Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm entering a contest

For which I have to link back to two sites from my blog. So all of you get a post about it. Yay, eh? I entered a lot of contests a couple months ago, and won two of them, and only got one of my prizes, as my emails with my address in them to the hoster of the other one apparently never got to her (which was a bummer). I have been diligently using my other prize (a skein of Noro Kureyon yarn) to make myself a hat.


So, there's this contest going on over here at 5 Minutes For Mom for a year's worth of popcorn and Netflix, and by golly if I am not constantly talking about how I want to watch this movie or that movie, yet I still have no Netflix account or Blockbuster account or any other way of acquiring these movies that I want to watch (not even a library card). And I have been saying since before we got married that we should get a Netflix account but for various and sundry reasons (mainly the fact that it costs money), we haven't signed up for one. So, long story short, with more pregnancy and new baby on their way next year, and my HUGE list of movies I need to watch all nicely saved on my computer, this would be a fabulous contest to win. Plus, I like popcorn, and Orville Redenbacher's popcorn is pretty tasty.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I forgot

Also, I forgot, I have been very forgetful lately. I've left my purse at other people's houses twice in the last week (one of them was 45 min. away so that was a pain).

Many congratulations to my darling little sister, who just found out she got in to BYU! Congrats, sweetpea, we're happy for you!

Also, I have birthday presents for my younger siblings that are many weeks late now. You two have to come visit me so you can get them.

stuff, stuff, and stuff

It's been a little bit since my last post, I suppose. I have been worrying and then not worrying about all sorts of silly baby-related things (a message from the doctor that I couldn't access for an entire evening about the results of the Quad test, for instance (all normal, btw), or not feeling baby move at all for the majority of an evening after slipping down the last six steps to our basement (I landed on my kidney and forearm, luckily, and baby still moves about a bit, so I suppose he's alright), or the fact that the little guy in there has not once kicked me as much again as he did that first night, etc, etc.)

I have also been busy trying to get ready for Christmas. I bought DH (who is using the nick Dusey now, rather than Vengance, so if you see a reference to Dusey in my blog, it's my hubby) a couple little presents, and wrapped them, and got him a stocking (I'm afraid I will never find a stocking kit as cute as the ones you made for us, mom, and I don't feel up to making up my own stocking pattern this year). And I got a bunch of stuff to put in our stockings. And I got a grapefruit, because Christmas morning isn't Christmas morning without a grapefruit for breakfast (with a maraschino cherry in the middle of the half, and a liberal coating of sugar on top of the fruit). And I practiced making orange rolls so I can make them for Christmas. And I got some presents for some other family members that I haven't mailed off yet so they will undoubtedly get them late. And I learned how to make Danish almond circle cookies (Spritzs? S's and O's? No idea what to call them. I learned my cookie press won't make them very well, also). And Almond Cake which is delicious. And I hung more ornaments on the tree. And I made two tiny little crocheted things for a white elephant Christmas party we went to with our friends here (a tiny white elephant, appropriately enough, and a Boo (from the Mario games), and they were both adorable, and Dusey ended up getting the Boo so we get to keep him, yay).

And I have been attempting to keep my husband fed and happy, and I started knitting myself a hat because I got tired of crocheting and I had one skein of beautiful wool yarn and wanted to use it for something for me, darn it, and I have been failing at keeping up with the dishes, and we have both been putting up with toilets with issues and a dishwasher that doesn't work, and etc, etc, etc.

We've been looking at lots of baby stuff lately. I am very much liking green things and jungley things for him. I think I would go with the same theme for a girl at this point in time. Giraffes are just too cute to not adore. And green is still my favorite color. Dusey came up with a great idea for a bassinet attachment for a crib (they have cribs that turn into twin beds, why can't they have cribs that can be used as bassinets too?). We'll be borrowing Dusey's brother's bassinet, I think. Still looking round and about at cribs. We looked at a lot of strollers too, and I am in love with the Chicco travel system stroller at Babies'R'Us. It is, of course, the most expensive of the travel system strollers there. But it is easy to use. It has so many deliciously nice features. It looks nice, it handles nicely, the infant car seat is super-easy to get in and out, and it folds up (and locks itself!) very nicely too. And the base for the car seat for in the car is super-nice and easy to use, too. I'm still not sure how much I'll be using a stroller, but I think it is the one big thing we will register for for the inevitable baby shower (registering for baby shower gifts seems weird to me, but my MIL insists it ought to be done).

I just heard through our sliding glass door some of the neighbor's teenagers having fun outside. The only words I was able to understand? "I'm a level seven warrior." Awesome.

Something about baby or uncomfortable belly or twinging hip or it being impossible to roll over in bed now without waking myself up in the attempt has made me wake up repeatedly throughout the night the last several nights. I guess it is early preparation for when the actual kiddo is here and keeps me from sleeping at all.

Christmas is soon! I'm so excited!

Even more exciting: my family might be coming to visit us between Christmas and New Year's! Yay! I miss them. I hope they are able to get out of any obligations they might have so they can come down.

I think the chiclet has hiccups. Or doesn't like me laying on my back partially propped up by pillows typing on the laptop. Time for me to go eat a cookie.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Saving for a power up

Yesterday morning, shortly after waking up, I decided to be worried for the day about not having felt baby moving yet (I'm still not sure about calling him Fade online or not, so I'm not going to use it yet). I kept sticking my hand on my belly throughout the day in case he was moving and I just wasn't able to tell from my belly itself. No luck.

Other than my decision to be worried about that, it was a good day overall. I didn't feel very good when I woke up, but the day exceeded my expectations for it. We had Stake Conference, with Elder Uchtdorf (I don't know if I'm spelling that right), due to a change in the Stake Presidency. The talks yesterday were pretty standard, but I really enjoyed the ones in the Adult Session Friday night (first Adult Session of Stake Conference I've ever gone to). Then my DH made me some lunch, and we did the dishes, and I took a nice long nap. We had dinner with DH's parents, which was tasty as usual, then went to their Stake's annual Messiah sing-a-long with them, which was fun, even though I got quite lost during several parts. We stayed over at their house for several hours after that, and got home quite late, and went to bed.

I suspect that a very large percentage of married couples spend some time talking to each other once they're in bed and before they actually go to sleep. I like to talk to DH then, as there is nothing else to distract him. Though sometimes me talking puts him to sleep pretty fast. :) Last night, however, we were having a lovely conversation, and he was talking a lot, and all of the sudden I felt a bump in my tummy. And then another one. And I made a funny noise, and put my hands on my belly, and interrupted DH to tell him I thought I felt the baby move. And sure enough, a little bit later, I felt it both in my belly and in my hands on my belly. After I decided the movements were still going pretty regularly, DH put his hand on my belly and got to feel the bumps also. It was a neat experience to share together, and I'm really glad it happened while DH was home.

Little baby guy, I guess, decided to save up all his energy to unleash in one long furious frenzy of bumping around. He was moving a lot. And he kept it up for a long time. It made it kind of hard to sleep, so I'm quite tired today, but I'm glad he's doing okay enough in there to move around. Now I need to find something new to be worried about. :P Also, I suspect I'm going to need a lot more naps from now on, if he decides to keep up his nocturnal party habits. Luckily it doesn't really hurt at all yet, since he's still pretty little. It feels pretty weird though. But neat. It's really neat. I really do have a little person inside of me. I've started talking to him occasionally, just a little bit, and I've been trying to make a point of singing sometimes, because I like music and I want him to like music too, and what better way to be introduced to music than by your mom singing to you?

Also, my pregnancy is past the halfway mark. So hooray for that.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

It's about time for another update, eh?

I can't think of any interesting titles. My pregnant brain turned off Tuesday evening while I was eating dinner and hasn't turned back on yet. As an example of just how turned off my brain has been, we went grocery shopping yesterday, and poor Mike was running all over the store because almost every single aisle that I went down, I forgot to grab at least one item from my list while on that aisle. So he was going here and there and then would come back and find me in a new aisle, staring at the cans in front of me, trying to think about which one to get, at which point he would grab the right one and we'd move on.

Obviously I got over being sick. I didn't keep any food down for an entire day, and then proceeded to throw up anything I ate for dinner for the next three days after that. It was like being morning sick all over again, except morning sickness for me feels totally different than being normal-sick. Anyway, on Saturday I took tender loving care of my tummy and it seems to have gotten over its aversion to foodstuffs. I am convinced that I had one of the noroviruses (norovirus gastroenteritis was my official self-diagnosis, though that's not any more specific). I had to reschedule my doctors appointment that was supposed to be last week to this week due to being sick. Luckily they fit me in for an appointment this week just fine, where I was reassured once again that my baby is still alive in there (I love hearing his heart beat, I will probably stop worrying about it once I feel him moving around for sure, which should be sometime in the next couple of weeks). They also drew my blood to do their Quad Test thingy (only one vial of blood this time, yay). This will determine whether or not our baby has spina bifida, or Down Syndrome, or two other things that I can't ever remember. I'm assuming they'll tell me the results at my next appointment, the day after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, we got a tree. We decided to go for one of the cheap artificial ones from Costco, 6.5' tall, and probably chock full of lead. I have been very careful about thoroughly washing my hands after I touch the tree, as I don't want to give our baby lead-poisoning (I am probably overly concerned about it, but I'm a paranoid first-time soon-to-be-mommy, and washing my hands is never a bad thing anyway). It has about eight ornaments on it right now. Several that I had from before, and some new ones that I've made this year. I've crocheted three ornaments: a jellyfish, a starfish, and a seahorse. The seahorse isn't on the tree yet because he really needs some eyes first. I also made an origami goldfish and an origami sea-turtle which will go on the tree as soon as I fix the paper-clip hooks I made for them so that I won't poke myself on them anymore. If we had enough money, or I had enough energy to make ALL the decorations for the tree, then we would have an underwater-themed tree this year.

We have a small short list of names we like currently for baby. I think I may start calling him Fade on here, because I am pretty certain that I do not want to name him Fade, but it's kind of a cool name, so it will make a good blog nickname, I think. Most of the names on the list originate from the British Isles. Apparently, when it comes to boys' names, I like gaelic and welsh and irish and scottish names. There's a few other non-British-isles ones on the list too, though.

We had really yummy ham and pineapple melts for dinner last night. They taste kind of like Hawaiian-style pizza, and kind of like chicken cordon bleu. Very easy to make, too. You just take your bread, spread it with cream cheese, stick some sliced ham on it, stick some cheddar cheese on top of that, broil it until the cheese is melty, stick a pineapple slice on top of the cheese, and broil it again until the pineapple is hot. I made some variations for Mike to take with him for lunch today that had spaghetti sauce on top of the cream cheese, to make them more Hawaiian-pizza-like. He's going to microwave them for lunch probably, so not quite the same as broiling. Also, I added another piece of bread on top to make them into sandwiches to make them portable for him. On the ones that I didn't put spaghetti sauce on, I decided to spread mayonnaise and spicy mustard on the top piece of bread (a mix of which Mike was dipping his sandwiches into last night, like cordon bleu). Unfortunately, making him his sandwiches used up all the ham, so I will have to find something else to make for myself for lunch.

Chicken is Expensive*. The End.**

*Unless you buy it on sale, but there wasn't any on sale at the store yesterday. Also, I know it's cheaper if you don't buy boneless skinless chicken breasts, but it takes too long for me to deal with other types of chicken and peeling off the skin and deboning, in addition to the normal fat trimming, not only takes longer but also raw chicken skin is kind of gross and slimy. This is why I never make fried chicken. Strangely, I don't have any issues with the skin when its a whole bird. But I am never willing to take the time to deal with an entire chicken at once. So we spend a little more and get the boneless skinless breasts (usually the cheap stuff that's full of injected liquids with rib meat on it, too).

**I mention the expensivity of chicken, because it upped our grocery bill a lot yesterday, because I for some reason felt like making a lot of chicken dishes this week. I don't know, I feel like some protein in the form of chicken. Not really a craving, just chicken dishes sound good. Someday maybe I will have one of those pregnancy cravings that I've heard so much about, where no other food will suffice other than what I am craving. Maybe someday.

All this talk of food reminds me that I woke up late (after going back to sleep after getting up early to make Mike's lunch) and haven't eaten yet today and need to go take care of that.

Monday, November 26, 2007

It's a boy!

Had my ultrasound this morning (early early, and I didn't manage to drink quite enough liquid beforehand, but whatever). The baby in my belly appears to be a quite active little thumb-sucking boy. He looks pretty cute so far from what we saw of him. Also, my due date based on the measurements she took is April 22nd rather than the 28th. Which is fine by me. :)

Thanksgiving ended up going really well. I was asked to bring rolls, so I made my grandma's Mother's Rolls recipe, which turned out quite well (could've used a little more butter, but I love really buttery rolls). Then we got there, and I ended up getting to make stuffing (with pre-seasoned stuffing bread crumbs, sauteed onion and celery, apples, parsley, and some nuts), and getting to season and mash the potatoes as well. There was, overall, lots of yummy food. We may steal the Christmas turkey and brine it though. :) The big meal was mid-afternoon, after which we played some pool, and then Mike's extended family came over for their traditional "pie night". My hips were hurting a lot, so I mostly just sat on the couch, but it was fun seeing everybody. However, somebody that showed up had a contagious virus. So, two days later, everybody was sick. I got sick Saturday night (very suddenly, in the midst of having a bunch of friends over, so they had to go home early), and Mike got sick on Sunday, so we both stayed home from church and he's staying home from work today so I can take care of him. Icky little bubbly stomach virus.

Anyway, maybe I will post another cute ultrasound picture up in here later so you can all see my cute baby sucking his thumb. He'll probably be big enough for me to feel him moving for sure in the next week or two. Now I can finally start thinking about names and decorating schemes and things! Yay! So much fun. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


First off, happy birthday to my fabulous younger brother!

I've felt very productive today. I did some dishes, and trimmed the fat off a bunch of chicken and stuck it in different marinades in the freezer (except for the bag that was for dinner). I made a loaf of bread, and I made the tastiest Chicken Divan I think I have ever had (with pre-marinated chicken and a fair bit extra mustard powder and curry powder). The bread I made was triple-apple bread, which unfortunately turned out tasting much saltier and much less appley than I had hoped for, so I decided to make some apple butter to put on it, which turned out great. Yesterday I finished reading (finally) the 11th Wheel of Time book, and reading it reminded me how much I like reading, so while I was making the apple butter today, I read The Mouse and the Motorcycle, which was a very fun quick read. I haven't read it since I was in elementary school. I need to finish doing the dishes, but other than that, I think I've done a fair amount today.

Tomorrow I am going to make rolls to take to Thanksgiving. I'm excited to try making my mom's roll recipe. I haven't ever tried it before, but it's always delicious when she makes it, so I am hopeful that they will turn out well.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

No turkey brining this year

Alas and alack, the providers of the turkey for our Thanksgiving this year bought a Jennie-O pre-basted turkey. Which means I get to do absolutely nothing to it because it would taste funny. Which is a shame, as I've been researching turkey brines and rubs and baking techniques for a solid week. I guess maybe I'll get to use all my newly-acquired turkey knowledge next year. Maybe I can at least make some stuffing (I love homemade stuffing, half in the bird, half out, mix together when they're both done, delicious). The in-laws apparently usually just do StoveTop stuffing. Which is tasty, but I would really like to make my mom's homemade stuffing recipe. So, maybe they'll let me. We'll see.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Have any of you ever brined a Turkey before? I want to try it this year and have been trying to find a good brining recipe. It sounds like it could be a really tasty way to prepare a turkey, but then I read a couple reports that it makes it taste like ham, and I'd like my turkey to taste like turkey, thanks. I'll probably do it anyway, just to satisfy my curiosity. I always want to put an extra u in curiosity, like there is in curious. Anyways, if any of you have prior turkey-brining experience and/or advice, please let me know!

Not as Dramatic, but with More Explosions!

It turns out I didn't rip my toenail off, I just split my toe open (through the middle of my toenail, thus why I thought it was ripped off before). I stubbed it (and re-split it) a day or two after the original incident, but since then it seems to have been healing up alright.

My ultrasound appointment is on the 26th, which is getting pretty close. I am very hopeful that the baby will cooperate and let us know whether it is female or male. I am also a bit apprehensive, because I have to drink 20 oz. of water in the half an hour before I'm supposed to be there (and my actual appointment isn't for another half an hour after that). This wouldn't be too bad, except I also have to hold all that water in, and the baby has decided to take up residence on my bladder this week. I have also finally gained a couple pounds (or the baby and surrounding tissue have gained a couple pounds, I don't know), so that's good. Hopefully I'll be able to feel it moving around soon. As long as it doesn't decide to kick my bladder, that is. :)

The morning sickness is finally all gone, which is great. I have been very busy and productive cleaning up our house lately. Which has worn me out. So now I feel like taking a couple days off again. I think I need to find a nice medium. On the plus side, our bedding is all clean, and our bedroom floor is free of laundry, and the carpet contains about half a pound less dust than it did before. Seriously, I am amazed that so much dust could be contained in a single room of carpet. Gross. No wonder my allergies are always going. This is why I want a Dyson for Christmas. The nice lightweight model with the telescoping wand thing. So I can haul it upstairs and downstairs and clean more than a single room in one go and stop feeling so sneezy all the time (also, the joys of non-dusty room edges and corners and stairs and under-the-bed and right next to furniture and all the places that my stick vacuum can't reach with its complete lack of any attachments...these things have been calling to me). A non-Dyson would probably work as well, but everybody I know that has a Dyson loves it and hasn't had problems with it and they haven't needed any repairs at all, and they have convinced me that a Dyson is the way to go.

I have also been getting back to cooking more lately, and this is where the explosions come in. Well, only one explosion really. I was making a beef and rice casserole the other day. The recipe sounded really delicious, and I was very excited to try it. However, the instructions said to cook everything in an oven-proof skillet. I do not have an ovenproof skillet. The one skillet that I do have is not big enough to mix an entire casserole into to bring it all to a boiling before baking it anyway. So, I cooked the stuff that needed to be cooked in my small skillet, transferred it to the casserole dish, added all the other ingredients, and thought, hey, maybe I can just bring it to a boiling on the stove top in the casserole dish before putting it in the oven! A brilliantly stupid idea, I assure you. I got it to a boil without incident, and transferred it to the counter to get the aluminum foil out to cover it with before sticking it in the oven. In the few seconds between putting it down and when I was just about to start bending over to get the foil out, the glass dish exploded, taking my beautiful casserole with it. The expensive Pyrex part-of-a-set glass dish. The one with the incredibly useful lid that fit on for perfectly storing leftovers. With the casserole I have still never tasted. Woe is me.

There were a lot of positives about the explosion over all though. First off, I have another glass 9x13" pan, so I can still make casseroles (and indeed, made a lovely tetrazzini last night) as well as delicious other foodstuffs that just look prettier in a glass casserole dish as opposed to a metal cake pan. Secondly, the casserole dish exploded outward rather than upward, so I did not get any glass shards in my face. Thirdly, it exploded into very large chunks for the most part, so the pieces that hit my belly just bounced onto the floor rather than embedding themselves into my flesh. Fourthly, my darling husband cleaned up the entire mess for me after guiding me across the floor pointing out glass shards I shouldn't step on in my bare feet and sitting me down and hugging me for a good adrenaline-filled cry. And he didn't get hurt either while cleaning up, other than a tiny glass-prick in his finger which was so minor as to not be much to worry about at all, allowing me to proclaim the entire incident injury free (other than the broken dish and ruined food). Fifthly, because my dinner exploded, my husbands' parents were very nice and took us out to eat at Serrano's Mexican Grill, which was tasty. Sixthly, I now have my requisite exploding food story as part of my married-life story aresenal, and therefore can rest assured that I will not have to deal with any more explosions involving culinary stuff for the rest of my life (at least, none caused by me).

Overall, it was very scary, but somewhat hilarious at the same time, and I learned an important lesson. Glass does not go on the stove, not even my beloved Pyrex (I read other stories of exploding 9x13 Pyrex dishes online! I'm not alone in my explosion story! Yippee!) I still haven't acquired the *setting something on fire in the kitchen* married-life story, so I have that to look forward to still.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Today I had the unusual pleasure of stubbing my pinky toe on a smooth plastic trash can and having it rip my toenail off. This was, of course, shortly after Mike went to work for the morning. I winced and moaned and yelped and got out the first-aid kit and went to work bandaging it up. While bandaging, of course, I noticed the large amounts of blood, which started me up on the sobbing, which I managed to continue doing for at least the next half an hour. After that it didn't hurt so bad anymore, and I watched some Hana Yori Dango to cheer myself up. Which lasted until Mike got home from work, at which point I told him about my toe and started sobbing again (though only for a couple minutes). It was kind of funny, really, my toe didn't hurt hardly at all anymore, and yet there I was crying just like I had been earlier from the pain, simply because suddenly there was somebody to give me sympathy and comfort and a get-better kiss.

The same thing happens whenever I've gotten hurt or sick during the day if I was by myself when it happened. Mike comes home, and I tell him about it, and start crying. Then he makes me feel better and I get over the massively dramatic trauma, whatever it may have been. :)

I'm glad my husband is so nice and puts up with my silliness. He's a cutie-pie.

Monday, November 05, 2007

W-w-w-wipe out!

This cold I have that I have caught from my darling husband has wiped me out today. I took a three hour nap this morning, only an hour and a half after waking up. I managed to do a load of laundry and fix Mike some food, but that has been about it for the day. He is working tonight, so I am trying to figure out something to do so my hormones don't get the better of me and leave me horribly sad and lonely all night.

We have been having computer problems here lately. I am suffering from the Curse of the Broken Left Speaker (second set in a row that the left speaker has died on me in as many weeks). Mike's PSU went out and apparently took his video card with it.

The dishes are never-ending. Someday I will get caught up on them. When I can climb up the stairs without wanting to curl up and die afterwards maybe. Okay, so it's not that bad, but seriously, it's pretty pitiful to watch me try and negotiate our stairs. I have apparently lost all my leg strength, in addition to which I am tired and my balance is out-of-whack.

We have been eating lots of healthy food lately. But on Saturday night, we went to the Elder's Quorum yearly Steak party night thing. Lots of young families congregating upon a park, steaks provided, bring something else to contribute to the otherwise potluck meal. I have decided that our bodies got used to hardly ever having beef anymore, and am blaming our subsequent indigestion upon the large steaks we consumed. They were tasty though, even if they did do a number on our insides (and, honestly, it could have been something else entirely that caused the indigestion, I am simply choosing to blame it on the beef). The one unhealthy thing I have been wanting lots of regularly lately (besides pie) is juice. Oh, lovely fruity sweet liquid. I probably should just drink more water and milk, and juice probably only sounds so delicious to me simply because we almost never have any, but oh, I have been wanting it.

I got stuff to make pies a few days ago. Maybe I will make a pie tonight. Then I will have fruity sweet goodness to eat. Juice sounds better than pie right now though, probably because I just ate dinner but am still thirsty.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ho-ho-ho...wait...wrong holiday...

My appointment with the doctor this morning went great. I got the results back from all the tests they did last month (blood type: still A+, rubella vaccine: still in effect from childhood (thanks mom!), Hepatitis B: negative, HIV: negative, pap test: normal, infections anywhere down there: none, so in short, I'm healthy, yay!). New results from today: to quote the nurse my blood pressure is "very nice, very, very nice", and to quote the doctor, "That's a nice healthy baby heartbeat we're hearing there." So, baby and I are both healthy. And I get to schedule my ultrasound for next month so we can hopefully find out what gender the little funny thing is, and I will probably start to feel it move around then too, and all my appointments are all made all the way to the day past my due date. Hopefully I won't need to have that last one. Oh, and I got permission to paint with acrylics, as long as the room is well-ventilated, so maybe I will start painting again soon.

I made delicious apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins today. They were darn tasty, and relatively healthy (they could undoubtedly be healthier, say, if I substituted whole wheat for the white flour, and if I substituted apple sauce for the oil, and if I cut down on the sugar (but I couldn't do that, because sugar is darn tasty), etc). Healthier than cupcakes at least. :)

Also, it's Free Taco afternoon this afternoon between 2 and 5pm (base was stolen during the World Series), so maybe I will go get one in a few hours.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Alone and crazy, but doing okay

It is now week 14 and the morning sickness has not gone away yet. True, it's not very bad, but I am tired of feeling icky. And I am tired of being tired. Which I am pretty much all the time. However, I have had a bit more energy lately, and so have done miniscule amounts of cleaning and some cooking and present-making and things. And I've done lots of walking around on various and sundry shopping trips with various and sundry people, which I figure has been good exercise (though I need better shoes so my feet don't kill me after a couple hours of walking).

Veng has been at job training for his new part-time evening job at the Apple store all day yesterday and all day today. It is lonely at home without him here, but I think I am going to have to get used to it for awhile.

I finally have a few clothes that fit me. My tummy is getting noticeably bigger but I'm not gaining any weight really, which I figure must mean that the rest of me is getting smaller which I'm not going to complain about (though my bum hurts more often lately from sitting with not as much padding, I wouldn't mind getting some of that padding back). I still need something I can wear on Sundays as I've currently got, oh, two skirts that I can wear, and they're both funny colors and I only have one shirt each that matches them that fits at all (and those won't fit for long). I also need some wide-shouldered tank top things, as I've discovered a lot of pregnancy shirts have wide (and low!) necklines that don't cover up as much of me as they need to. So, those are the clothes that I am in search of currently. All of the stores I've been to so far have crappy maternity selections of skirts and undershirts. I suppose I could get a dress, but most of the dresses I've seen are too short.

I have been struggling with bouts of hormone-induced craziness lately of various sorts. Crying for absolutely no reason, being mad at Veng for absolutely no reason, having nightmares about people dying and throwing up and crying on the plane on the way to their funeral, or nightmares about my mom cooking the food I bought yesterday so I can't make the recipe I was planning on (that one was weird). I get paranoid much easier now that somebody's trying to break into our house, or that horrible things have happened to Veng when he gets home a few minutes late. And yet, despite all these bizarre hormone things, I'm overall much happier lately still. The hormonal bouts usually don't last more than an hour a day max, and most of the rest of the time I feel quite cheerful.

I've been trying hard since General Conference to start being a homemaker while I'm at home, instead of just sitting around on my bum being lazy. I've gotten lots of great advice from lots of wonderful women so far (endless thank-you's to MMW). If any of the rest of you who're parents have any advice though, I'd love to hear it. Getting advice from people who've been there already makes it all seem much more manageable, and is very reassuring that yeah, I can do all this cleaning and cooking and caring for my family. I have made progress so far on making sure Veng has lunches he can take with him, and on doing the dishes occasionally and the laundry occasionally, and on swishing my toilets more frequently even if only with the toilet brush to get some of the nasties out. I'm working on compiling a list of baby things we can start looking for to buy on the cheap (hopefully we can find some good garage sales) once I'm a bit further along.

Now for something non-pregnancy-related!

I carved a pumpkin for us on Friday night for FHE. I carved a vampire lemon into it, and tried the thing where you leave some of the pumpkin flesh there but thin it out so light shines through. It was quite hard to do, but the results turned out cool. Except one of the wings got a split in it, which widened after I put it outside into a gaping hole. Oh well. I still like my vampire lemon pumpkin.

Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat last night that was fun. I had some yummy chicken chili and sweet cornbread and homemade rootbeer, and I discovered that 2 bags of DumDums is not enough for all the kids in our ward who showed up (which was a significantly higher number than the number of kids who show up to church on Sundays, thus why I underestimated). I ended up being about 10 DumDums short, which was a little sad. I am glad though that I'm not handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters on Wednesday, because it would indubitably be quite expensive (we're not going to be home anyway most likely, but rather watching movies at a friends').

Today is the Primary Program. It will be interesting to see how it goes from the perspective of one of the teachers sitting on the stand rather than a not-teacher sitting in the audience. I was sick last Sunday and missed the rehearsal, so I'm hoping the boys in our class will behave themselves okay today. Also, I suppose I should prepare a lesson since I don't know what's going on after the program in terms of if the kids will be going to their classes like normal or not.

I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving. I want to learn how to make some pies before then. We won't be coming to Utah after all (unless something significant changes in the next month), but we might go to California. It depends on Mike's work schedule at the new job. I need to get a mini-cookbook of pie recipes from my mom, since she makes the best pies ever.

I hope you all have a Happy Halloween on Wednesday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Not much to say

Been sick again. I have been trying to do at least a little bit of stuff anyway, though. Yesterday my sister-in-law got baptized, which was exciting, so we went to that, then to a luncheon, and then, my friends, then I got to go to the Arizona State Fair. It was a lot more fun than I remember the Utah State Fair being. They had the cutest giraffe in the petting zoo. And soooo many food boths. And lots of rides, and stores, and Fun-Houses. We only stayed for a couple hours before I was too tired and needed to go home, but it was a lot of fun (and I got to try a funnel cake, which was tasty). And then, last night, we went and saw the movie Stardust, which I enjoyed (though I do wish they had made the three long-haired blondes look a little more different from each other).

Friday was not as exciting. I spent all day at home by myself. I did crochet two hats though, including my first ever beanie, which I think turned out great. Unlike knit beanies, my beanie is full of little holes and so is not a lot of good at keeping a head very warm. It is very stylin' and cute though and good for covering up hair on those days when you just don't want to have to show your hair to the world. I am hoping to make more of them soon.

I have been craving the delicious pies my mom makes. I'm thinking maybe we'll go up to Utah for Thanksgiving so I can have some (also, we can see snow maybe since there isn't any here). There's nothing quite as delicious as fresh fruit pies. Seriously, canned pie filling just can't compare. Strawberry pie, blueberry pie, cherry pie, peach pie, apple pie, oh man, so delicious. I want them all. Also, I want some fruit juice. And some fresh fruit. Fruit is delicious.

The only other vaguely interesting thing that has happened to me lately is that my desk is slowly breaking and has been injuring me. Well, really, it's just the sliding keyboard shelf. It's got metal on the edges where it rolls in and out of the desk. It first became problematic about a month ago when it started leaving lines of black grease on my knees. Then this week, it scratched both my knees. And today, while I was trying to move my feet up onto my chair (which is a little harder lately as my tummy is starting to get a bit bigger), it stabbed my foot (the metal is really quite sharp) and I had to have Mike go get me a bandaid. I'm starting to want a new desk. One that won't injure me.

I'm making good (though slow) progress on finishing up people's very late birthday presents. Should be sending a couple of them out soon.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Time for a new, non-disgusting update

Life seems to be going fine. Mike may accept a second job, part-time, evenings and weekends (to fit in around substituting) which may turn into a full-time, better-paying than substituting job after awhile. The pros, besides the possibility of better-job moving-up, are of course, having a bit more money and being able to afford life, and I think Mike would enjoy working there. The cons, of course, would be that he will be gone all the time, and I will miss him, and I will have to do a lot more during the day since he will not be able to take care of the house or the food-making for me anymore (which I ought to be doing anyway, at this point, since I think I have recovered mostly again from the blehs).

On Friday, we went to a birthday party for some friends at a specific friend's house. This guy has two, very large, long-haired cats, and the cats have free-reign of the house and are allowed anywhere they want. I am rather allergic to cats. Long-haired free-roaming ones are significantly worse than, say, short-haired cats that aren't allowed on the couch. Plus, I still had the vague remnants of my cold-ish thing. Long story short, by the time we went home, I was horribly stuffed up, my eyes were burning, I was coughing and sneezing regularly, and I had mostly lost my voice. After being in our cat-free car, and driving for a few minutes, I was relieved of much of the congestion and the eye-burning, but the after effects of spending several hours in close quarters with the cats lasted pretty much all day Saturday and I was completely tired and wiped out.

On Saturday, we went with Mike's brother and his wife to see Brian Regan. He was very funny, and I quickly discovered that laughing that much made my stomach really hurt a lot, and since I'm a little paranoid about stomach pains right now, I had to make the decision to stop laughing about halfway through the show and try to just smile instead. It was nice, since it kept my stomach from hurting so much, but the less-hurting also allowed me to realize that the theater seats are not very comfortable for pregnant women. At any rate, the show was highly entertaining, and I enjoyed going.

Yesterday, after an exhausting two hours of Primary Program Practice, we went over for dinner at Mike's parents, as we usually do on Sundays, which was very nice, and then we did some stuff, and then we came back home at about eight. Mike wanted to play a video game, so we got out Twilight Princess and I watched him play (as I have been doing the entire game). Also, I am in charge of the laptop and the walkthroughs on the internet and providing assistance as to where to go/what to do when needed. So he played, and eventually it was about midnight, and all he had left was fighting the main boss guy, really. And finishing collecting heart pieces. (With only two heart containers left, how can you not go find the ones you're missing?) At about two A.M. we'd finally figured out where all the heart pieces we'd missed were, and gotten them. I told Mike we should probably go to bed, but there was only the one big end boss (and the minions to fight through to get to him) left, and that if he wanted to stay up to get to him and fight him, we'd probably end up going to sleep at 4 A.M. When being so close to the end of such a very long game, it's exceedingly difficult to not just go ahead and finish it, and neither of us had any commitments for today, so he went ahead and beat the game. It was good, but we were hoping for a little more relationship resolution in the ending.

At about 4:15, the game over, the credits finished, we went to sleep. I was figuring I'd probably wake up at, oh, eleven or twelve. So we slept, and then the doorbell rang and woke me up. I nudged Mike a couple of times to wake him up enough to tell him that the doorbell rang. I don't think he was really very awake though, since after telling me he didn't know who or what or why he buried his face in his pillow and started snoring a bit. So I looked at my watch. 8:30. Who in their right minds rings anybody's doorbell at eight thirty in the morning without advance notice? I figured it was probably something important, like a neighbor telling us our car had been stolen, or our house was on fire, or something, so I threw on some clothes and went downstairs to see if the bell-ringer was still there. He was over at the neighbors, and saw me come out, so came over when he was done and talked to me as well. Apparently, this nice member of the home-owners association of our complex wanted to let us know that they're supposed to be sealing our little driveway to our parking area today, and that the sealers were supposed to be there an hour ago but hadn't come yet, and that if we wanted to use our cars today or tomorrow, we needed to move them to the parking spots on the little street that winds through the complex. They'd apparently put up signs about it on the mailbox, but he figured a lot of people don't read the signs on there (and we happen to check our mail rather infrequently), so he wanted to let everybody know. Which was very nice of him. I think I was still half asleep, and as such, didn't really think things through and just go move our cars by myself. Instead, I went and woke Mike up and made him move one of them while I moved the other, after which I told him we should go back to bed. I went back to bed, and he decided he was probably too awake to fall asleep so he went downstairs to do computer stuff. Three hours later, I finally achieved full consciousness, and went downstairs where I found Mike asleep on the couch.

That about sums up life right now. Oh, and we made delicious homemade (entirely from scratch, many thanks to Mike for doing the roll dough) pull-apart rolls. Two pans of them. And they are delicious, and almost gone (I suspect they might, maybe last a grand total of approximately 24 hours from the time they came out of the oven yesterday). I decided that I need to double the recipe for the topping, because they would be even better with twice as much ooey-gooey sugary orangey deliciousness on them. Plus they might not stick to the pan quite so bad if I put some more butter in the topping.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I ended up driving over to the LAN on Saturday for a couple hours after Conference was over. It was pretty fun. Conference on both Saturday and Sunday was really good, I quite enjoyed it. It motivated me to do the dishes and clean the table, counters, and stovetop in my kitchen on Monday. And then yesterday came, when I had been planning on cleaning the kitchen floor, and doing some laundry, but woke up to discover I had a cold. Somebody or other at the LAN was sick, as I'm the fourth person who was there to come down with the symptoms (sore throat, headache, normal cold stuff). The cold wiped out all my energy for doing anything, so I sat around all day and worked on crafts a tiny bit, and tried to take naps (unsuccessfully) and made myself eat breakfast and lunch. Then, right before Mike was going to come home with our dinner, I started coughing. And the coughing triggered some barfing. And since I hadn't eaten anything since my small bowl of oatmeal I'd had for lunch, I got to see for the first time in my life what yellow bile looks like. It was actually quite a pretty color. I never knew my body had something so vividly bright happy yellow inside of it. Being really sick almost always makes me cry (as does getting hurt, even if its not really that bad, I am a wuss), so Mike got to come home right on cue to find me crouching on the floor in front of the toilet, coughing and sobbing and generally a bit incoherent. After I regained some of my composure, he took me to the kitchen where he'd brought home a lovely roasted chicken and real mashed potatoes from the deli at the store, which made for an utterly delicious dinner and made me feel a bit better emotionally (chicken and mashed potatoes are quite the comforting foods, you know).

My goal for today is to not cough or throw up. Crying is okay as long as its hormonal pregnant crying (which occurs whenever I see anything cute or touching or sad lately). And now, it's time to watch and see if the two spiders that are in the same web outside my window are going to battle it out to the death or not (which is in no way sad, as I don't like spiders at all, and I found one crawling across my shirt a few days ago, *while* I was wearing it).

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Either my souffle was poisonous, or my morning sickness decided it wasn't done yet after all. Yucky throw-up stuff last night, still feeling sick today, so I am staying home while Veng is at a LAN. It's kind of lonely being here all by myself on a Saturday.

Friday, October 05, 2007

After some thought...

I have decided it's time for a new blog post.

Veng has decided to change his life plans. We don't know what to yet, but we know we're not going the way we thought we were going to go as of, say, a month ago.

The future is up in the air. The one thing that is for certain is that a small person is on its way into our family, if all goes well.

I tried out a new cheese souffle recipe to use up some cream cheese that we had leftover. It is actually too cheesy for Veng, which is a first. I won't be making it again (though I thought it was good). He said it tasted like Cheese Whiz.

I pulled out the one Halloween decoration I own from my prior-to-being-married life. It's a pumpkin. Made out of fabric. And a stick. And some beans. And some stuffing. One of those "keep the young people occupied for half an hour" sorts of crafts. I like it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Alien Invasion!

Yes, it's time for my big announcement. Yes, I'm sure you probably have already guessed what it is. I'm quite excited to announce it anyways though:

I'm pregnant!


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to tell anybody until today, since today was my first obgyn appointment, and I wanted to go to that and make sure everything was okay before announcing it. And the results are that everything is great, the baby is growing fine, moving around, and it's little heart is beating away. My due date is April 28th. I'm almost over my morning sickness, and ate some cheese again for the first time today (dairy products were making me sick earlier, which of course made me crave them like nothing else). Cheese is delicious. We won't be able to tell the gender for another couple of months, and we're not going to even bother thinking about names until then. I really like my doctor, the hospital that she delivers at is brand-new and really nice, and Mike and I are both really excited about it.

And now it's picture time! We got three pictures from the ultrasound of our funny little alien baby.

Picture 1: Baby is laying on its back, we're seeing its side. The head is on the right, and its fat belly is on the left.

Picture 2: Baby has flipped around, so now we're looking at it face-to-face, so to speak. Above its face you can see some little light gray lines. Those are its fingers (its got its arm up next to its head).

Picture 3: Probably the best picture of the face. It looks very alien-ish, which I find entertaining. The two black hollows are where its eyes will be. You can vaguely see its mouth to the left of the eyes. Then its got its fat round belly, with two little arms sticking out. It has legs, you just can't see them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm feeling better now

It is amazing how something so simple as eating tasty food for lunch can make me feel so much better. Greasy fried up smoked sausages, and soy milk (the vanilla stuff is really quite good) and garlic butter croissants (yay for pre-made pop-tube rolls).

I read through some of my blog archives from the last year and a half and it reminded me of a few things. First off, I have an adorably cute husband. Seriously, he is incredibly cute. Secondly, I love being married. It is so much better than not being married. Thirdly, wow, I used to skip work a lot. Shouldn't have done that. It was pretty stupid. Someday I hope to have a job that I don't desire to skip going to frequently. Fourthly, it may seem odd, but after an entire summer in Arizona, I miss being cold. And I miss the fall rain in Utah. And trees whose leaves change colors. And having to dress up warm to go outside. I have always hated being cold, but after four months of over 100 degree weather, I miss cold. It is down in the 90's this week, which seems fabulously nice out comparatively. I sure do wish it would rain though. Silly drought has deprived me of the awesomeness that is monsoons.

I'm so glad I have been so generally happy lately. Sure, my hormones still sometimes go all crazy and make me cry for silly reasons, but I haven't been really actually depressed at all for over a month now, I think. Maybe two months. Despite the heat, it's been a nice summer. I do miss the cold weather though, and my family. Things I do not miss about Utah: the jobs I had, the traffic between Salt Lake and Provo, early morning church, our tiny air-conditionless apartment with frequently faulty internet, and snow. I may miss it being cold, but I don't miss snow. Maybe I'll be missing snow in a couple months.

Also, I still love our car. I'm so glad we got it. It is fabulous. I love it.

Approximately a week and a half until October 1st and my big announcement. It may or may not be vaguely related to Halloween. Or a submarine. Or green beans. Or being lean. Bwahahaha, now you have no idea what I'm talking about! I should sharpen some pencils today.

One item of business

I despise allergies. When I am not already sick, they make me sick. When I am already sick, they make me more sick. I see absolutely nothing beneficial about them. Especially when I am allergic to dust, which lives everywhere.

That is all.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Birthday Wishes

Dear Mike,

I don't know what to get you for your birthday today. I can't go to the store anyway, even though I'd like to. I will probably just end up writing you an I.O.U. for a present of your choosing at some later date. In the meantime, though, I want you to know that I love you. You're my favoritest person ever. I wish I could do more for you to make your birthday really special and memorable. I wish that I could keep your life stress free and easy. I wish I could fix the things that frustrate you. I wish I could make our house magically clean and welcoming every minute of every day. Well, I could probably work on that last one. Even if I can't do anything else for you today, though, I will at least love you. I will love you all day today, and all day tomorrow, and the day after, and after, and forever after that. I will try to be more considerate, more helpful, and in general an all-around better person, but in the meantime, while I'm working on all that, I will love you.

I love you, cutie.
You're my everything.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This entry is copyrighted. If anybody copies it, I'm going to tell the president.

When we were up in Utah, my mom gave me a huge box full of things she had been saving for me for years: photos, certificates, drawings, letters, things from school and church and my (very few) sporting activities. It is obvious, looking back on these remnants of my childhood, that I was, if nothing else, an interestingly adorable child. Well, at least, I think I was. For your benefit, now, I shall quote myself as a child from my remaining writings. Have fun figuring out my intriguing spellings along the way! Most of these are from school journals and assignments.

1st Grade:
"I want to be a bala dansr."
"Today it was riany then it stoped and it was sunny it was windy."
"I have a new baby sister. Wendy celebrated European custm and got her stocking today. My sister has small feet. She sceict herfdors. She is small. She Dos not drink very mush."
"I like scool. I like evryting and everyone."
"I got a baby taht gos in the bath"
"My weekend was great. I did play games. I did trul. I did do lots of other stuf to."
"Today it is istreamly hot."
"I like ponyes. I like rocks. I like barbies."
"Mrs. Richol gave us a book on Drugs."
"I like the name sally."
"The asembly yesterday was abot water. I learnd taht we are posining osalves. I also learnd that we are ploting are water."
"Yesterday I got to go to New yowkk."
"To nite I am going to the Curus. I am going to the Curcus with my Mommy and Daddy and with my Sister and brotohers."
"I hope my Mom has remembered to tack her medecin. have a good day."
"Today is groundhog's day. It is also Andy's Biirthday. We are going to eat all his cupcacack's up. I like ground hog's day becas we get to wite in are jurnle."
"I like cupcak's. Espashaly caclilt [ed. note: chocolate?]. I like birthdays becus peapal bring in trets."
"Aberham Lioncoln was a bave man. he had alredy leand to read and wite when he was six. We made penny's and put him on them."
"Today is Tuesday. We are having a birthday party for Aaron. It is a graet party. The cupcacks were delishis and we sang happy Birthday too you happy Birthday too you happy Birthday dear aaron happy Birthday too you. it was the best Birtday Party ever."
"Tomorew i my bothers birthday. He is very happy. In fact he is so happy that he did send out the cards not yesterday not the day before yesterday but tuday!"
"We started our California Achievement tests today. Today on the blacktop a forth grader made me fall down and cut my arm and bruse my side."
"Today is May first. I mhiet not have speech today. My BirthDay is coming very very very very very very very soon. I hop my mom's allrhitt and all the other kids."
"I can't wait intill this coming Saterday and Sunday becase on Saterday I'm having a party and on Sunday my mom is teaching my Sunday school class."
"Today was Field Day. I was on the gold team. My favorite race was sharp shooter. I liked it. It was totley great. Here is a picture of my thumb." [following this is a pencil smudge of a thumbprint]
"My first grade year is finished. My favorite part of the year was spring. This summer I will go to the pagent. I will read every day. One of the books I will read is Mean May."
"Today we are having Koolaid for dinner. Today we are having Ham and cheese omelets and waffles for dinner."

2nd Grade:
"Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth. The easiest way to loose a tooth is to eat an apple. But you can do it another way if you want to. You can also do tug-o-war, parachute pull, chew a branch, use a weight or blow it out with a fan."
"The Giant tulip
The Giant Giant Giant tulip. Once upon a time there was a giant tulip. It grew bigger and bigger and bigger until it was so big that it was the biggest tulip you ever saw. It was a giant giant giant tulip. That was a problem to the folk. Sometimes it rained little seeds. And those seeds grew and grew and grew intil there was a forest of flowers. The houses broke down the fowers were so big. Soon when you climed a mountain all you could see was a world of flowers. One day all the flowers came to life and sang songs to the folk. And were nice to the folk. and the flowers and the folk lived happily ever after. The End."
"I wish I had my own pony. I would ride on it in my backyard. I wish I was the best pony rider so I could ride my pony all around. I wish that my Grandma in Rumania will be able to find good homes for the orphans."
"Christmas List
Baby Bubbles
Pretty cut and grow
Ice-cream maker
Stuffed Animals
barbie clothes
My little pony bride
My little pony ballerina
dolls that move
pretty cut and grow
pogo stick
carmel apples
dress up clothes
A basket
A pet
A doll that has clothes you can take off
Little miss magic hair
go-go dog
patch up kids
secret play set"
"The Poodle Named Babs
Dedicated to [my mom's name] My favorite mom. Copy Right I don't want anybody coping my book. If they do I'll tell the president.
Once there was a poodle named Babs. Sometimes Babs didn't wear clothes.
Sometimes Babs did.
Babs liked Animals like birds.
Babs never chased cats. She was nice to them.
Bab's owner would take her for a walk sometimes.
Bab's owner fed Babs a plate of spaggtie, a glass of orange juice, chips + for desert whatever she wanted every day.
Babs was inside sometimes.
Babs liked to play."

3rd Grade:
"I like Third Grade. It's fun. We went hiking on Monday. It was boring. On Friday after school I went to the dentist. I liked it."
"Today is Friday the 13th. I'm happy. I'm not superstitios. I Don't belive in fairy tails."
"I'm thinking about why Rebecca cut her hair. I'm thinking about why cat's say meow. I'm thinking about why dogs bark. I'm thinking why they call Autumn Autumn. I'm thinking about why dinosaurs dissapeard."
"There are two more days intill my brother's 4th birthday. I made a banner for him. I'm going to give him a pack of gum and a little bear I made out of cotton balls and paper."
"There are three more days untill my little sister's birthday. She is going to be two."
"Christmas is coming up. If I get a stuffed animal for Christmas I'm going to name it Shana or Sara or Samantha or Sue. Those are my favorite S names."
"Yesterday & Saturday I was sick. I threw up 5 times yesterday. For breakfast I had Tapeoka. Starting on Saturday we're going to have Christmas vacation. Today I'm going to share a cat that I got yesterday from someone who went to a Christmas party."
"For Christmas I got a big wooden box (that I use as a treasure box) from my sister, I got a blue purse, a little wooden mailbox without a bottem, a note holder and a dollar bill from my other sister, oragomi paper from my brother, a nidee from mom and dad, more oragamie paper, lip gloss, stick-on earinngs, two colors of glitter nail polish, a snow white puzzle and Guess Who? from Santa."
"I would like it if it snowed. If it does snow I hope it snows deep unuf to make snowballs. I hope it snows deep unof to make a snowman. I hope it deep unof to make a fort. If it doesn't snow I hope there's ice. I hope I learn how to icescate. I can roller skate better. I can't wait till spring."
"Yesterday I played princess. On Saturday my sister put curllers in my hair. On Friday my dad got back from Switzerland. He brought me some Swiss choclate, a Swiss pen and some Swiss money. I like Swiss choclate! The pen writes in blue ink. Now I have two pens. Swiss money looks a lot different from ours."
"I had a good weekend becuuse Mary came over. During winter break my Grandma is coming. I saw some of the Olimpicks. I liked it. I like reading a lot! Right now I'm reading The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn by John Bellairs. It's scary."
"A time I tried to make someone feel special. On fathers day in 1990 I showed my father that he was special by giving him a ringpop. I don't know when he ate it but he said thank you."

4th Grade:
"My personal heros are my Mom and Dad. They're my heros because they pay and make my food and help me with my homework and do other things like that."
"I would want some of the green things to be half purple, and the ones that were half purple would be poisonous and I would bake them in a cake and give the cake to Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker and they would eat it and they would eat a pan of pie, a can of lye, a bottle of juice, a container of worms, a raw mouse, a box of tissues, 3 erasers, 2 pencils, 1 box of paper, 4 folders, 6 dividers, and a box of money. Then they would die. After that James would go and live on the seashore with one of his little friends. They would play all day in the sand and James could find hermit crabs and be famous because of the hermit crabs. I would eat the rest of the green things and become rich and pretty and I could be a movie star."
"My most valuable possesions are my books, because I love reading books. I've read alot of books, and I have alot of books, and if my books were taken away from me I'd be bored. I read alot. I sometimes read when I'm not supposed to. I love reading."
"Someday I will be a scientist I hope."
"Sometimes I wish that I were an only child. I wish that because my brothers and sisters always tease me. Sometimes they even break the things I make. Then I either get mad or sad. I really don't like that. That's when I wish I were an only child. But if I were I sure would be lonely sometimes."
"Most boys tease you before your in your teens. Then it gets easyer because they start to like you. I know this because my sisters are both in there teens. Nobody teases them except my family (of course). I can't wait until I become 13. Then boys won't tease me. I'll be happier then. I'll also really like it then."
"Most girls like animals. I know I do. I like horses alot. They're smart, and pretty. I would like to ride one again. I like other animals too. But mainly I like horses."
"The Forbidden Door
One dark, stormy night Sally went to have her first babysitting job. She was going to babysit for the Johnsons. When she finally got there, soaking wet, even though she only had to walk two blocks, she noticed that the house looked like a mansion. She knocked on the door.
Someone said "I'm coming." Sally wasn't suprised when she saw a beautiful lady holding a poodle. Sally was dogsitting.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson started showing her the house. One room had a marble blue water fountain. All around the room were very expensive plants, and green comfy chairs to match. Another room was painted like Halloween with a black wall painted over with spooks and jack-o-lanterns. This house had every thing! That is every thing except a mystery.
Finally Sally saw that there was only one more door to explore. When she went to open it Mr. Johnson stopped her. "Don't you ever open that door!" he said, and he ment it.
Sally started dogsitting regularly for the Johnsons. Each time she went she was full of curiosity, and each time she went she heard strange noises coming from the door.
One day when she was watching Poodles she heard a bang upstairs. She rushed to the forbidden door. It was open. Sally screamed. Then she fainted. When the Johnsons got home, the door was closed, and Sally lay dead next to it. The Johnsons fled. To this day nobody knows what killed Sally, or what was behind the door."
"Dear Mr. Clinton,
My name is Kirsa. I live in N.J. but I'm going to move on the 27th of February. My new address is going to be in Utah. I am 9 years old.
I think that the most important issue right now is the enviroment, because if we destroy our earth then human beings won't have a suitable place to live, Then the human race and all the animals on earth will become extinct.
To stop ruining the ozone layer would be a great thing. To do that we should stop using pesticides that kill bugs because they could be poisenes to animals that eat the bugs. Next we should make cars that run on solar energy. Even if it was dark they would work because some solar energy would store up in a solar energy battery.
I think that you should make a law to stop cutting down rain forests, because almost half of the worlds animals live in the rain forests. Also if people keep on cutting down the rainforests it could cause global warming, and nobody would like that, because trees take air in and use the carbondioxide. Then they let oxygen out.
Also if the rainforests were destroyed, then 100's of animals would become extinct.
If you also made magazines tell about the rainforests it would help a lot because a lot of people don't know about the rainforests. Here are some facts that I learned in class: Brazil nuts cannot be commercially grown. Rosy periwinkles, found in Madagascan rain forests, are the source of two anti-tumor alkaloids used to treat lymphorytic leukemia and Hodgkins disease. In 65 years the rain forests could be gone. Many animals that haven't been discovered yet live in the rain forests. About 3,000 acres of rain forest are cut down every hour. Scientists estimate that fifty percent of earth's animals live in the rain forests. Please help.
"Miss D.W.T.
Hi. I'm Miss D.W.T. (which stands for Miss Dark Wing Turkey.) It's a week before Thanksgiving and I'm on a diet. I give all the food with fat in it to the other animals. I eat all the fruit.
I live on a farm. One day I couldn't see my toes. I decided to weigh myself. I found a scale and got on it. I couldn't believe it! I weighed ten tons. It was the day before Thanksgiving so I decided to run away. I packed my stuff. When I was at the half way point between the barn and the gate when I saw the farmer coming. I decided to run. I ran untill I got to the gate. I squeezed through it, which was very hard. Then I headed for the woods.
When I got there I thought I was safe but I heard a gun and saw an arrow. I was surrounded! On one side there were Indians and on the other side there were pilgrims. A pilgrim shot at me and hit a deer that was behind the Indians. No one noticed it untill I saw a bear behind the pilgrims and pointed to it. The Indians picked up the deer and ran. The pilgrims picked up me and ran. The pilgrims dropped me off at the butchers. The butchers was about to kill me when the bear came in and picked me up and took me to his house. He gave me to his kids as a pet. I lived with the bears the rest of my life."

Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Epiphany of the Evening

So, I had this dream last night, where this guy promised to show me something amazingly awesome. He took me under the ocean where we found a whale. "Now watch this," he said, and as I watched, the whale burped. He took me to see another one burp, and then a Blue Whale (which was actually brown). The Blue/Brown whale looked at us reproachfully after burping, as if to say, "Don't you know it's rude to watch someone burp?" And that was it. That was the big amazing thing of my dream. Whales burp.

(Upon googling it this morning, it appears that whales do not, in fact, burp, ever. Though cows burp a lot, and their methane expulsion (by burping) is thought to contribute significantly to the amounts of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.)

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Slowly been trying to work on finishing crafts and people's presents in between feeling sick.

Fortified orange juice is not only tasty, it's healthy! Makes a good base for smoothies.

I dislike swallowing pills.

Hopefully it will cool down soon. I am tired of 100+ degree weather.

I will have an announcement to make on October 1st. Look forward to it, or dread it, your choice.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sitting around

We got home from Utah safe and sound. It was fun seeing Milk11 and Gumbi while we were there, though I need to apologize to one of them (I'm sorry!) for accidentally grabbing the wrong receipt at Leatherby's. I didn't realize it until a couple of days later. I owe you a couple bucks.

I really enjoyed seeing my family again. They're lots of fun to hang out with, and I have truly adorable nephews and nieces. And my brother's house and my sister's house are both really nice (I finally got to see them, yay!), and my grandma's looking great right now, she seems to be recovering fabulously, and I got the wonderful opportunity to go through a bunch of old photos, school stuff, church stuff, etc, that my mom has saved for me for years. While going through my box of stuff, I realized that a) I have always loved reading, b) I was absolutely obsessed with ponies for several years, c) my favorite name used to be Sally, d) math and procrastination and PE have always been my weak points in school, and e) I was a funny little girl. Seriously, I will have to quote some of my old school journal entries and stories I wrote from first, second, or third grade some time in here so you can all see the weird funny way my brain worked. Also, I wasn't very good at spelling as a young child. :)

I still need to finish up a couple of birthday presents and mail them off to people. I've been pretty sick since we got home from Utah though, so have been spending inordinately large amounts of time laying on the couch or sitting on the floor trying to be not sick. So, the presents are further delayed. Along with everything else, like dishes, and laundry. On the bright side, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, and hopefully they will be able to tell me how to feel less sick. It's really not too bad, though.

Mike is back at his first day of work again after our lovely summer break. I hope it's going well for him. We've been researching GRE prep classes, and will hopefully decide on one soon, which will be good, even though I won't get to see him nearly as much once the class starts up.

We've been eating delicious lasagna. I loves it. I want to make rice pudding. Anybody have a good recipe?

I finally got to see the Japanese Shall We Dance? film. It's a very cute movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also watched Garden State, which was a little weirder than I was expecting, though also an overall cute story (though I do wish they swore a bit less in it). Great soundtrack. We watched Ever After while at my parents' house, which remains a cute little movie. We went and saw the Simpsons movie, which I thought was alright (it was the only thing showing at the time we went to the theater, the movie I REALLY wanted to see was Stardust, which will have to wait to be seen later), some quite funny parts but mostly just like a long episode of the show. We also went with my parents to see the latest Harry Potter movie, which I really liked. It scared me at the beginning though. I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books since book 3 (I know! I'm so behind!) so watching the movies now, I don't know what's going to happen beforehand, so they're more scary than they would be otherwise. We're finally more than halfway through listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, though, so maybe I'll manage to "read" the rest of them (yay for books on tape) before the last two movies come out. The mean female teacher in the latest movie just made me want to strangle her, she frustrates me so much! Aargh! Luna is pretty cool, I understand now why so many people like her so much.

The End.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's a travelogue!

We are back! Or rather, I am back. Mike is in Houston for the weekend. We got back last night, he left this morning, he gets back Sunday night, and then we're leaving Monday morning to go to Utah to visit my lovely family (and see some friends maybe if anybody is around).

Hawaii was fabulous. We flew from Phoenix to Oahu (Mike and I listened to the first Harry Potter book on tape most of the way), where we had a short break before our next flight to Kauai. So, we did a whirlwind tour. Mike's parents rented a car, and we drove over to Waikiki and saw the oh-so-famous long strip of beach (which was very crowded and I didn't think it was any better than any of the other beaches we went to during the trip). We went across the street from the beach and walked through the International Marketplace, where there were a wide variety of stalls all selling approximately the same touristy-inducing things at a wide variety of prices. I got a pretty green necklace for $7 with several strands of seed beads and a flower carved out of a shell pendant on it. Mike's mom said she saw one that was almost exactly the same, except in white, at a different stall, for $30. After fifteen minutes at the marketplace, we returned the rental car, took the shuttle back to the airport, went through security again, and got to our gate with maybe fifteen minutes to sit and wait before boarding. The second flight was very short.

We arrived in Kauai, rented cars again, stopped by the new Costco to get food for the week (where they had mochi which may forever be my favorite way to eat ice cream, and Yo on the Go yogurt shakes which I consumed a lot of all week) and drove to the condo that we were staying in for the week. I was kind of grumpy from traveling all day (and not seeing the point to the whirlwind Oahu tour). Despite my grumpiness though, the condo was beautiful. There were three bedrooms, a nice kitchen and living room area, and a tiny balcony, with a trellis that had flowering tropical vines growing all over it, so that the flowers hung down right in front of our bedroom window downstairs.

I'm not entirely sure I remember the precise order of everything, and Mike has the laptop with the pictures documenting it so I can't refresh my memory of what was when, but I think I remember everything we did all week.

Thursday we went to Ke'e Beach and went snorkeling (except, I forgot my snorkel bag, so I made do with just a mask and holding my breath as long as possible). I used up my entire alloted underwater camera. There were way more fish than there were when we went scuba diving in Mexico during our honeymoon. Mike and I also went on a little hike up the mountain, and back down to a much smaller, secluded beach that was around a bend of rocks and hill from Ke'e, where we discovered a couple nude sunbathing, and so, didn't stay long before hiking back. I don't recommend hiking in wet sandy flip-flops over fallen unidentified large plant leaves and roots, as a side note. Luckily, we survived just fine. That afternoon, we went to the Princeville Spa, where I got to have my first ever facial, which was quite nice, though a bit different than I was expecting. Very relaxing though, except for the pore-cleaning part. The lady who did my facial touted Aveda products, told me I should use oil-free sunscreen as my pores were full of nicely oily sunscreen (I hadn't washed my face yet from our trip to the beach), and recommended I get a facial from a beauty school at least once a year, which I found funny.

On Friday, we went to Tunnels Beach, where Mike and his brother went scuba diving, and the rest of us snorkeled (I remembered my bag this time!). There were even more fish than there had been at Ke'e, and I had a fabulous time swimming around exploring over and alongside the big lava tunnels (I didn't go under them (too deep), though Mike got to with his scuba group), looking at the little bits of coral, and being consistently amazed that fish actually came in those colors. Seriously, hot pink and purple? Bright orange with neon blue and pink bits? It was without a doubt the best snorkeling I've ever done. In case you're wondering, I *could* have gone scuba diving, but for the last several months I was feeling nervous about it, what with trying to conceive, and being generally congested and bothered by my asthma a bit more than normal this summer, so I chose not to before Mike's dad booked it, and I am quite glad I did. Snorkeling was great, even being all congested all day like I was, which would have made diving not-so-fun.

Friday night, we went to a luau, which was fun. Surrounded by beautiful land and gardens, I got to try Kalua pork (which I liked, though it was a bit too salty for most of Mike's family), Hawaiian sweet potato (purple, quite sweet, and delicious with a bit of butter), poi (made from the taro and quite tasteless, though not a bad dip for the meat), and coconut milk gelatin.

On Saturday, we went on something called the Zip and Dip. It was out on a ranch inland a little bit. There was a series of eight ziplines, and between the seventh and eighth there was a stop for lunch and swimming in a small mountain pool fed by a little stream and waterfall. I really enjoy ziplining, it's a lot of fun, and there were some definitely long ziplines going over little river valleys. I think the tallest one was seventeen stories tall, above the ground at the bottom of the valley, and the longest one was 700 and something feet. And the fastest we were likely to go was 25mph. The harnesses were nice and sturdy, and the guides were funny, and everything was gorgeous. The scariest part was the plank bridge we had to cross over one small valley. There was a wide gap between each plank which were supported by two cables. There were another two cables about waist high to hold onto as you crossed, and then two more cables up a little higher which our carabiners were clipped to as we crossed so that the most we would fall would be a foot downwards. It really wasn't too bad, but I don't think anybody at all scared of heights would like it at all. The swimming at the pool was amazing. Everybody thought it was going to be freezing cold, but it was really quite nice. Cool, but not cold. The pool was about fifteen feet deep for most of it, surrounded by lush vegetation, and a little rock outcropping about six feet up on one side that you could jump off of into the water. There's no snakes in Hawaii, so the only things in the water were us and some fish, which were all hiding. Lunch was really good too, the guides provided it for us, turkey and I think large pepperonis? and gouda cheese and apple slices and clover sprouts to stuff into pita pockets, with orange slices to much on inbetween, and Macadamia Nut Chocolate Chip cookies to finish it off.

Saturday night was date night, so Mike and I got to go to dinner at a restaurant of our choosing by ourselves. We decided on a place called Saffron, where I got to try authentic-tasting Tortilla de Patatas, and Paella. I also had phyllo-wrapped baked brie with blueberry sauce which was delicious as well, and we had some very lovely creme brulee for dessert.

On Sunday, we went in the morning to the Fern Grotto, which I was slightly disappointed with. Yes, it was pretty, but I thought the stuff we'd seen already in the trip was much prettier, and it was really crowded. In the afternoon, Mike and I, his brother, and his brother's wife, all went on a helicopter tour around the island. It was completely amazing. The helicopter pilot was a little crazy, and made some pretty sharp turns, got really near the ground and cliff walls, and talked a lot. The helicopter, so you know, had no doors on it. Mike and I sat in the back. I took loads and loads of pictures of the amazing amazing scenery around the whole island, and in between taking pictures, I closed my eyes really tightly and tried not to need an "aloha bag" (a.k.a. barf bag), as I got really, really queasy with all the quick turns where looking out my side of the helicopter meant I was looking right down at the ground as the whole thing tipped in whatever direction it was turned. It was windy on the north side of the island, which made things worse, also. Luckily, I avoided throwing up, barely, still got to see most of the sights, and had overall a fabulous time (though I did make everybody sit around in the car for half an hour afterward with the air on while I chewed some nice minty gum and waited for my stomach to settle).

On Monday, Mike, his brother, and dad, got a surfing lesson. Mike's mom spent the whole time taking pictures of them, while my sister-in-law and I sat on the beach relaxing. Once they were done surfing, I got to boogie-board for about fifteen minutes, which was Fabulous. I haven't gotten to do that in such a long time. I love it. The waves were perfect for it too, and I managed to get a lot of nice long rides in, filling my swimsuit with sand at the end every time as the surf washed over me, and getting my legs nice and red from the waves pounding at them as I waded back out. Really, though, I absolutely love it, and was a bit sad when everybody else decided they were tired and ready to go home. That evening we drove around to the south end of the island (which takes a long time with traffic), stopped by one of the infamous ABC stores, dropped off the underwater cameras at Walmart to get developed, went and saw the Spouting Horn (lava rocks protruding out into the ocean, which has pounded caves down below some of them in just such a way as to make a small geyserish phenomenon at a couple of them every single time a large wave comes in), and ate dinner at a restaurant right on the beach with a gorgeous view of the setting sun.

Tuesday, there was nothing planned for the day, so I of course had several things that I desperately wanted to go do. First, the guy who owns the condo we were all staying in told us about a little hike down to a cave by the beach where there were often turtles or seals resting. I cannot pass up a chance to see turtles. So, Mike and I ventured off. Unfortunately, his directions started by telling us the trail head started between buildings two and three of a particular complex. We found a trail there, which we followed, though it really was not much of a trail, alongside a cliff, and after getting scratched and scraped and sliding precariously on our butts down some dirt, we decided it couldn't possibly be the right trail and was much too dangerous to continue, so we turned around. On our way back, we found a fork in our little precarious trail, which continued down a much easier path, and eventually met up with quite a nice, much wider and well-traveled dirt path which a lot of people were hiking. We followed it down to a bunch of lava rocks, decided that it wasn't the right trail either, and Mike went to make his way back to his parents who were waiting at the complex at the top, while I went to see what it was all these people were going to see. I got just far enough to discover that it was the other thing I wanted to do that day, turned around, and made my way back up. Mike and I were a bit put out that neither of these were the right trail, as we really wanted to find the cave, so we explored around the complex a bit more and discovered, finally, the correct trail, starting between buildings 1 and 2.

The right trail was only marginally better than the two wrong trails we'd taken, but we managed to scramble down it, hop off some lava rocks into waist deep water, and climb up onto the sand bank at the entrance of the cave. There weren't any turtles or seals, but the cave was really cool, it led out into another tiny cove on its far end, where there was no sandbank, so the water surged in and out, protected from surf by a nice bit of coral and lava and sand that was out a little ways in the water. There was a ton of washed up dead pieces of coral in the cave, and a big piece of driftwood under the water, and I felt like I was in one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Very cool. After getting some more pictures, we hiked back up and met Mike's parents again at the top, and then drove over to the real head of the nice dirt trail we'd stumbled across that led to the wrong spot.

The dirt trail led to the Queen's Bath. Mike's parents came with us, and we hiked down it without too much difficulty. There's a really nice little waterfall and pool partway down, all fresh water, so we climbed in and took some pictures. Then we continued down the path, across a bunch of lava boulders at the bottom, and to the Bath. Queen's Bath is a large pool in the lava rock. The seawater splashes up on one side and pours water into it, so you can't go during high surf conditions or you might get swept out to sea. Also, you can't go when the water's really low, or there won't be much water in the pool. Luckily for us, the surf and tide conditions were just right, and it was nicely full yet not overly full. I didn't feel up to much swimming (I was wearing my glasses) so I sat on a little bench of rock that was maybe eight inches under the surface of the water. It was like I was sitting in a saltwater aquarium. Lots of fish kept coming and swimming around me on the rock bench, eating algae off of it, swimming under my legs, over my legs, and all around me. Most of them were little silver fish, but there were several of the more colorful fish that we'd seen at Ke'e and Tunnels, too. I loved it. Having tropical fish swimming around me is one of the coolest things ever.

After we hiked back up (stopping at the waterfall again to rinse off a bit), Mike and I took off alone together and went on a shopping expedition. Lots of cute/cool stuff in the stores. I picked up a few souvenirs, and then we met back up with Mike's family for dinner at the best sushi place on the island. They indeed had very tasty sushi, though I wasn't quite as impressed with the huge hot pot of fishy things that I ordered for my main meal.

Yesterday was quick packing, then back to the airport, 20-minute plane ride back to Oahu, then the long flight again back to the mainland. Having finished off the first Harry Potter book during the week, Mike and I started listening to the second one yesterday, and got about 2/3rds of the way through by the time we had landed back in Phoenix. The guy who reads the books is really quite entertaining to listen to.

So, it was a fabulous trip to Kauai, and though I wouldn't have minded a little more time to just relax, all the things we did were really fun and amazing and I'm really lucky I got to do all of them as I doubt I'll ever get another chance. The ocean around the island is gorgeous and not too cold. It rained hard almost every single night, but we only got some light drizzles and the occasional showers during the day, despite the hurricane that passed by not-too-far-away near the end of our trip. I managed to only get the mildest of sunburns, and am looking forward to only minor peeling later. Mike got moderately pink on our very last full day, however, and we got to steal his mom's aloe vera lotion.

Aloha, and Mahalo nui loa for reading.

(I'll either post again while we're in Utah, or once we're home again. There may be some news in a couple weeks, we'll have to see what happens though. If anybody wants to hang out while we're in Utah, email me and let me know so I can make plans for it before planning out everything I'll be doing with my family!)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

*Reload* *Reload* *Reload*

So, I made my first "sale" of one of my cat hats a few days ago. I place the word "sale" in quotes, because I haven't actually gotten paid for it yet. As such, I have been hitting Refresh on my PayPal account incessantly the past several days. Yesterday I mailed off the hat, and emailed off an invoice to the person who ordered it, so we'll see if she ends up paying me or not. I really hope she does. If not, well, somebody got a free hat. I need to change my stated policy in my store so that it tells possible purchasers that they will not receive their goods until I receive my money from them.

We're going to Hawaii on Wednesday! I'm super-excited, but I also have so very much to do! So I'm a bit nervous about getting it all done before we go. My new swimsuits I got from Savers need a little bit of modifying so they fit me modestly (straps need to be shortened on one and side seams taken in on the top of the other). I need to fix the strap on my beach hat so it's not just hanging off randomly. I have to figure out what on earth I'm going to do about shoes (I really wish I had some of those really nice watershoes they've been selling in stores the past few years rather than my hot pink slip-on pair that are really ugly and don't quite fit well that are mostly mesh that the water doesn't drain out of properly and sand gets stuck in easily and that are no good for walking around in). I'll probably just take a pair of old tennis shoes, and a pair of newer tennis shoes...debating my old slightly small hiking boots, probably won't bring them. Have to do a bunch of laundry so I can pack nice clean clothes. I need to use up our perishable foodstuffs and put everything I don't use in the freezer. I need to find subs for Primary. Plus, cleaning. One of the many things my mom always told us when we went on vacations is that you don't want to leave a dirty house. Much, much nicer to come home to a sparkly clean house. We got some new/used furniture (for free! yay!) from a friend yesterday, including a new computer desk for Mike that he can put his computer, the laptop, and his server all on simultaneously so doesn't need two desks anymore so our computer room is much more open and lovely now. We also got a small cabinet and bookshelf, at least one of which is going to go in my craft room. I haven't cleaned my craft room since the huge mess that it became when I was costuming though, so we'll see if I get that done tomorrow (and the bookcase put away in it) or not.

We had quite the adventure moving the new furniture to our townhome yesterday. In addition to the furniture (the desk was moved earlier in the day mostly), our friend also gave us a really, really old grill that needs a wee bit of help in looking presentable, but still works. It, along with lots of furniture, ended up in the back of our truck, but we had forgotten to bring our net or any of our ropes, so were unable to really properly secure anything. My DH was driving really slowly and carefully, but we did have to make one left turn on the way home. The grill, you see, was on the right side of the truck. There were two left-turn lanes, and we were in the far-left one. I was sitting in the back of the cab of the truck, watching the stuff in the bed, as we took the turn pretty slowly. The road was kind of bumpy though, and between one thing and another, I guess the grill was just too top-heavy for it's own good, and I watched in horror as the grill started to rock back and forth a few times.

I watched the rocking grill, I watched the car next to us in the other lane, and I saw a horrible picture in my head of the grill falling off and smashing through their windows and causing serious damage and injury. Yet, all I could say to Mike was, "Aaaah! The grill! The grill!" He slowed down a bit, and the other car sped up a bit, and our grill smashed over into the road as soon as the other vehicle was safely out of the way. Finally, I was able to inform my husband, "The grill fell out of the truck!" He pulled over, halted the traffic that was about to be oncoming, and pulled it out of the road while I watched still stuck in the back of the cab. After he went back into the street and got the metal gratings that had fallen out of the grill, he finally came and let me out, and we surveyed the damage. Amazingly enough, only the lid and handle got smashed up, and the rest of the grill still looks, well, old and a bit beat-up, but the same as when we put it in the truck to begin with. So, we finagled it back into the bed of the truck, and brought it home, leaving a few chunks of charcoal behind us in the street. We only grill with the lid open anyway (the few times we do grill), so no big loss with the broken lid.

I've got lots of presents to make for people. Maybe I'll bring something crafty to work on while we're in Hawaii. I'll have to reorganize my purse to make room for whatever it is. Hooray for big purses.

I've decided that, next time we move, since we will undoubtedly be moving to a much smaller apartment than our current home, I want to just sell most all of our furniture, and buy new stuff from Ikea wherever we end up living. We have too much furniture anyway for anywhere smaller than here. For the space we've got currently, it's perfect. Plus, most of it was given to us. Some of it's a little beat up though (still in great condition, but not looking the absolute greatest really) so who knows if anybody would want to buy it. But, the Ikea catalogue sure is tantalizing. Such gorgeous colors and patterns.

I may or may not post again in the next three weeks. Good luck to everybody with school starting up again, and congratulations to all my friends who are expecting!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crisis Averted

I had an existential quarter-life crisis today. Luckily, Veng was home and was able to talk me through it and help me make plans and goals and realize that I am, in fact, good at various things.

Also, I made my first sale today! I'm super-excited. Will go mail it off tomorrow.

Staying up too late lately

I have nothing to say about staying up too late lately, other than that I have been doing so, and I always dislike it the next morning when I feel like crap, no matter how much sleep I actually got. It's fun to hang out with people, though, especially considering that they're going to be starting school again soon and we won't be able to hang out with them as much.

I made some darn tasty lasagna today. Irish style, with bechamel (thick white sauce?) instead of ricotta. I got the recipe from The Humble Housewife. Very delicious. I think I want to cut down on the amount of meat in the tomato sauce (so it will be healthier), and only make half as much tomato sauce, because I ended up with a lot of extra. Also, lean meat is good (I didn't use lean meat, and didn't take the time to drain the fat...going to skim the leftover tomato sauce in the morning). Anyway, it was very tasty, and I think if you're wiser with your meat choices than I, it would be healthier than normal meaty American lasagna (you could undoubtedly make a Vegetarian version of this fairly easily).

I started trying to teach myself how to weave, using a piece of cardboard and some yarn from my stash. It's pretty fun, but I really wish I had a real loom, as my cardboard is bending and causing weird tension problems.

We go to Hawaii in one week. I am excited, but nervous simultaneously (not because of flying or anything, but because I have a lot to do before we go, we have no money, and I'm really hoping things go smoothly being with Veng's family for another week; I am going to try hard to be very patient and have a good attitude no matter what so that we can have a good trip).

I harvested most of my tomatoes a few days ago, and ripped out my dying plants. I need to plan out my garden better next year so all my plants get sufficient light. Some of them got hidden by others this year and died as a result. The spider mites on my tomatoes disappeared, but they were replaced by weird ashy looking trilobite-ish gray crumbly things that are obviously the remains of some insect or other that I doubt is good for my tomatoes. I also have one green pepper growing again, which will give us a grand total of two from that plant. The herbs are still growing great, though I neglected to pinch off the blooms on my basil a month or so ago so parts of it are getting woody and not-so-tasty anymore. Actually, not all my herbs are doing well, the ones from seeds are all dead now. Not enough established root structure to survive the crazy heat, I don't think.

I got to run outside in my first real Arizona monsoon a couple days ago. It was POURING. Lots and lots of rain. Huge huge puddles. I was slightly worried for a bit that it might flood our basement if it kept up, but the rain only lasted for an hour or two, really. We took advantage of it raining and made gingersnaps and vegetable soup, which was very satisfactory. Having it rain so much was really fun. It happens so rarely here. It is monsoon season though, so we've been getting lots of little sprinkly showers lately. Not that the water sticks around long, but the additional humidity is great. I may never understand people who dislike humidity and much prefer dry heat. I am the opposite and despise dry heat and quite enjoy more humid places.

We finished watching Full Metal Alchemist today (and the movie as well). It was quite good, but I was disappointed with the ending. Of both the series and the movie. Not nearly girly enough for me. Winry! Winry, dang it! Feeling sorely deprived of girliness and romance, I grabbed Volume 8 of Marmalde Boy and read it to make up for it a bit.

Our Primary class has been a bit difficult the past few weeks. I think things are going to get better soon though, especially with school starting again, maybe the girls will come, and maybe the boys will remember their good school behavior. Or maybe they'll be antsy and wanting an outlet since they have to behave all the time at school. :) We'll see, I guess.

Lots of discussions lately about plans for the future and what we want to do with our lives. Small progressions.

I've been trying hard lately to the whole depression thing. I am reminded of how useful doing stuff is for feeling better about life. Also, sunshine. Also, having clean clothes I can put on in the morning makes me more likely to do things during the day than wearing my jammies all day. ;)

Speaking of clean clothes, I made my own laundry detergent the other day. I just used a bar of soap I had laying around, and some borax and washing soda. I don't think the soap I used works very well, but my clothes are coming out okay, and if I get some decent soap, this will be a good cheaper alternative to normal detergents.

Made a deal with the hubby that I will do all the dishes if he puts them away so I have places to put the rinsed dishes (or washed dishes, we've been handwashing things a lot lately).

I need to eat fewer sweets so that I stop craving them all the time. I also ought to exercise probably. And sleep. And stop starting new craft projects before I finish all my old ones. And earn some money.