Sunday, April 15, 2007


Less than a month until our one year anniversary and my 24th birthday. I've given up on finishing the thank-you cards from the wedding. I didn't ever finish them before the move, and just haven't done anything on them since, so, if you didn't receive one, I formally apologize to you. Some I wrote but didn't ever send out because I didn't have addresses. I don't know what's going to happen with those.

It's a little odd to think of myself as being 24. I'm substituting an elementary art education class on my birthday. Hopefully it will go well.

Speaking of things that never got finished after the move, I really need to call some places and officially change our address with them so that we'll get all of our mail here.

We got our taxes done last week. It didn't take very long at all (hooray for standard deductibles) and we ought to be getting a decent sized return back which will help pay for our rent this summer, which is fabulous.

We finally tried putting my new harddrive in my computer, and it's not working. We suspect it may be the power converter we got (it was $2), and if it is, we will have to get a new power supply for my computer. Further testing will occur to determine if that is the cause of the problem later this week.

We're about halfway through watching Noir. I really like it so far.

Mike convinced me (it wasn't too hard to do) to try playing Lord of the Rings Online with him (free open beta). If we continue enjoying it as much as we have so far (our characters are up to level 5 right now), then we'll see if we can pre-order it and continue playing. Yes, I'm finally playing an MMORPG. It's Lord of the Rings, what can I say?


Tolkien Boy said...

I really enjoyed twenty-four. Watch out for twenty-five, though. :)

Thirdmango said...

it's free eh? Maybe I'll give it a try. I've really wanted to get into Noir, but I don't want to watch it dubbed in english, and that's the only way I've been able to get it.