Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey howdy

So I've finally set up my computer again. Mike is gone, getting set up for substitute teaching (his transcript arrived finally, mine hasn't yet). So the laptop is gone too. Therefore, I had incentive to set up my computer. I've gotten so used to the Mac and its little quirks. I find myself triple-clicking on things to highlight them, and going for the apple-key when I want to right-click and open something in a new tab. I think the differences between the laptop and my computer wouldn't be so noticeable if I had a better monitor for my computer. The resolution on the one I've got is not great, and it's big and clunky and slightly fuzzy-looking. Time to save up for an LCD monitor, I suppose.

Mike got me the original Karaoke Revolution Playstation game the other day (used, from GameStop, woo). I think I've unlocked all the unlockables in it already, but I'm not quite sure.

It's been raining most of the day today, and is cold. Very cold. One problem with here is that when it's cold outside, it's also generally cold inside (we've got a lot of windows). This results in me being cold. I extremely dislike being cold. Hopefully Mike will be home in not too long and he can sit on my toes for me to warm them up. Or, you know, I could put socks on, but that seems like too much of a bother. ;) It really wouldn't be a problem except most of my socks are still dirty (yes, I still haven't caught up on my laundry-doing).

One nice thing about having my computer set up is that it, unlike the laptop, has all my music on it. Mmm. So I can listen to Assemblage 23 and Metallica and all sorts of lovely musics.

I started reading a book about Square-Foot Gardening. It doesn't seem to have much in the way of revolutionary concepts in it, to me, at least (maybe I'm more used to herb gardens than to big huge row-gardens), but it's got lots of good tips for beginner gardeners, so I'm excited to go spend some more moneys and get a little garden going on our patio. It'll have to wait a little bit though, until we start getting paychecks.

SuperGALS! Season 2 should be arriving soon. I'm excited to watch it.

That's all I can think of for now. Until later,




Th. said...


Not subbing in Utah, surely! Utah schools pay crap!

Or did in 2005. $60 per diem was the best I could find.

I'm getting $116.15, which is much better. Tell him the drive is totally worth it.

kirsa said...

Oh, definitely not subbing in Utah. We moved to Arizona, where the pay, while not as good as California, is a nice $90 per day of subbing.