Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bugs, Cleaning, Wii, and I'm sick

I am suffering from either the beginnings of another cold, or from severe allergies. It makes me not want to do anything.

Yesterday I cleaned all day. Now our house is clean. Yay.

One of the reasons for the cleaning was that lately, I have found bugs that have decided to cohabit our residence. The cockroaches living in our home with us are very large, at approximately two inches long excluding antennaes. The ants living in our home are very small, approximately one millimetere long in total. The weevily things that were living in our rice were very small and extremely gross and I have no idea how they got inside the rice tupperware in the first place since there aren't any in the large bag of rice that was the source of all the rice. The occasinal other creepy-crawly critter in our home is generally just creepy-crawly and icky. The spiders are a variety of sizes but most lately have been quite small. The flies are tiny and very annoyingly everywhere. The ants that live in our garden are much larger than the ones inside, and they bite. At any rate, with all the bugs around recently, I have been completely grossed out, so yesterday I cleaned and disinfected the entire kitchen, took out all the trash in the house, picked up everywhere, did laundry, and vacuumed until our vacuum battery ran out. Hopefully the general cleanliness of everything will discourage the nasty little bugs from wandering around inside.

Seeing as my birthday is drawing ever closer, we decided to get an early birthday present for me, and purchased the one Wii available for purchase in Mesa (used, we had to camp out in front of EB Games all morning Saturday until they opened to get it too, it is rather amazing that they're still so hard to find). It is quite fun. We've been enjoying Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Wii Play, and ToeJam and Earl. Eventually we will get some more games hopefully (though not anytime soon as they're expensive), as well as some more nunchuks. We've got three controllers, and one nunchuk, and no Wavebird controllers which we may need to get some of eventually to be able to play more of the Virtual Console games (or GameCube games). It is counting as my birthday and anniversary presents, and as a bit of Christmas that was left over in our tiny savings.

I need to find a community down here to be a part of. I don't really feel like I fit in with the other people in our ward yet, and while the friends we've got here are nice and fun to hang out with, we always end up doing the exact same things all the time, and I would like some people to hang out with that are willing to do different things with me as well, like going window shopping, or getting together for dinners, or sewing or crafting or something. More friends would be nice, so I am going to explore possible communities that I could join (local campus clubs, non-campus clubs, something or other, hopefully involving some other girls near my age).

My throat and head both hurt a lot, so that's it for my update today.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Less than a month until our one year anniversary and my 24th birthday. I've given up on finishing the thank-you cards from the wedding. I didn't ever finish them before the move, and just haven't done anything on them since, so, if you didn't receive one, I formally apologize to you. Some I wrote but didn't ever send out because I didn't have addresses. I don't know what's going to happen with those.

It's a little odd to think of myself as being 24. I'm substituting an elementary art education class on my birthday. Hopefully it will go well.

Speaking of things that never got finished after the move, I really need to call some places and officially change our address with them so that we'll get all of our mail here.

We got our taxes done last week. It didn't take very long at all (hooray for standard deductibles) and we ought to be getting a decent sized return back which will help pay for our rent this summer, which is fabulous.

We finally tried putting my new harddrive in my computer, and it's not working. We suspect it may be the power converter we got (it was $2), and if it is, we will have to get a new power supply for my computer. Further testing will occur to determine if that is the cause of the problem later this week.

We're about halfway through watching Noir. I really like it so far.

Mike convinced me (it wasn't too hard to do) to try playing Lord of the Rings Online with him (free open beta). If we continue enjoying it as much as we have so far (our characters are up to level 5 right now), then we'll see if we can pre-order it and continue playing. Yes, I'm finally playing an MMORPG. It's Lord of the Rings, what can I say?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

It's been an eventful week, I guess. On Monday night we got a call from Mike's parents asking if we wanted to go to Disneyland with them and his brother's family on Wednesday. We decided it could be a lot of fun, so got ready for the trip. The two big items of getting ready that took the longest time were due to my hair. I've been sick of it for awhile, and can't get any recommendations for any good haircut places here that cost less than $80 (and I am NOT going to pay that much for a haircut), so we decided to take some action. First, Mike dyed my hair for me, with what the box claimed would be a golden brown (it turned out looking more like a vaguely strawberry brown, which is fine). Semi-permanent, so it'll fade out in about six weeks. Secondly, Mike cut my hair for me (I helped a bit evening it out at the end). We just did a shoulder-length bob, straight on the bottom, pretty easy to do, and I feathered the sides around my face a little to make it look more interesting. Overall, I think it turned out quite well.

After that was all done on Tuesday, and we were all packed up, we left in a caravan (our car, and Mike's brother's mini-van) to California. It was kind of a long drive, and we had to make a couple rather long stops so my sister-in-law could feed their month-old baby, but we finally made it to the hotel at about 1am. It was a nice hotel, but I didn't pay a lot of attention to it because I wanted to sleep, which I promptly did. Wednesday we spent the day at Disneyland and California Adventure. Thursday morning after breakfast at IHOP, we drove back home. It really was fun, but I'm still not sure if it was fun enough to be worth it.

We're going to start doing our taxes today. I am not looking forward to it.

My garden is growing nicely. I need cages for the tomato plants, as a couple of them are starting to get tippy. I think I will be able to harvest some fresh basil soon, which will be exciting.

No Easter baskets for us this year. I was good and didn't buy any candy because we haven't been eating very healthy this week and we don't need any extraneous sugary munchable things laying around to consume. No special Easter food for me to cook either, we're going over to Mike's parents' house for dinner tonight like we do every Sunday and they don't have a traditional Easter dinner. I'm too tired to cook a big meal anyway, so it'll be very nice.

Hopefully church today will be good. I get to teach CTR 8 for the first time today, the Easter lesson, which is a very important and fabulous lesson, but not the most interesting of the lessons in the manual for the kids to listen to. Hopefully they pay at least a little bit of attention.

I think I convinced our anime group down here (consisting of several of Mike's LANning friends) to do a group cosplay with us at AX. I volunteered to make costumes if they pay for the materials. Hopefully we'll be able to pick a series that they'd be interested in soon so I can get started planning things out and finding patterns and such (they're all guys, one of them has never cosplayed before and is a little unsure about the whole thing, and one of the others is only interested in doing recognizable costumes, so we'll see if we can come up with a series to cosplay from that satisfies both of them). I should get started on my other costumes this week.

The top of my quilt I'm working on is all done except for the borders. Need to go to the fabric store and get some material for that, and then I can start quilting.

I'm really not looking forward to the taxes (Mike's dad is going to help us with them after dinner, thus why we're starting on them today--we just barely got Mike's W2, which is why we haven't already done them).

Monday, April 02, 2007


I found out yesterday that my brother and his wife are expecting their first child. I also found out that he got a full tuition scholarship for two years of grad school, so with that and the child issue my family is all very excited for them, as I'm sure they are also very excited for themselves. I am happy for them, those are cool things to have happen. I have begun thinking, however, about the use of the word "expecting" when someone is pregnant. Yes, they are expecting that, in about seven or eight months, a cute new little baby will pop out and their family will number three. But I am also expecting that I will someday have kids, yet nobody would say I'm currently expecting because I'm not pregnant at the moment. I still have a lot of expectations though. It's interesting to think about the difference between expectations and hopes/dreams. Sometimes they can be the same thing, but often they aren't.

I think that's about it for currently.