Saturday, February 10, 2007


So I'm feeling better most of the time now. I took the day off from working yesterday and read some manga for most of the day, which cheered me up a lot. Then Mike came home, and as usual, that made me happy. And we went out for dinner with his parents after dropping our car off to finally get the smooshed door fixed, which should be done today hopefully. And while at dinner, which was at Chili's, I got to have delicious chocolate volcano cake (warm chocolate cake with warm hot fudge sauce inside it with ice cream on top with Magic Shell on the ice cream). Chocolate desserts make me happy. Most any desserts make me happy, actually. Especially since I almost never make dessert myself. After dinner we came home and watched Castle of Cagliostro since neither of us had seen it in quite awhile, and I got some good snuggle time in, which also makes me happy. So I'm feeling better most of the time now. There's still times when I start thinking about it and get sad, and that'll probably keep happening until after she's gone, but as long as I don't get into a huge depressed funk I should be fine.

I'm going to see if my family wants to go see the Body Worlds exhibit while they're here visiting. I think it sounds really cool, but it's kind of expensive to get in so I don't know if they'll want to go or not. It frankly doesn't seem like it's been all that long since I last saw them, but it'll be nice to have them visit anyway. I'll get to show off my cute house (I've taken to calling it a house even though it's not a straight up house because it's entirely big enough to be a house). Though that does mean I have to clean up and organize the whole thing before they get here, and hopefully I can actually even get pictures hung up on the wall before they come. Maybe I'll try making the curtains for the kitchen window today (I got some cute green fabric from Walmart for about $5 which will hopefully be just enough for the curtains). Lots of cleaning to do in the next week. Hopefully the weather will be warm for them while they're here, rather than rainy like it's been so often since we moved here.

Mike and I are working on a recipe webpage to replace my recipe blog. It'll be accessible to everybody, so it should be pretty nice, and it'll be easy to update once I get the hang of it. So hopefully I'll do a better job of keeping it updated with all the delicious recipes I've been making. We've had some great chicken spinach salads, and I made delicious curry a couple of days ago (real curry! With chicken and potatoes and carrots! It tastes like the classic curry you can get from places like Teriyaki Stix except better. And I made Oyakodon yesterday (parent and child bowl is what that's sorta like chicken egg drop soup served over rice). That was fun, and satisfactorily delicious, though I'm going to try tweaking the recipe a little I think. So I need to put all those up, and all the recipes I've made before that've turned out well need to get in there too. I'll post a link as soon as it's got a few more in there.

I think that's about it for right now.

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Everytime it's been close, I've missed it, so if for no other reason, go to BodyWorks for me.