Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fatty delicious chocolate, nostalgic Zelda music, and nasty hissing cockroaches

So, let's get the nasty part out of the way first. I saw my first cockroach over the weekend. It was on a jacket I had in a suitcase that was lying on the floor of our laundry room. It waved it's little antennas and hissed at me before running and hiding. I yelped. It was a very light brown orangey color, and big, and though I thought I was prepared to see a cockroach, I was not. I wussed out and went and got Mike to come kill it. He couldn't find it though, so he just picked up the jacket and took it outside in hopes that the cockroach was still in the jacket and would crawl out during the night. We haven't seen it since, so I don't really know what happened to it. The jacket is my dad's old jean jacket, very large and comfy and broken in and lined with flannel that makes it really warm and I have loved it for forever even though it's pretty ratty now. It has a couple of holes in the lining. My dad said, while they were here, that the cockroach may have layed eggs inside my jacket, and so I have finally been convinced to throw it away (once I cut the buttons off). For now it's still outside. Just in case.

On to more pleasant things. My mom gave me chocolates for a belated Valentine's Day present when they were here, from See's Candies. I have been eating them. A lot of them. Indeed, most all of them. In two days. Very, very fattening, but oh so tasty. It'll be good when they're gone, and I won't have any candy left that needs to be eaten.

We downloaded an orchestrated album of Ocarina of Time music, and it is so darn completely fabulous. It's really well orchetrated, I'll have to post a link to it later so you can all hear this fabulous music. Of course, you may not have exactly the same reaction to it as me. I have fond memories of pretty much that entire game, due to watching my brother play the game. Hours and hours of watching the game. No playing it myself, mind you, just watching it being played. Like a very drawn out and sometimes frustrating movie where the main character doesn't always know how to solve the problems presented to him and will spend hours trying the same thing over and over again despite the fact that it obviously doesn't work and perhaps if he tried something ELSE the puzzle would be solved. That would not be a good movie. It was fun to watch (most of the time) anyways, though, and I still really like the music (I liked it in the game, and the orchestrated version is fabulous, as I've said several times already, but it bears repeating).

On a final note, I finally feel as if there are enough recipes in our recipe website to make it worth posting (despite the fact that not all the sections have stuff in them yet, and not all the recipes I've made and really liked are in there yet). So...go to Make some of our recipes. They are delicious. We will continue to update it regularly (and I'm not going to update my recipe blog anymore).

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