Monday, December 04, 2006

Yesterday was a ridiculously hard day for a variety of reasons. As a result, I got no homework done. However, I did get some super-secret project done (almost finished!), and taught Veng how to make cookies (mainly I gave him moral support while eating the dough he was mixing), ate a delicious dinner and some delicious cookie dessert (2 cookies with cool whip in between them), watched a bunch of Fruits Basket, and went to bed early, so I could wake up early this morning and work on homework (which I haven't started on still despite actually having woken up early). I also cried a good bit yesterday due to a variety of disappointments that I don't really want to get into here. Anyways, I'm going to go work on my homework now. I'm hoping to have 1 1/2 drawings done before class tonight, and finish up the other 1 1/2 by Wednesday so I can drive up to campus and drop them off at my teacher's office (which he said would be alright, if I need to, and at this rate, I think I need to). Tomorrow I need to work on carving a bust of myself out of floral foam so that I can dip it in plaster during my class so I can take it home and finish it up and get that turned in by Thursday. Wednesday there is a fabulous wedding reception that I absolutely must attend. By Friday, I may have collapsed into tears again several times, but at least my classes will be all done, my homework will be all turned in, my time at the U will be over, and I will be able to focus on first, cleaning the apartment, and second, packing the cleaned apartment every evening after work. On Saturday I'm planning on buying birthday and Christmas presents for my siblings and for Veng, and possibly attending our ward Christmas party for the free food. Sunday is tithing settlement. I need to call somebody in our ward this week about arranging help for cleaning our apartment before we move, I need to arrange a date/time to have the cleaning inspection done (once all our stuff is packed up), and I need to discuss with my work the transfer to the Mesa office and the details with insurance, not to mention where on earth the office is actually located down there, etc, and when my last day working for the Utah office will be exactly. I don't expect I'll be posting much the rest of the week. I hope it goes well for everybody.

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K la said...

when do you need help moving/cleaning?