Monday, May 07, 2007

For everyone else

Something not so mushy for everybody else to read. :)

We had a nice anniversary, even if it did fall on a Fast Sunday. We celebrated by going out to eat on Saturday, playing Zelda: Twilight Princess, reminiscing for several hours, and overall just having a nice relaxing day.

My garden is growing great. It's nice and big and green and lush, and I need to take some pictures of it so I can show it off. We used our first bit of it the other day. I pulled up one of the green onions, and chopped off some of the onion chives, and put them in one of the dishes we had for dinner last week, and it was very tasty. I am excited for when the tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers are finally ready to eat (which will probably be another couple of weeks from now).

I finally finished my present for my older brother's birthday (which was last month). I made him a crocheted Ewok, and an origami Yoda, both of which I think turned out quite well. I'll be mailing them off today if all goes well, after which I won't feel guilty about posting pictures in here of them.

Life is overall going well. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing birthday/Mother's Day weekend this weekend, with lots of time spent playing my birthday present (the Wii) and lots of time spent doing whatever else I feel like doing, and lots of sleep and relaxation.

I have lots of upcoming projects that I'll be working on over the next several weeks. I think I'll hold off on posting about them until I'm done with them, as an incentive to complete them.

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