Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thoughts and things

I never mentioned that there was a bomb threat at the school I was at on Friday, did I? I can't find any news about it or I'd link it. It stressed me out waaaaay too much.

My other grandma (the one without terminal lung cancer) I just found out has been mysteriously ill and weak and in large amounts of pain for the past couple of weeks. This tidbit of information makes me very anxious.

I have a new nephew. My sister-in-law gave birth yesterday at 4 in the morning. I'm still trying to get Veng used to the idea that he doesn't just have 2 (one brand new) nephews, but that he actually has 6 nephews and 2 neices.

I'm substituting for a high school band class half day today. I did elementary school music yesterday (the teacher left the option of movies for the kids to watch, and by golly, I took it!). I did Junior High Culinary for two days last week (where the bomb threat occurred)--summary of those classes: Aquamarine is a stupid movie, but it has a Weezer song in it which redeems it slightly; The Incredibles is still a good movie even after having watched it twenty-odd times; Friday Night Lights is a boring movie with a couple of troublesome scenes in it that the kids went crazy about before I managed to find the skip button.

I have been corrected about Dystopia...it was a cyberpunk mod, not a steampunk mod.

Current list of suggestions of things I should be when I grow up:
puppy trainer
full-time teacher
bank employee
travel agent

All fabulous suggestions (even if I'm not sure some of them are quite possible). I guess my problem is that all I really want to be when I grow up, all I've ever really, really wanted to be when grown up, is a stay-at-home mom, just like my mom. Since that isn't going to be happening any time right away though, I'm going to make a lovely list of things I want in a workplace.

Things I Want In A Workplace
A casual atmosphere, in the sense that I could wear my paint-splattered jeans and my Death Cab for Cutie t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops to work and people would thing it was cool instead of being three blatant dress-code violations. Where I can sit cross-legged in my chair or with my knees up without getting in trouble.
A friendly atmosphere, where employees are encouraged to interact with each other and talk about not-work-related stuff instead of being completely silent unless talking about a specific work project.
A place where I don't have to be in charge. I don't particularly like being in charge, I've discovered while substituting, and I'm not very good at getting people to listen to me and do what I ask them to, not really managerial material here, I'd much rather be one of the not-in-charge people who does what someone else tells them to do, though it would be nice to have a little bit of freedom to do things I think need to be done or whatever.
A place where I can work with my hands in some way. I like doing things with my hands. I like moving them around. I prefer using the mouse to using the keyboard on the computer, and I prefer the idea of assembling computers to that of assembling code, for instance. I like fixing things. I like making things. I like adapting things so they do something different than they did before.
A place where I can have my own little space--I like being able to decorate my desk with knicknacks and pictures my nephews have drawn for me and other random things that show that it is uniquely my space, a reflection of me.
A place with sunlight. Windows are amazing. Having some (or lots) of natural light makes me happy and more cheerful and leaves me more prone to working hard than dim or really really fake lighting conditions do. Lots of flourescent lights tire my eyes out, and a dim workplace makes me want to go home and read a book or watch a movie instead of staying at work.
A place that I'm not expected to be at too early in the morning. I'm not a morning person. Even when I go to bed at 10 I don't like to wake up before eight, and I like having some leisurely time in which to get ready for the day.
A place where generally, when I leave work for the day, I'm done with it and don't have to bring anything home with me to work on, because I like to have me evenings for myself and my family and my friends. Also, no working on weekends, and I like having holidays off and vacation time (paid or not) available.

I don't know if places exist that meet all those criteria, and if they do exist, I doubt I'm qualified to work there. But it's fun to think about such a great workplace. I know being a stay-at-home mom doesn't meet most of those qualifications, but it's in its own separate category from earning-money work, so it has different criteria.

I think that's all I've got for today. I made delicious pineapple black bean enchiladas yesterday. They were super-delicious, and I need to put them up on the recipe website so you can all make them too. Not hard to make, either (though not fast).

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Th. said...


Pineapple makes everything better.

And my first college had so many evacuations over bomb threats I think it was just the accepted way to postpone a test.