Monday, January 08, 2007

I stole Mike's hoody today, again

So, our ward is pretty good, I think. I don't really know anybody yet, and it's mostly people my grandparents' ages, but there's some women who aren't too much older than me, with only a few kids, so I think I might be able to make some friends, hopefully. Our ward just changed meeting times with the New Year, so they meet at 2pm now, which is nice, I think, on every Sunday but Fast Sunday. Normally, 2 o'clock church gives me plenty of time to shower and get ready, make a big lunch, do some reading, and enjoy my morning (plus sleep in a bit). But on Fast Sunday, I generally get to feeling, come 2pm, like I'm about to pass out from lack of blood sugar (and almost have a couple of times, so I usually end up eating some candies to keep the sugar up while consuming as little actual food as possible). And then I always eat too much for dinner.

We only have one disc left of Season 3 of 24. We should finish it pretty easily tomorrow, after which we'll only have two seasons left before we're all caught up. We can do it, right? That's only 36 hours of our week, right? I don't know if it'll happen or not, we'll see.

I really hope we get our mail key tomorrow (the last tenants didn't return the key ever, so the post office has to come out and change the lock and then we have to go to the post office to get the new key from them).

I need to figure out some healthy eating strategies, and start spending some more time outside, taking walks and such, get myself back in shape physically and mentally, get some sunshine and stuff, maybe meet some of our neighbors, see where our ward boundaries are, etc.

Speaking of healthier habits, I need to get off to bed. Goodnight, all my friends who are far away from me now, whether or not you still read this. I hope you all sleep well tonight, and have pleasant dreams, and wake up happily. I miss all of you. Update your blogs so I can know how your lives are going, eh? I still suck at commenting, but I'm keeping up on the reading pretty well. Hugs and well wishes.

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