Saturday, March 10, 2007

Got to be too busy for thinking

So, I've decided that there's some things (like just how long I'm going to need to keep on working for) that I'm simply going to try not to think about, because they're getting me down.

I only ended up working on Friday this week, didn't get any calls for the rest of the week. I got lots of stuff done, picked up some job applications (which took some guts to ask for), filled them out (I'm going to turn them in today hopefully), cleaned and organized our bedroom (I have a proper hamper now, some drawers for my undies and stuff, and light so we can actually see properly when we're in our room), cleaned the bathroom a bit (and got a bunch of stuff to properly clean them finally, after which I can repair the grout in our shower), pulled loads of grass out of our garden area (and discovered an ant hill which I tried to drown) and got it all ready to plant stuff in it today, read the archives of three or four webcomics (short ones, mostly, and I highly recommend Gunnerkrigg Court, it's great), finished watching Fruits Basket with Mike, got my quilt top cut apart and rearranged all ready to be sewn back together for the last time, and a bunch of other stuff got done too. It was good. Makes me wish I could stay home and be productive all the time! Which I'm not going to think about.

So, today is gardening day. I, of course, managed to choose the abnormally warm weekend for all my spring planting needs (it's supposed to be in the low 90's today). It was also very warm on Thursday when I was pulling the weeds, and I drank a ton of water, which I guess is good for me, but it was kind of weird because I don't normally drink nearly that much, but I was so dang thirsty afterwards that I just guzzled it (and my tummy didn't complain at all like it normally does when I drink that much). I'll have to take a water bottle out with me today. I'm planning on planting some vegetables (maybe some onions, tomatoes, leeks would be cool but I don't think they'll grow here, maybe some spinach though it might be too late to plant that), some herbs (basil, rosemary, and some of those other herbs that recipes always call for using fresh and I never have any...the rosemary at least should grow great), and some flowers ('cause they're pretty, and if I plant marigolds it'll help keep the icky plant-eating buggies out of my garden). I also need to board up the hole under our patio wall under which the neighbor cat likes to crawl. I don't want it to eat my plants, or poop in my garden. So, that's what I'd like to get all planted today. We'll see how much I can actually afford to get when I go to the store today.

Next week is spring break. No teaching! We're going to see Body Worlds on Monday, which will be cool. The rest of the week, who knows, I put on my two applications that I'm available to work as of Tuesday. I'll probably just end up with lots of time to relax and hang out and do stuff around the house, which would be nice. Getting a new job would be nice too, though.

I substituted first grade yesterday, which was not too bad, actually. The kids listened to me less and less the closer it got to going home, which isn't all that surprising. The school mascot at the school I was at is a dragon (of the oriental variety) so that was pretty cool. I don't know why an elementary school needs a mascot, really, but whatever, at least they have a cool one.

Time to get busy so I don't think about any of those depressing things that I don't want to waste my day thinking about.

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