Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things that have gone wrong lately

The bulb in our projector exploded. New bulbs are too expensive and all out of stock anyway.

My DH's phone stopped working. The only key that works currently is the one that turns it on and off.

Our laptop has been acting wonky and needs to be backed up so we can reinstall the OS.

Our air-conditioner unit stopped working. It got low on Freon and a hose may or may not have burst. We'll find out what's up with that today, hopefully.

I had a horrific headache all day yesterday. I was worried that it might be because of the huge amount of Ibuprofen I'd taken the day before (as per the doctor's instructions). I tried taking some of the Tylenol to help it go away, but it didn't really work. So, I didn't do anything yesterday really.

I am a bit paranoid now about what's next. Will our cars break down? Will our refrigerator stop working? Will our house burn down? What would I need to be sure to grab if our house was burning? Will one of us get horribly ill while we're still unemployed? IN GREENLAND? Inconceivable.


Th. said...


On the bright side, look at all the cool technology you had to screw up!

K la said...

No, no. Now that all this stuff has gone wrong, you're due for a lucky streak!! It will only get better.