Monday, March 26, 2007

and thus the garden grows

Well, it's been awhile since I posted, I guess. Mike is still sick, so we haven't done a ton of stuff, but we did go to the London Bridge over spring break, which was pretty neat, though it was really weird seeing it surrounded by palm trees and beach and spring break party-goers and 100 degree weather. Mike coughed a lot and I got heat exhaustion I think. I also got lots of pictures. I will have to upload and post some good ones sometime. The water, despite the very hot air, was very cold.

My garden is growing pretty well now. Lots of my seeds I planted have sprouted. We'll see if they stay alive or not. Two of the pansies I planted died, I need to rip them out (the day we went to Lake Havasu and the London Bridge we did not water, and it killed them). Everything else is doing alright, except for the seeds that I think simply will not be growing for me, which was most of the herbs. Maybe I can buy some pots and plant them inside.

I got a new harddrive for my computer. I need to install it soon.

I substituted high school library for two days last week, which was pretty nice (though there were some frustrating things about it). It made me want to look for jobs at the local libraries. Unfortunately, I discovered this morning that the local libraries, other than their professional librarians that have Master's Degrees in Library Science, are run almost completely by volunteers, so there goes that idea for employment. I substituted kindergarten today, and while I thought it went alright overall, the teacher's aides and the principal seemed to think that it didn't go well at all, so I doubt I'll get to go back to that school. We'll see, I guess.

My grandma (that has lung cancer) had the lower lobe of her left lung removed. She's in rehab now, and waiting to hear whether or not they got all the cancer. That's pretty much all my mom told me about that. Here I thought it was inoperable, but I guess I was wrong. In the meantime, my dad got an infected ulcer on his eyeball, and has had to apply antibiotics to it every half an hour in order to try and heal it so he doesn't end up going blind in that eye. It's working alright. Here's hoping he gets all better.

We have a lovely Arizona license plate on our car now.

They switched my calling, so I'm not in nursery with Mike anymore. Now I am in the CTR-8 class because they apparently need two people in there since there's an autistic boy in there who has a really hard time at church. I spent two hours with him on Sunday and I must say, it will be a very patience-trying calling. Nursery was infinitely easier. I've never dealt with autistic kids before, and while he's a very smart, nice boy, he's very hard to deal with. I'd much rather still be in nursery, I was just getting to be friends with all the kids in there and was having fun making crafts for them and planning the lessons and getting to be with Mike for all three hours of church each week. I don't really understand why they moved me, specifically, but I'll go with the flow for now and see what happens.

Allergy season has officially arrived. I am tired. I am also back to my old habit of not eating very often. I need to fix that. And a lot of other stuff, like our shower that needs new grout, my bad habit of ripping my nails, the sink that doesn't drain properly, my general grumpiness for silly reasons like hunger and fatigue, the leaky patio closet, my non-existant laundry habit, etc, etc, etc. There will always be more things to fix. I just wish I didn't have to worry about the hard ones, like sticking with things that I really don't like doing, until later in life, but I guess it's good practice for being a mom and all that. It would still be nice if I could get a different job. At least I have a job, eh? Trying to be optimistic is not really working, it's just making me feel apathetic.

I want to go to New York.

We finally watched Casino Royale the other night. It was pretty good. I haven't really seen enough Bond movies to really compare it to very much.

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