Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oh, the Hugh Manatee!

I have not yet made a manatee named Hugh, but someday, I will.

This post is brought to you by punny projects. I have a list of punny projects to make that I thought up all on my own (well, okay, I got some "inspiration" from some photos on the internet of visual puns) just today. Hugh Manatee is, of course, on the list. Two of the projects are already done. I shall inform you about them, following which I will post the rest of the list for the curiously inclined.

First off, you ought to know that my dad's birthday and Father's Day are very close to one another. As such, I needed two presents for him (to send along with my mother's birthday present which is now rather late, but not too horribly late). Also, my father likes puns. I sincerely believe that his favorite present that I've ever given him was the Cartridge in a Bare Tree that I made him for Christmas one year (it was his idea). So, I decided what better present than to make him more pun-intended gifts? Plus, making presents is very cheap. Nothing better than giving presents that were very cheap, yet are still cool.

The primary present, and the one that took me most of the day today to make, is an iPod, or rather an Eye-Pod. Crocheted out of various yarns, it closely resembles a human eyeball located inside a large round green seed pod. Maybe tomorrow I will remove this description and replace it with a photo (as nothing's quite as better than a thousand words as a photo is). The eyePod is quite large, approximately the size of my fist, though considerably more spherical.

The secondary present is a Blackberry. The pun being between the phone/PDA popular product and an actual blackberry of the berry sort. It is also crocheted, and looks like an overly large dark blue bulgy berry, with some small green leaves at the top, and a stem that doubles as a keychain attachment via its loop at the top. The berry (excluding the stem) is approximately as long as my big toe (please note, my big toe is on the short side as far as big toes go). It is probably a bit more useful than the eyePod as it can be a keychain dongle (though I suppose the eyePod could be a paperweight or somesuch though it's really not very heavy being made entirely of yarn and PolyFil stuffing).

Neither present is nearly as useful as it's technological counterpart, yet they'll hopefully give my dad a laugh at least.

So, on to the list! Remaining presents from puns that have yet to be made (and are just waiting for the right occasion):
1. Hugh Manatee (manatee named Hugh, obviously)
2. A butterfly (stick of butter with wings)
3. A deviled egg (egg with devil's horns and tail)
4. A baseball bat (a mammalian bat with a baseball as its body)
5. An egg plant (plant with fried eggs as the flowers)
6. A card shark (shark made out of cards)
7. A hand-crafted item (item crafted entirely of hands)
8. The light-headed man (man with a lightbulb for a head)
9. Money-laundering. (miniature washing machine with a couple dollars inside it)

I'm looking forward to making all of these (and to posting pictures of the ones already made).

First, though, I have to finish my cosplay costumes.

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Katria said...

I adore manatees to no end. Someday I will swim with them and then my life will be complete.