Monday, March 05, 2007

Get everybody and their stuff together...

Nursery yesterday went well. The lesson (which was very short) was about water. I told them some things we use water for (with pictures), that Heavenly Father made water, and I had them color a picture of some raindrops and an ocean with a fish and a shell in it. All the pictures were drawn by me in the hour before church and thus were not fabulous, but they got the idea across. Eight of the nine kids in the class were there, along with several moms for the first half of class or so, and the nursery singing-time leader for about half an hour. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a nursery singing-time leader, but apparently there is, and she gets to do all the songs with the kids, which makes me a little sad as that is one of the funnest parts of nursery (and the kids love it). I made up for it by singing The Itsy Bitsy Spider with them after she'd left. I even made props for it during Sacrament Meeting, which was pretty fun. I had some cardstock in my bag, so I drew and cut-out a spider, a water-pipe, an oval that had raindrops on it, a cloud, a sun, and some pieces of paper to attach them all together. So, the spider had a loop on it's back, so he could climb the rainspout towards the cloud. Then the raindrops came down from behind the cloud and knocked the spider off the rainspout. Finally the sun came out and made the raindrops disappear back under the cloud, and the spider got back on the rainspout and climbed all the way up to the bottom of the cloud. I thought it was pretty clever, personally, and the kids all liked it. They also liked doing the hand-motions (we did the song several times during class).

The mother of one of the girls that wasn't there last week warned me when she dropped her off that she likes to pull hair, and indeed she did. She pulled little tiny handfuls of hair out of one of the other girls' head at least four separate times during class, which not only made the other little girl cry, but also completely ruined her cute pigtails. I don't know what her parents thought when they came to pick her up, with her hair a wreck and her face all red from crying repeatedly. I think the kids are slowly getting used to us and will eventually let their parents go to their classes without sobbing. We need to make use of marshmallows as treats. That should help there be considerably less crying and considerably more cooperation.

We may have a third nursery leader to help out next week, which could be very nice. Nine kids between the ages of 1 1/2 and 3 are hard to handle, especially when one of us has to go out of the room to take one of them to the bathroom.

I'm taking the day off from work today. I decided that, for as long as I'm substituting, I get one day off a week of my choice (but I have to decide at the beginning of the week which day it will be). On that day, I have to spend at least a bit of time looking for a new job, work on some housework, and be at least semi-productive while Mike's gone. Today I've spent most of the day so far reviewing how my sewing machine works, and started sewing things together for my quilt. I have three squares all done (out of 16). Once all the squares have their pieces assembled, then I get to cut them all in quarters, mix them up, reassemble them, sew them back into sixteen squares, and then sew those squares together into the quilt top. It's kind of a lot of work. My mom made one of these all in one day, I don't know how she did it all so fast. I'll have to post a picture once I'm done with it. I've been thinking it'd be cool to work at one of the local fabric/crafts stores. I need to drive by at least one of them later to see if they're hiring, or have applications.

I've been listening to Cowboy Bebop music for the last few hours, and it's been making me feel melancholy. I should probably take a break from it and listen to something else to cheer myself back up.

Plans for this Saturday: plant a garden!

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