Thursday, January 04, 2007


Note that the above subject is a verb, rather than an adjective. It is, in fact, the word which I use to describe my actions when putting together a puzzle. Amazing, I know. So, for the past several days, during which I have not been unpacking, if somebody were to ask me what I was up to (as my husband did, several times), I would have responded (and did, in fact, respond) that I was puzzling. One 1,000 piece puzzle now sits completed on our coffee table. It's been a long time since I put together a puzzle, and it was nice to find that it is still as enjoyable as ever (though next time I need one where the photo was taken in higher resolution so it's not all fuzzy...or I need one of those crazy-hard puzzles that are a circle full of cow spots or something like that). Veng doesn't really understand the enjoyment I take in doing puzzles. There's something satisfying, I guess, in having one specific spot for every piece to go, and figuring out that spot based on visual clues, such as general piece shape, logical clues, such as this is the only piece left, it has to go in this spot, and pure process of elimination (move a piece of a certain color around to every single place that a piece of its shape could possibly fit, until you find the one it fits in, which is how I deal with puzzles when my brain has stopped wanting to actually think about where the pieces should go, or when I get stuck and can't see where the pieces should go anymore).

I also read, over the past several days, Rick Bragg's memoir, It's All Over But The Shouting. It was quite enjoyable. I'd never heard of it before, but I got it for Christmas, which is how I've received most of my books the past several years (excluding the ones I simply took from my parents' house, and the ones I bought for classes). At any rate, I recommend the book. It made me want to write my own memoirs (though, at the age of 23, I don't think I really have that much to write about yet).

I need to try actually reviewing books sometime. Dissect why I like them and why I don't. Not now, though. For right now, I am hungry, which is distracting me, and the need to shower is more important than the need to review (I put off my shower for today until after I was done with the puzzle, which has in fact been done for a while, but it's nice to sit around in my pajamas sometimes).

Happy New Year to everybody, by the way. I have so far made no progress on any of my goals for the year. But I did finish my Christmas book, and a puzzle, so it's all good, right? I also got to play Wii Sports at my brother-in-law's house. Best I've ever bowled in my life, best tennis match I've ever played, best I've ever done at boxing (only time I've ever even pretended to box), and baseball was about the same as always...I hit a lot of fouls. We got to celebrate the New Year, in part, by having our car backed into by Veng's dad. It won't be a problem, really, everything still works, only one door got smooshed, and everything is well on its way to being fixed and paid for by the insurance, but it's still kind of sad having a brand new car get smooshed. Our windshield is horribly cracked due to smooshing-unrelated rocks, so that needs to be replaced too. Poor car. We named it Eloise. It has a cool fighter-dude name, too, but we can't remember what it is right now.

Yoko's is a fabulous fast-ish food restaurant here, there's really nothing comparable to it in Utah, though Teriyaki Stix is vaguely close. They have fantastic food, mostly Japanese, a bit of influence from other Asian nations though. I really like their yakisoba, and they've got miso soup which is also good, and sushi, which is not bad, and lots of other food. Very tasty. Very, very tasty. We have yet to go to the infamous Filiberto's (like Beto's, but more authentically Mexican, with very different tortillas), because I am not sure my digestive system can take it just at the moment. It's very tasty too, though, so we will undoubtedly have some soon. We had McDonald's the other day and it reaffirmed to me that we must never go to McDonald's again (or Burger King). There's really no need to, anyway, with Wendy's and Jack-in-the-Box, both of which I prefer immensely. Plus, McDonald's food seems to be shrinking, slowly, and the Happy Meal toys are lame.

We've watched up through episode 38 of Yakitate Japan! and may watch more tonight. Still entertaining. It's so much better if you watch it while you have some fresh bread to eat (we made white bread in our bread-maker yesterday, and ate the loaf plain (it was that good) while watching it, with some nice tall glasses of milk to drink, and it was all-around so perfect that we forgot to eat any actual dinner). We're hoping to get three more seasons of 24 soon which we will be able to burn through before the new season starts (next week?). Then we'll have that, as well as Lost, to watch. Fun times.

And I think we're going to go watch more anime with friends tonight, so off I go!

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