Monday, May 07, 2007

Dear Mike

I love it when you open my door for me.
I love that you fix food for me to eat when I'm feeling sick and not up to doing the same for you.
I love your laugh, and that you use it so often.
I love how much you enjoy it when I play games with you, even if I make you do the hard parts for me.
I love that you're always willing to let me try to explain myself, even if I don't make any sense at the time.
I love being able to be completely silly and ridiculous and how you laugh at me and tell me I'm cute instead of thinking I'm weird or annoying.
I love how you always encourage me to try new things, even if I'm not feeling quite ready to tackle them yet.
I love that our first year of being married has been the best year of my life.
I love how happy you make me, and that you're willing to work around my irrationality when I'm depressed.
I love kissing you goodbye before either of us leaves for the day.
I love kissing you hello when both of us are back at home.
I love kissing you goodnight right before we go to sleep.
I love kissing you for no reason whatsoever.
I also love poking you for no reason whatsoever, and that you don't mind my fake gut punches.
I love hugging you tight, hanging on, pretending I'm never going to let go.
I love that you always catch me when I tip over near you just to see what you'll do.
I love seeing you read, and I love how you love to share the exciting parts with me.
I love seeing new things, hearing new things, experiencing new things, with you there also to share them with.
I love being able to remember the same things as you.
I love the comfort of knowing that if I was ever in trouble, you would rescue me (even if all you had available to use was a hard plastic plate and some dirt).
I love watching movies with you, snuggled up in our throne chair together, slightly squished yet very comfortable.
I love when you come up with new compliments for me, like that I'm cuter than a kitten.
I love how you love to play with kids, yet you don't let them get away with whatever they want.
I love that we can cry together when something is hard, then find something to laugh at together right afterwards.
I love living with you, I love smiling at you, I love walking next to you.

I love you, Mike. For forever and ever, I love you. Happy Anniversary. :)

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