Friday, June 22, 2007

Letter from Vegas

Dear friends,

Sorry for the small silence. My dear husband and I have been on a belated anniversary trip to Las Vegas (yay for gifted vacations). It's been a lot of fun, and I've been enjoying it (I'd never really been to Vegas before), and now I am finally tired and feeling ready to go back home (we're returning to our lovely Arizona abode tomorrow). First, though, I shall tell you about the gritty details of our vacationing. Going backwards, starting from things we haven't even done yet.

Today, we are most likely going to go ride on the Stratosphere rides and go shopping around and about various places (mostly window shopping). Other than that, we have nothing to do today! Yay for relaxation!

Yesterday we drove down to...hmmm...I never bothered learning which end of the Strip is in which direction. Anyways, we went down to the opposite end from where we're staying, so that I could look at the Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York, and so that we could go see M&M World and see if there were any good games at GameWorks (there weren't). We also went and saw Penn & Teller, who were entertaining. I think my favorite part about Penn & Teller though was reading their little booklet about themselves which was full of little entertaining stories that were very well-told (also, finding out that Teller used to be a high school Latin teacher was pretty awesome).

Wednesday we spent most of the day relaxing. We went and saw Cirque de Soleil's KA show which was absolutely amazing (normal Cirque de Soleil acrobatics mixed with theatrics (storyline and plot) mixed with pyrotechnics, it was Fabulous). I really liked the two main actors/acrobats, and the costuming was Incredible. Full of Asian theatrical influences too, which I really enjoyed being able to notice.

Tuesday was our incredible feats of physical prowess day. I decided that we were perfectly capable of walking the entire day. So, we went and saw Circus Circus and played some of their carnival games (and Mike won me a stuffed frog from the camel racing game). We walked around Ross (yes, the Dress for Less store) and found Mike a very cute new shirt. We walked past (and inside a little bit) the FashionShow mall. We walked and walked, and went through a couple of the casinos for a few minutes to see what they looked like inside. Finally we got to the Monte Carlo, where we ate and saw Lance Burton's magic show (interesting to see a magic show in person, but not quite as amazing as I was hoping it would be...still fun though). After all that, I determined that we still weren't done walking! So we walked back and saw two fountain shows at The Bellagio (very cool), saw the Treasure Island outdoor show (well, most of it...we walked away after awhile once we determined the whole show was going to consist of nothing more than sex references and show girls (and guys) dancing...though I did see a couple explosions in the show, which were definitely the best part). After getting all the way back there, we were both very tired of walking so we crossed the street and walked down a little further to catch the Deuce (double-decker bus) back to near our hotel. I measured the distance when we were driving another day, and determined that all in all, we walked four and a half miles. And neither of us were very sore the next day, which I found absolutely amazing.

Monday, I think was the best day of all. We walked around the Venetian which is pretty cool inside. I don't really remember what else we did that day, other than seeing The Blue Man Group. They are amazing, their show is amazing, it's wild and crazy and hilarious and very, very interactive. We got covered in paper and got to see them get covered in paint, and listen to some awesome percussion peices, and it's all kind of like a giant pantomime because they neither talk nor blink. The blue men came out into the audience several times, and walked among them/climbed over them. At one point in the show they all came out and were wandering around. We were sitting right on the aisle a few rows back. One of them walked past, stopped, turned, and was just staring at us. I couldn't help giggling like crazy. He kept staring at me, no blinking, all blue. I just busted up in giggles every time I looked at him. Eventually the other two blue men wandered over, and then all three of them were staring at me. I, of course, kept giggling. The most amazing part was that they then pulled me up on stage with them. Me, on a stage, in front of hundreds of people, with three guys that have all their exposed skin covered in blue plastic/painted blue who don't blink and play amazing percussion and are hilarious. It was so much freaking fun. I giggled almost the whole time I was up there. They put a funny vest thing on me and had me sit on a bench at a table with them. I ended up getting to share twinkies with them (I had to open all the packages) (also, I improved a bit and did things that made the audience laugh a lot). I tried to light a candle, at their prompting, only to have a fire extinguisher (stage one, not a real foam-filled one) blown all over me. And, when one of them ate his last bite of twinkie, and mashed bananas came out of the tube thing on his chest all over everything, and they scooped it up onto the plates, they gave me some also, and I got to take a bite, after which I, too, had mashed bananas coming out of the tube on my chest that was built into my vest. They took a polaroid of me grimacing while laughing (weird facial expression to say the least), and gave me the leftover twinkie and some mashed banana in a Chinese take-out container to take with me. It was the most fun at a performance I've ever had, and I think I did an okay job on stage, too (my incessant giggling just made the audience laugh more at everything).

So, yay! That's been my fun and exciting trip! Blue-Man Group was definitely the best thing we did while here, even if I hadn't gotten to go on stage it still would've been an absolute blast. Even if I did end up with mashed banana all over my pants bottoms and flip-flops. If you ever get to go to Vegas, go see the Blue Man Group, and the fountains at the Bellagio (and perhaps a Cirque de Soleil show as well, there's about six to choose from).

I hope you're all doing well.
With Loves,

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All I want to do in Vegas is see shows.

I still haven't.

So I think I'll just sit here being envious for a while.