Friday, March 30, 2007

Good day, bad day

On the bad days, the days where other adults make it obvious that they think I have absolutely no control over the classroom and am not doing a good job at doing my job, I come home and all I want to do is cry. And eat. I generally haven't eaten anything on the bad days until dinner, which just makes things worse.

On the good days, I not only don't go to work, but didn't go to work the day before either, which means I've already gotten my lazing about out of the way, and can be incredibly productive, and do all my laundry, and the dishes, and water the plants, and finish sewing my quilt blocks all together, and eat several times, and go 'golfing' for the first time in my life (technically just hitting balls at the driving range, not really golfing), and though all of that really was just what I did on Wednesday, it was a really good day. Yesterday was pretty good too, I went to work and didn't have to do much and the kids were great and ran the choir classes by themselves and I came home and bought a bunch of socks from and we went shopping and I got a pair of socks for my Hitomi cosplay and a pair of baseball stirrups in the wrong color so I can figure out how to make them for my Princess Nine cosplay, and I got two pairs of pants and a belt for under $20 at Anchor Blue (cute pants that I can wear to work no less), and we went to Best Buy and Mike got an iPod in exchange for his Palm that broke again.

So, anyway, today was one of the bad days, but I guess I got three good days this week, so that evens it out, right? Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday will also be good days. With General Conference I'm betting they will be.

I still really wish I could get a different job.

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