Monday, February 19, 2007

It's update time again!

I've had a really hard time being motivated to substitute lately. I think I'm going to take Junior Highs off my list of places I'm willing to substitute for, and that should improve things quite a bit. High school isn't too bad--if they don't want to do what you ask them to, they just don't do it, and don't bother with mouthing off about it for the most part. And elementary school kids are mostly still young enough to be at least slightly intimidated by substitutes (though the older elementary grades are kind of annoying).

Valentine's Day was nice. We both stayed home all day and played games and watched Noir together and had pancakes for breakfast and a late lunch picnic on the grass outside across the parking lot, and a late dinner of Greek chicken.

I tried to make creme brulee for dessert for Valentine's Day but it didn't end up getting all the way done until a couple days later. I didn't realize it would come out being like pudding. Our toaster oven doesn't work for melting sugar under the broiler. It was interesting...don't know how soon I'll make it again, though it was pretty tasty. Passionfruits are really hard to find, so I used mangos for the sauce that was supposed to go on the side.

Thursday I stayed home and cleaned all day. I got lots done and was very productive. Friday afternoon/evening we cleaned more. At about 10:30pm my family arrived. We gave them a grand tour of the apartment, my dad went to bed, Mike played Guitar Hero and DDR with my little brother and sister) and I talked with my mom for awhile. On Saturday, I finally got to play Boggle which was fun (though my little brother and sister beat me by quite a lot...they've both gotten really good at that game). I made my family pancakes which they claimed to like, though I think they may have just been being polite. We went and drove over to the temple and walked around it, which was nice. It's very pretty. Then we went to Golfland and played some miniature golf (my little brother creamed us, with four holes in one). We would have gone to Body Worlds, but when I checked on the tickets on Thursday or Friday or whenever it was, they were all sold out. After that, we tried out their little "race car" track. I unfortunately picked the slowest car, and got lapped several times by Mike and passed at least once by almost everybody else. Lunch was late, at Ranch de Tia Rosa. Delicious food. I got a spinach enchilada, which I absolutely loved, though it proved to be a bit hard for my tummy to digest later.

We dropped pretty much everybody off at home afterwards, and I went with my mom in search of some quilting supplies for me. We started with Sally's Fabrics (great fabric selection, quite pricey), then heard of a sale at Hancock's for President's Day so went over there (pretty good fabric selection, still reasonably pricey, they didn't have any of what we were looking for except for the rotary cutter). Then we tried Walmart because, hey, it's cheap. They had nothing worthwhile. Finally, we headed to JoAnn's which is the furthest away (same as JoAnn's always is, decent fabric selection, pretty reasonable prices, and a sale!) where my dearest mother bought me a rotary mat, ruler, and four quarter-yards of background fabrics for the lap quilt I'm going to make. My mom has been making several of these little quilts, with frayed hearts sewn all over the top, and they're really cute. She made one for my oldest sister, had some left-over fabric which she let my next-oldest sister make one with, and still had some leftover fabric so she's making one for herself (which she's almost done with now). Apparently she still has some leftover fabric for the hearts part so she's going to mail it to me along with the pattern so I can make one too. It'll be my first ever semi-pieced quilt, so I'm really excited. I made a jean quilt once, but it was just a bunch of really big squares sewn together, and I tied it. This quilt will require actually quilting. And now that I have my own supplies, I can try out other quilts after this one. I've always wanted to know how to quilt, it'll be really fun to finally learn. Much thanks to my wonderful mom for getting all the stuff for me.

Saturday night, we played some more games, went and saw Night at the Museum (predictable, yet funny--Dick Van Dyke still has the Moves!), had a late dinner at Subway, and finally went to bed. Sunday was some more games, church (ward conference Sunday so I didn't get a single opportunity to introduce my family), then dinner with Mike's parents (delicious) and Karaoke back at home which made me very happy. I fell asleep on the big chair at about ten, and shortly after that, most everybody decided it was a good time to be bedtime.

This morning, my family left to drive back to Utah. My older sister called right before they left to say there's six inches of snow up there. Hopefully their drive back goes well and they all get there safely. My mom insisted on doing a lot of cleaning while they were here, which while being endlessly nice of her, was also a little frustrating to me because even though she was just trying to be helpful and a good mom, it was as if I'm not old enough or responsible enough to do it all myself. It was really nice of her, though, and it's probably mostly my own fault for not having it really thoroughly clean before they got here (though I tried, I just couldn't get to everything).

One of the things I did get to before they arrived was organizing everything in the craft room, so now I have places for everything and room to work on all my projects. It'll be really nice. I'm kind of wishing I could stay at home every day, and work on cleaning and cooking and then work on a project for awhile, or go to Enrichment, or do the shopping, or whatever. It just seems like it would be so satisfactory to be the housekeeper. Being a fellow money earner has not been very satisfying at all, other than the fact that we have enough money to live off of without being in debt which is really nice. But I get home from work and I just want to relax, and on my days off, I want to have time to relax the whole day, and none of the house stuff gets done, whereas I think I've gotten in the mode now where if I stayed home every day and didn't have to work, the house would stay decently clean, we wouldn't ever have to go out to eat because I was too tired to make anything, my huge pile of craft projects would slowly get completed and I'd still be able to spend time relaxing with Mike in the evenings. It's just not financially possible right now, as much as I would like it. Someday I'll undoubtedly be able to do that, though we'll probably have kids by then and I won't get much time at all for projects or relaxing.

It's funny because when we were first married, I didn't have a job and just stayed at home and didn't really ever do anything, and got depressed and the apartment was a mess and I really wanted some excuses to get out and do stuff. Now I have a job, and all I want is to have some excuses to stay at home and do stuff. Of course, we have two vehicles now so I can do a lot more stuff than I could when we were first married when I stay at home. It's hard to believe we've been married for almost a year now. One of the diamonds in my ring is a little loose, so we're going to take it to the store and see if they can fix it before it falls out.

It's cloudy and is going to rain today.

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