Monday, July 23, 2007


It was going to be a GREAT day today. I had a lovely plan for the day: wake up, take my temperature, brush my teeth, weigh myself, use the internet for an hour, shower, eat, use the internet for a little longer, and then, then my friends, then I was going to make a shopping list, go grocery shopping for foodstuffs and stuff for green-cleaning which I'm going to be trying out (it's cheaper than the harsh chemicals, and I don't mind the smells of vinegar and baking soda as much as the smell of bleach), I was going to come home, put it all away, clean for an hour, work on crafts for a couple hours, exercise, play a game with Mike, make dinner, eat, and then pick something fun to entertain myself with for the evening. I got to the post-breakfast internet-usage part when it happened.

I'm sure you're dying of curiosity as to what "it" is now. It's really not all that exciting. My darling husband was off taking photos to increase his knowledge of how to take photos, so I was just sitting in my computer chair, entering a bunch of blog contest things, when I got really hot. Along with getting really hot, I got really bad cramps. Sometimes I get pretty bad cramps. Usually I can just go use the restroom, then take some pills, and I am okay. This is what happened yesterday (I watched Totoro, and took a hot bath, too, both of which helped yesterday). Today, today was something else entirely. I barely made it up the stairs. It was the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. I thought, "well, maybe it won't last too long and I'll just lie down for a minute" and tried out the couch. Hmmm, no. Heaving sobs, hot and cold, nausea anytime I even thought about taking painkillers, and the only response I could muster to the pain was to sit on the floor with my knees up to my chin and wait until I could breathe enough again to call Mike. I'm sure I sounded horrific on the phone, he came home immediately, gave me a blessing, and then managed to drive me over to the Urgent Care place while I spent the whole time sobbing.

So, the nurse took my temperature, checked my pulse and my blood pressure, gave me some tissues to use, asked me various questions, led me to a different room to wait for the doctor. The doctor asked me pretty much the same questions, listened to me breathe, and poked my belly, sides, and back. He went out, the nurse came back in, and I got a lovely painkiller shot in my bum which now sports a hot pink bandaid (styling!). Then I got to sit there with Mike for half an hour while we waited to see if the drugs would work, the doctor came back in, made sure the edge of the pain at least was gone, gave me two prescriptions for painkillers (Midol or Motrin or something and Tylenol with Cortisone), told me to buy a hotpack, and go home and rest. His diagnosis? Just really bad cramps. I'm a little suspicious, and may go see an OBGYN or an RN or somebody to get checked out a little more thoroughly just to make sure everything's okay. The end result though was that I pretty much got wiped out for the whole day and am supposed to sit around and take it easy yet keep myself occupied for the rest of the evening (my solution? movies).

Maybe tomorrow I'll be back up to snuff and can go do all those things I was going to do today (though I maybe won't attempt to clean so much as I wanted to do today). If nothing else, it provides me with a really good excuse for sitting around eating candy and saltines and drinking juice and not doing anything. I felt bad for Mike, he was really worried about me. He's done a great job at taking care of me all day. I will have to find something nice to do for him tomorrow.

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