Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!

Hmmm. It's been awhile since I posted, again. Sorry. After coming home from Las Vegas, and prior to going to AX, I was crazy busy with working on my cosplay costumes trying to finish them, while being sick at the same time. Due to extreme fatigue, I didn't end up finishing everything, which is sad, as it resulted in my Mina costume kind of sucking, and my Hitomi costume didn't even get worn (never hemmed the skirt or added the white detailing on the shirt). And then, of course, I was at AX and didn't have time to post. I'm still currently on vacation in CA with Veng's parents in their RV, and won't be home 'till Saturday (I miss my home, and am ready to go back to it), but I have some time to post right now so I figured, might as well.

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

AX was fun. We didn't do a whole lot while we were there (I spent a lot of time even there trying to finish my costumes) but it was still fun. We'll have to do more if we go again though, to make it worth the money. My Sakura costume I've realized is not really very good (the shirt's the best part, and it's inaccurate due to having sleeves...the shorts turned out really good though, but the skirt sucks a lot and though the boots look fine they gave me horrible blisters). My Ryo costume I thought turned out quite well. The only thing I was missing was the blue band at the tops of the socks. The shirt ended up a little too short, and wouldn't stay tucked into the pants, and the shorts ended up way tighter than I had hoped they would be, but it all looked good, and pretty accurate, and I really enjoyed it. Quite a few people recognized it and asked to take my picture (which is always fun). I was interested by the fact that all the people who recognized me were males, though. Mina didn't get done, the shoes did not get done, and I never quite figured out how to get the ears to stay on very well so they caused a few problems. The carrots worked out really well though. I modded the costume design for the sake of modesty, and I think it turned out well, though it was inaccurate. A few people recognized Mina. I'll have to wear it again sometime (and actually finish it so that it's good). Ryo was definitely my best costume though. I thought Mike's Densha costume turned out really well too, though not as many people recognized him. I am tired of sewing for awhile and may take a break from it when we get home. Next time I cosplay I'll have to start on the costumes a LOT earlier so that I don't have any last minute crazy hectic sewing and not sleeping and being a recluse in the craft room even when there's guests over.

So now we're on vacation with Veng's parents, going to various parts of CA in their RV. It's been fun so far, we went to Raging Waters yesterday, and are going to the beach tomorrow, and Disneyland the day after. I really like this area of California, it's so pretty, and I love the humidity, and the mountains here are so interesting to me because they're so different from the Utah mountains that I'm used to or the Arizona mountains that I hardly ever can even see. The one problem is the massive amounts of pollution. We're in the San Dimas area right now so it isn't quite so horrible, but I've been coughing fairly frequently since we got here due to all the junk in the air. Other than the pollution, I definitely wouldn't mind if we ended up living around here someday. The weather's lovely (even in their "it's so hot, it's a hundred degrees!" heatwave, it's a lot nicer than the 115 degrees of dry heat that it is in Arizona right now). The vacation is nice, but I'm discovering I have a couple of beefs with staying in an RV. Number one, and the biggest one: I have no personal space. There is no space that is just mine, where my stuff and only my stuff can go, and there is nowhere that I can go for privacy or to be alone, and I really don't like sleeping on the pull-out couch (which is too small) where anybody can walk through and see me / wake me up. I sleep pretty lightly, and have been getting woken up when I don't want to be fairly frequently. This makes me rather cranky, as I like to be able to sleep when I'm sleepy, and I tend to be cranky as is whenever I'm tired. Also, with only one bathroom and only one computer, my schedule is extremely dependent on the other people also in the RV, which also tends to annoy me. Also, I'm worried about my garden (I don't know if anybody's watering it right now), and my house is a wreck and I want to clean it, and I need to go grocery shopping, and prepare my lesson for Sunday (and get the manual back first!) and we're not getting home until some unknown time on Saturday. Anyways, I think ultimately I've just had too much vacationing lately and am tired of it, even if it is likely to be fun.

Also, I miss cooking my own yummy meals.

Also, it often smells funny when you have four people and a dog all stuck in an RV all day.

Also, I'm finding I like to be able to plan things myself to do when on vacation rather than having to follow somebody else's schedule about what to do and when to do it. I think I'm to the point of considering "family vacations" to be just vacations with me and Mike where we can do things we're interested in and want to do, with a few concessions to what the other wants to do if we're not interested in it ourselves.


I would kind of like to just go home.

I hope you're all enjoying your holiday! Have fun watching parades and fireworks and things! Have picnics and barbeques! Play frisbee! Make it a special relaxing day!

that's all for now.

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