purchasers that they will not receive their goods until I receive my money from them.

We're going to Hawaii on Wednesday! I'm super-excited, but I also have so very much to do! So I'm a bit nervous about getting it all done before we go. My new swimsuits I got from Savers need a little bit of modifying so they fit me modestly (straps need to be shortened on one and side seams taken in on the top of the other). I need to fix the strap on my beach hat so it's not just hanging off randomly. I have to figure out what on earth I'm going to do about shoes (I really wish I had some of those really nice watershoes they've been selling in stores the past few years rather than my hot pink slip-on pair that are really ugly and don't quite fit well that are mostly mesh that the water doesn't drain out of properly and sand gets stuck in easily and that are no good for walking around in). I'll probably just take a pair of old tennis shoes, and a pair of newer tennis shoes...debating my old slightly small hiking boots, probably won't bring them. Have to do a bunch of laundry so I can pack nice clean clothes. I need to use up our perishable foodstuffs and put everything I don't use in the freezer. I need to find subs for Primary. Plus, cleaning. One of the many things my mom always told us when we went on vacations is that you don't want to leave a dirty house. Much, much nicer to come home to a sparkly clean house. We got some new/used furniture (for free! yay!) from a friend yesterday, including a new computer desk for Mike that he can put his computer, the laptop, and his server all on simultaneously so doesn't need two desks anymore so our computer room is much more open and lovely now. We also got a small cabinet and bookshelf, at least one of which is going to go in my craft room. I haven't cleaned my craft room since the huge mess that it became when I was costuming though, so we'll see if I get that done tomorrow (and the bookcase put away in it) or not.

We had quite the adventure moving the new furniture to our townhome yesterday. In addition to the furniture (the desk was moved earlier in the day mostly), our friend also gave us a really, really old grill that needs a wee bit of help in looking presentable, but still works. It, along with lots of furniture, ended up in the back of our truck, but we had forgotten to bring our net or any of our ropes, so were unable to really properly secure anything. My DH was driving really slowly and carefully, but we did have to make one left turn on the way home. The grill, you see, was on the right side of the truck. There were two left-turn lanes, and we were in the far-left one. I was sitting in the back of the cab of the truck, watching the stuff in the bed, as we took the turn pretty slowly. The road was kind of bumpy though, and between one thing and another, I guess the grill was just too top-heavy for it's own good, and I watched in horror as the grill started to rock back and forth a few times.

I watched the rocking grill, I watched the car next to us in the other lane, and I saw a horrible picture in my head of the grill falling off and smashing through their windows and causing serious damage and injury. Yet, all I could say to Mike was, "Aaaah! The grill! The grill!" He slowed down a bit, and the other car sped up a bit, and our grill smashed over into the road as soon as the other vehicle was safely out of the way. Finally, I was able to inform my husband, "The grill fell out of the truck!" He pulled over, halted the traffic that was about to be oncoming, and pulled it out of the road while I watched still stuck in the back of the cab. After he went back into the street and got the metal gratings that had fallen out of the grill, he finally came and let me out, and we surveyed the damage. Amazingly enough, only the lid and handle got smashed up, and the rest of the grill still looks, well, old and a bit beat-up, but the same as when we put it in the truck to begin with. So, we finagled it back into the bed of the truck, and brought it home, leaving a few chunks of charcoal behind us in the street. We only grill with the lid open anyway (the few times we do grill), so no big loss with the broken lid.

I've got lots of presents to make for people. Maybe I'll bring something crafty to work on while we're in Hawaii. I'll have to reorganize my purse to make room for whatever it is. Hooray for big purses.

I've decided that, next time we move, since we will undoubtedly be moving to a much smaller apartment than our current home, I want to just sell most all of our furniture, and buy new stuff from Ikea wherever we end up living. We have too much furniture anyway for anywhere smaller than here. For the space we've got currently, it's perfect. Plus, most of it was given to us. Some of it's a little beat up though (still in great condition, but not looking the absolute greatest really) so who knows if anybody would want to buy it. But, the Ikea catalogue sure is tantalizing. Such gorgeous colors and patterns.

I may or may not post again in the next three weeks. Good luck to everybody with school starting up again, and congratulations to all my friends who are expecting!


Ted Lee said...

Man oh man. Falling grills definitely are not good. Nice one avoiding a potential accident, though.

Ted Lee said...

Did you ever get paid, by the way?

Th. said...


Go refresh! find out! tell us now!