Friday, January 26, 2007

It's gonna be a bright (Bright!), bright, bright sunshiny day

It's really warm out again now (thank goodness). It snowed last week! For the first time in the valley in ten years! Ridiculous. But the high today was 66, so it's all good. I forgive you, fickle Arizona weather that betrayed my hopes and dreams last week, because you're making it all up to me now.

I am now a certified numberfied ready-to-go substitute teacher (so is Veng). We figured out that if, between the two of us, we work eighteen days a month, it should cover our basic expenses (hopefully...we're still getting health insurance figured out). We want to work more than that, of course, so we will have money to cover basic expenses during the summer when there will be no substituting work. Anyways, it ought to make it easy to take vacations, which I'm excited about.

Veng got himself one of those Wave-board things (a Wave is to a skateboard as rollerblades are to rollerskates). It has two wheels, and a flexible middle, so if you sway your hips a bit while you ride it you can propel yourself forward (unless you're trying to go up a really steep hill). He's been teaching me how to ride it, and I finally got to the point today where I can a) ride it by myself without holding onto him for balance, and b) make it from one end of our parking lot to the other on a single ride. Hooray for me!

We're almost done with 24 season 5. I must go finish watching it now, as Veng is getting a little impatient for me to come downstairs. ttfn

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Thirdmango said...

I just finished season 5 and it's my favorite so far.