Sunday, July 08, 2007

Jiggety jig

Home again, home again. I am finally home, and get to stay home for several weeks. It is very nice to be in my own home again. There are several things about being home that I am not looking forward to, however. Most on my mind today is teaching Primary. Not really looking forward to that at the moment. The class is more than just a handful, they're about five handfuls, and even with Mike switched in to teach in there with me, we've still only got four hands to reign them in with. Secondly, I do not feel like unloading our car, putting everything away, cleaning everything else in my house up, doing laundry, doing dishes, and going grocery shopping. I think I will spread them out over the course of several days so that it's not so intimidatingly huge of a task. Thirdly, it was 116 degrees yesterday, in the shade. My body needs to re-acclimate itself to the dry, dry heat, which is going to require using a bunch of moisturizer for awhile. There's enough things I enjoy about being home to more than make up for the few things I'm not looking forward to, though.

I need some girly-girly time this week. Maybe I'll take a trip to Borders and read some shoujo manga.

P.S. Lauren, sorry I never called you after I said I would at AX. My phone ran out of battery and died.

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