Thursday, July 19, 2007

How's the weather?

Not a very interesting update last time, eh? Let's see if I can think of something new to write about. Hmmm...depression, check. Babies? Covered that already. Friends...discussed. Family...nothing new. Work doesn't exist right now. Our house isn't all that interesting. What about the weather? Well, okay, there's been some weather lately. Besides being incredibly hot all the time, we have also had some other weather lately. There was a thunder and lightning storm, with a brief sprinkling of rain, a few nights ago. I curled up on the couch, with all the lights off in the house, and watched the sky light up. I went outside and got rained on. I fell asleep hoping to fall asleep to the booms of thunder, but no such luck. :)

Last night, there was a dusty blustery wind that blew through. Not quite enough dust to constitute a dust storm, I don't think, but it was pretty dusty, enough so that I got dust in my eye under my contact. Luckily, Mike's trusty eyedrops that are currently residing in my purse came to my rescue (don't tell Mike I stole his eyedrops! It's a secret!)

I went swimming yesterday in a pool that was 92 degrees. It felt quite nice compared to the air. One fun thing about going swimming when it's this hot out is that I was able to just go stand in the sun for a couple minutes afterward and dried almost completely off (my hair got nice and dry after just one quick towel rub, and it even looked okay, despite not having a blowdrier or a brush with me, so yay for really hot outside air that acts like a blowdrier without the blowing).

I *think* I have conquered the spider mites that were trying to kill my pepper plant in my garden. Now I just have to worry about the actual spiders living in the tomato plants. ;) Somebody asked the question the other day as to whether everyone in the room was more scared of spiders or snakes. Everybody else said snakes. I said spiders. Snakes are not creepy. They are slithery and scaley and kind of cool and usually not horribly dangerous. Spiders are freaky. Some of them jump. The ones that don't jump can drop down on a thread from the ceiling onto me. They scurry in unexpected directions. They like to hide. Little baby ones can float all around everywhere and creep me out. Spiders could be crawling in my mouth while I'm sleeping without me knowing it. Multi-colored ones with bright, bright colored bits are creepy. The ones with long very obviously jointed legs are creepy. The ones with really thin long curved legs are creepy. Fat ones with short little legs are creepy. Translucent ones are really creepy. Especially smooth ones are creepy. Really hairy ones are even more creepy. Small ones are creepy. Big ones are more creepy. I never know which spiders are poisonous, which ones can jump, which ones just scurry and scuttle and scare me with their general unpredictableness as they run about. Snakes have nothing on spiders. Lots of people keep a variety of snakes as pets. Only a few people keep tarantulas as pets, and tarantulas are only one kind of spider (and they're creepy too).

So, not only did you get me discussing the local weather, but you also got an anti-spider tirade! Oh, lucky, lucky readers. :P

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