Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The week of holidays

This week is spring break, so we get to stay home from work all week, which is the cause of great rejoicing, and is especially good because my dear husband has been horribly sick with a nasty cold thing and shouldn't be going to work anyway right now and I will probably get at least reasonably sick before the week is over.

Today, it is Pi Day. 3.14 and in honor of it we had turnovers, because the pies were several dollars more expensive and the apple turnovers looked pretty good and they're more like pie than say, donuts.

Tomorrow, it is the Ides of March. I would like to make a greek dish to celebrate, but will probably just end up making a strata, which is good anyway so it doesn't really matter. Maybe I'll make a toga and surprise Mike with it. Et tu, Brutus? How will you celebrate?

On Saturday is St. Patrick's Day. I will most definitely be wearing green. Hopefully I will be able to find some green food coloring so I can at least do some green milk for celebration. They had green bagels at the store today, and their green-sprinkled cookies are all on display. Their Patty's Day display is not nearly as large though as their aisles of stuffed bunnies and fake eggs and chickens and things for Easter. Which reminds me, the egg came first.

So, everybody should party this week! Hooray!

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