Sunday, May 27, 2007

New post time! Recent events and summer plans.

Yep. New post time!

Collective Soul was great in concert yet again. Funniest part of the trip was getting carded when we walked into the room. I was with Veng and his parents, and the security lady came and planted herself in front of me, saying, "Ma'am, please come with me" as she herded me over by the wall by the entrance. "Ma'am, can I see your ID, please?" totally serious and grim-faced. I smiled. "Sure!" I said, and pulled out my driver's license. She looked at it, then looked again at it a bit closer, then looked up at me. She said a single word as she handed it back to me, with her mouth and eyes open wide. "Wow." I smiled back at her and turned to go back toward my seat. "Enjoy the concert!" she called. She was quite obviously shocked, while viewing my ID, that I was in fact 24 and not 17 or so (which I suppose is what she had assumed). Veng, on the other hand, a whole year and a half younger than me, has never been carded in his life. I know I told that story horribly, but I still find the memory of it funny.

Something is eating the leaves on my plants. I suspect the ants as I always see them crawling all over every plant in my garden, but do ants eat leaves like caterpillars and snails do? It could be clever snails, I did find a tiny snail shell the other day. I just hope the plants don't all die before I manage to get some tomatoes and cucumbers. I am impatient to consume the fruits of my labor. Horribly, horribly impatient.

I found a new entertaining blog to read, which I have been enjoying the last couple days. Tomorrow I decided I ought to clean my house because it's horribly messy, but Veng's parents are throwing a bbq and swimming party around lunchtime which may keep me from actually getting any of the cleaning done (not that I can't do it on Tuesday instead).

Oh, yes, another enjoyable moment from our one-night trip to Nevada. We were eating dinner on Friday at a buffet where they had fortune cookies available. Being me, I of course took one. It was, in short, the best fortune cookie I've ever gotten. First, it was actually a fortune. Second, it came true. Whoo! Now you're all undoubtedly curious as to what it said. I suppose I can tell you, since it already came true and all. "You will soon have new clothes." I had just gotten a couple of very-on-sale shirts on Thursday, so I thought, hey, retroactively true, cool. But then, after the concert, I gave in and bought a concert t-shirt, only remembering afterwards about the fortune. Yay, new shirts! Yay, fortune cookies! Yay, me saying yay entirely too much!

Forgive me, I'm tired, and my eyes are horribly dry which is keeping me from thinking very clearly. I've decided to start a new regimen of self-improvement this summer. First off on the improvement list is me. Here are my goals, to help motivate myself:
1. Put on a load of lotion every day. This will lead to happy, attractive skin.
2. Brush and floss (flossing being the part that's missing most right now) my teeth every day. Also, use Crest Whitestrips for the next two weeks. Also, swish alternately with anti-cavity flouride, and anti-plaque mouthwash. This will hopefully lead to a nicer, whiter smile, and prevent the need for a trip to the dentist in the near future, which isn't covered by our current insurance.
3. Shave the legs every other day at a minimum. I know I've made this a goal before and never followed through, but I really don't see any conflicts with it for this summer. Also, put on sunscreen and try to get legs slightly more tan by actually (gasp!) exposing them to the light of day while wearing capris or skirts or swimming or whatever. This will help me feel more like my legs might possibly be semi-attractive.
4. Exercise at least three times a week. Pilates or walking or swimming. Make a routine. Pick days and times. Half an hour minimum. This will help me to be happier and healthier and more confident in the shape of my body (and less self-conscious when we're at Hawaii at the end of the summer). Plus, I will hopefully get sick less often and have more energy for going up and down the stairs to clean and such.
5. Take time to relax each day, but also take time to accomplish stuff each day. This will help me feel like I am not a lazy slob. It will also help me feel like I'm not stressed out of my mind.

Second on my improvement list is my house. Here are my house-improvement goals for the summer:
1. Clear out some of my craft stuff by either completing it or tossing it. This will help keep my craft room clean and neat which will hopefully result in me feeling more up to working on all my crafty projects for the summer. Like finishing my quilt, my cosplay costumes, and freeing up some space to do some art projects that I've been wanting to do lately.
2. Garden. I love my garden. It's therapeutic, inspecting my plants and seeing how they're doing and seeing them grow and enjoy their little plant lives. Also, it will hopefully save a tiny bit of money on groceries.
3. Clean the complete and total house at least once a week. Not only will my house be a more pleasant place to be, this will also help keep my dust allergies from being so bad. Stupid dust.
4. Do not allow there to ever be any laundry on the bedroom floor. This requires not only doing the laundry regularly, but also putting it away right after doing it. It will make the weekly cleaning a lot easier to accomplish.
5. Repaint furniture. Start with the metal cabinet that's on the patio and paint it a nice creamy orange with white accents, and then put a nice finish on it, so that when we set a TV on it and the SNES inside of it, it won't scratch all the paint off. Drill a hole in the back for cables to go through. Replace the magnets on the doors so they'll actually stay closed. Bring it inside and use it. Proceed to the coffee table. Paint the light wood top black, with some nice simple colored accents (maybe a couple stripes, maybe a border, maybe some large spots). Make it match the room (and it's own black metal legs). Let it dry and put a hard finish on it that will prevent it from being scratched and make it nice and smooth and shiny. Proceed to the kitchen table and chairs. Paint them anything other than white and natural wood, so that they look either classy or fun, whichever, as long as they don't look country-home-ish anymore. Nice hard finish on them too, so they're easy to clean and will hold up to subsequent years of abuse.
6. Make curtains for the windows. The house will look more like the place we live rather than the place we rent.
7. Make slip-covers for the beige couch and chair. Yay for color.

My last goal for the summer:
Make a budget and stick to it, hopefully managing to pay all the bills and buy semi-healthy (yet cheap like beans and rice) food for the entire summer. This may preclude some of my other goals from getting accomplished this summer. Whatever. I don't really like budgeting, maybe I'll make Veng make one for me to stick to.

Obviously, I have plenty to keep my busy all summer (not to mention all our trips coming up). This will be good. Oh yes, I forgot one more goal: make more friends here. That will take up any remaining time. Having so much to do will be nice. Getting into all these good self-care habits will be good (working on spiritual self-care habits too, btw). Getting in the habit of cleaning more frequently will also be good (I forgot to mention the dishes, throw those into the goals list somewhere too). And if I am so busy with all this stuff, Veng will have nothing to do but finish grad school applications! And play video-games, and complete his own summer goals (speaking of video games, I'm planning on doing a decent bit of that this summer too hopefully).

I may have too much planned for myself. Whatever. Leftover projects can wait until fall. It'll be fun implementing my improvement plans over the next few months. Hopefully they'll all turn out okay.


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I was just thinking about CS the other day, wondering if they still existed. Then the radio said they have a new cd and here's your post!

They do!

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